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  1. Ha WD not sure I would be too worried about me. After finally winning for the second time this season I am now due for 5 more losses! Without Peyton and Decker next week it won't be pretty...lets make it interesting and possibly even a fair competition, I will let you pick my lineup if I can pick yours! Correction - make that 6 more losses
  2. Your 4 year old is tougher and has a better swing than me! Had flurries and freezing weather...really takes a toll on my golf itch...already moved indoors for the winter...Oh and go Vikings!
  3. I am assuming those are the faces of having to buy everyone a round after his hole in one! Haha! Still very very jealous! Keep the pics coming, I can't wait to see more in the coming months!
  4. Oofta...lot of under performers on my team and now with Doug Martin out...I remember specifically saying during the draft that my first few guys would cost me as I didn't like them as picks and boy was that right...Manning has carried me but MJD, Martin, Sproles has been a killer while guys I was hoping would turn the corner like Tate and Thompkins have been inconsistent at best. Hasn't helped having a difficult schedule as I have still put up points, but man its tough looking up and having a long ways to go to even move in the rankings...
  5. For someone that usually hates messing with head covers (call it laziness), I will have to say those are pretty sharp! By the looks of it a few MGS folks are going to be very happy pretty soon!
  6. SE MN, could travel an hour or two if planned out. But I 2nd hcky! Stil have a bit till winter! Maybe could get another gathering before the deep white stuff comes?
  7. I have been a big Cobra guy for the last few years, products and equipment have done nothing but impress me and I like the bold looks. Heckuva find on the orange one for 9.99! The one thing that I have continuously noticed with the gear from them is it is COMFORTABLE and FUNCTIONAL just as you noted; can't seem to stress that enough!
  8. Done and done. Weights (more specifically weight distribution) has been especially intriguing to me and is highlighted in my outline so you can expect some discussion from me. Also. the Cobra Amp Cell boys and gal should get some use from my review as I am using the Cobra Amps and drawing final comparisons between how the two different styles of wedges play and perform compared to each other. SPOILER ALERT! It's going to be a great read! I know we are getting squared away with everything and reviews should be up soonish as dates are getting finalized now.
  9. I understand it would be considered an illegal handicap since it used illegal clubs, but at the end of the day if the goal is to put the ball in the hole and the rest of the rules are held constant besides equipment; it would still show an accurate representation for an adjusted non conforming handicap. What holds more ground; equipment or skill? Equipment won't ever make up for skill so an "illegal" handicap could still be used as an accurate measure for competition or money game that utilizes handicaps. We aren't talking about switching to paint can sized holes so no equipment will make up f
  10. I think for non conforming clubs to be a non issue and be highly successful for all players they need to seperate two different types of markets. Non conforming clubs could be a great idea and product for newer golfers who are looking to play recreationally. When I started to play golf more seriously a few years ago I started with 3 other people. Of the 4 of us, I am the last person still playing weekly and actually putting the time and effort into improving my game. I am sure I would get many different excuses from the quitters but at the end of the day none of us played during our youth and
  11. I had him on waivers too...so you would a been third in line...my team needs all the help they can get...
  12. PHASE 2: The Official Review SCOR Golf 4161 – Official MGS Forum Review by JREcklund03 PRAISE JESUS (or whatever deity or prophet your religion/non religion worships)! After a long 6 months of sweat, grass stains, more sweat (gosh it gets hot and humid in MN), and a few cold alcoholic beverages of my choice, I have finally broken 90! I played from the Blues in some tough fall conditions, but walked away with 2 birdies on my way to an 89. Did these SCOR Golf wedges live up to the hype and already shave strokes off my game after only a few short weeks? Since gaming these wedge
  13. In for Review! - SCOR4161 Wedges I Love You! I Hate You! I Love You! UHHH! Why did I just throw my non-floating metal wedge in the pond behind the 12th hole green? Since I started to get serious about golf 3 years ago that first statement has summed up my love/hate relationship with the short sticks. It is no secret that the biggest way to reduce strokes each round is by having a great short game, it also happens to be the one part of my game that is the most inconsistent and requires the most amount of practice. The biggest improvements and strides I made to my game this year is c
  14. Projecting tackles, sacks, or int really shouldn't be that much different than projecting receptions for a WR or TE or total defensive statistics with total sacks/points/etc...typically you can use past historical games as pretty solid references...4-3 defense week in and week out for a team will show trends for each position. The same offensive data trends and assumptions could easily be applied to the defensive side. Especially since at the end of the day they are only projections.
  15. Going to be a very interesting waivers week! I might be with WD I am not 100% convinced on the added IDP. I am really not trying to be "that guy" but oofta ESPN is something else as well...I don't like the structure of a lot of it and am not seeming to get used to it. Also don't like how they don't project for the IDP. Just seems stupid to offer it and not provide the same minimal support that they give to the offensive side...sorry for the rant but it's probably just because I am about to go 0-2! Haha
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