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  1. Ha WD not sure I would be too worried about me. After finally winning for the second time this season I am now due for 5 more losses! Without Peyton and Decker next week it won't be pretty...lets make it interesting and possibly even a fair competition, I will let you pick my lineup if I can pick yours! Correction - make that 6 more losses
  2. Your 4 year old is tougher and has a better swing than me! Had flurries and freezing weather...really takes a toll on my golf itch...already moved indoors for the winter...Oh and go Vikings!
  3. I am assuming those are the faces of having to buy everyone a round after his hole in one! Haha! Still very very jealous! Keep the pics coming, I can't wait to see more in the coming months!
  4. Oofta...lot of under performers on my team and now with Doug Martin out...I remember specifically saying during the draft that my first few guys would cost me as I didn't like them as picks and boy was that right...Manning has carried me but MJD, Martin, Sproles has been a killer while guys I was hoping would turn the corner like Tate and Thompkins have been inconsistent at best. Hasn't helped having a difficult schedule as I have still put up points, but man its tough looking up and having a long ways to go to even move in the rankings...
  5. For someone that usually hates messing with head covers (call it laziness), I will have to say those are pretty sharp! By the looks of it a few MGS folks are going to be very happy pretty soon!
  6. SE MN, could travel an hour or two if planned out. But I 2nd hcky! Stil have a bit till winter! Maybe could get another gathering before the deep white stuff comes?
  7. I have been a big Cobra guy for the last few years, products and equipment have done nothing but impress me and I like the bold looks. Heckuva find on the orange one for 9.99! The one thing that I have continuously noticed with the gear from them is it is COMFORTABLE and FUNCTIONAL just as you noted; can't seem to stress that enough!
  8. Done and done. Weights (more specifically weight distribution) has been especially intriguing to me and is highlighted in my outline so you can expect some discussion from me. Also. the Cobra Amp Cell boys and gal should get some use from my review as I am using the Cobra Amps and drawing final comparisons between how the two different styles of wedges play and perform compared to each other. SPOILER ALERT! It's going to be a great read! I know we are getting squared away with everything and reviews should be up soonish as dates are getting finalized now.
  9. I understand it would be considered an illegal handicap since it used illegal clubs, but at the end of the day if the goal is to put the ball in the hole and the rest of the rules are held constant besides equipment; it would still show an accurate representation for an adjusted non conforming handicap. What holds more ground; equipment or skill? Equipment won't ever make up for skill so an "illegal" handicap could still be used as an accurate measure for competition or money game that utilizes handicaps. We aren't talking about switching to paint can sized holes so no equipment will make up for a bad short game or bad/inconsistent putting. Maybe my thought of what equipment would do for a player is skewed. But an example of how I think non conforming equipment would help is as follows: Par 4 - 390 yd hole Golfer tees off and slices the ball into deep rough, trees, etc for 280 yards. Punches out and moves ball forward to 50 yards from the pin in the middle of the fairway. Third shot, hits it on the green and two putts for bogey with conforming equipment. Golfer with non coforming equipment hits the ball 330 in the middle of the fairway. Hits approach shot on the green and two putts for par. I would even say thats a stretch that equipment alone will gain 50 yards and eliminate a slice/fade but say it happens. At the end of the day a handicap could be measured off both of those scores and adjusted accordingly. Like I said earlier though I am pretty dense and could be missing something. What about that second scenerio is bad for golf or would change your thought process of playing someone for money?
  10. I think for non conforming clubs to be a non issue and be highly successful for all players they need to seperate two different types of markets. Non conforming clubs could be a great idea and product for newer golfers who are looking to play recreationally. When I started to play golf more seriously a few years ago I started with 3 other people. Of the 4 of us, I am the last person still playing weekly and actually putting the time and effort into improving my game. I am sure I would get many different excuses from the quitters but at the end of the day none of us played during our youth and lessons are expenseive. It was honestly brutal getting through a round and looking at a score card with 8's, 9's, and 10's written and shooting 60+ for a round of 9 holes deters new comers and has been a serious hinder to the sport. If non conforming clubs would help individuals hit a ball straighter and longer off the tee, it would help people who start the game continue to play. Like others have said though, this will not help anyone drastically improve there short game or eliminate 3 putts so total handicaps won't drop as drastically as we may be led to believe, but atleast give golfers that feeling of a great "golf shot" which may be just a big enough "win" for them to keep playing. The second market that becomes an issue to a majority of players is low handicap golfers using it as a way to increase a competitive advantage. Non conforming clubs should be easily identifiable and a new handicap should be calculated. The argument to me of the "slippery slope" that confides with using clubs that are non conforming is non existent. I don't think non conforming clubs would be the ice breaker towards someone who wants to gain an advantage through cheating. The dreaded foot wedge, adjusting lies, "misunderstanding" proper scoring and drop zones for unplayable shots, and sandbagging a handicap are already being done if someone wants to cheat. Giving someone a non conforming club should provide no advantage with a handicap calculated using scores with the non conforming equipment. At the end of the day I still feel like this is a non issue with this market as I am sure the non conforming clubs will have something easily identifiable on them that would show what they are. One item that would most likely need to be eliminated would be items like longest drives during tournaments if drastic improvements could be made in accuracy and yardage though. Maybe I am just dense on the subject, but what advantage am I given if I go from a 15 to a 12 handicap due to non conforming equipment and follow the same rules as you a 6 handicap with conforming clubs?
  11. I had him on waivers too...so you would a been third in line...my team needs all the help they can get...
  12. PHASE 2: The Official Review SCOR Golf 4161 – Official MGS Forum Review by JREcklund03 PRAISE JESUS (or whatever deity or prophet your religion/non religion worships)! After a long 6 months of sweat, grass stains, more sweat (gosh it gets hot and humid in MN), and a few cold alcoholic beverages of my choice, I have finally broken 90! I played from the Blues in some tough fall conditions, but walked away with 2 birdies on my way to an 89. Did these SCOR Golf wedges live up to the hype and already shave strokes off my game after only a few short weeks? Since gaming these wedges, my love/hate relationship has only seemed to grow. These wedges perform drastically different than my last wedges and created a few rounds with a very steep learning curve that included a lot of frustration, a few curse words, and a couple mini tantrums. To help maintain some sanity throughout the review and give comparisons to before and after experiences, here is a chart showing my previous clubs and new SCOR clubs: I just want to provide a bit about me before we get started. I am 25 years old and am 5'11'' or 6' if my already few remaining and balding hairs are sticking up. Favorite part about golf for me is walking up to a tee box in preparation to grip and rip. I have driven two par 4 320+ yard greens this year (bit of help off rolls and wind), although I usually am 270-280 yards down the fairway off the tees. I started playing golf seriously a few years ago. I'm not using that as an excuse for some of my terrible scores and habits by any means, but I continue to push my game to new levels through practice, equipment, tips, and forum guidance through MGS. Oh and did I mention more practice? I finally broke 90, so what is my next goal? After improving my game since the start of this journey by an embarrassing 30 strokes, I am simply looking to improve by an astounding 5 strokes; yep I am now playing to break 85. My favorite club in my bag is my driver, which is consistently the best part of my game. My next two favorite clubs would be my Cobra Amp Pitching and Gap wedge. Can these new SCOR wedges really outperform and replace 2 of my favorite 3 clubs? Performance Full and Half Shot Performance Wedges Review after review, post after post, everything anyone has to say about these wedges is they simply perform. If something is posted about these wedges online, I have honestly probably read it, as I have done nothing but scourer for information since being selected back on that fateful August 30th. All people have to say is that the clubs live up to the hype. Because of that, my standards and expectations were through the roof and, after a few full shots, I had found one thing: these wedges can improve any golfer's game. Full shot accuracy on these short wedges leaves nothing to the imagination. After a few shots, I was able to get the swing and adjustment down with the new pieces of equipment in my hands and was even surprised that my natural slight fade with wedges disappeared. I hit these wedges straight! Wait what? Yes, I actually hit these straight without having to try and force my wrists or having to aim slightly off center. When first petitioning for the right to test these wedges out, we were sent to SCOR's website to be fitted for a wedge set. This recommendation was based upon our current clubs' performance. I have what was recommended to me with the distances shown below. Maybe I am being ignorant, but what seemed like a pretty generic multiple choice survey about my 9 iron performance and lofts currently used, you can tell me a loft and distance for the clubs you recommend? Sure, I bet a couple math formulas and pretty basic assumptions will spit out a number and work. But I was actually surprised with how accurate these yardages were. These 5 forecasts were all within 5%. No, they weren't spot on, but to be with 7 yards on the farthest wedge is pretty impressive and not material enough for me to be concerned. The one thing that was new and unusual for me with these wedges is the high launch trajectory. I have always had a mid - low launch trajectory with my irons and wedges. I usually gain a decent amount of yardage from rolls because of this and was most likely what caused the 5% forecast difference in distance. These are actually forgiving irons; based on the trajectory and past experience, my mind tells me that if you would miss the sweet spot you should just duff the ball across the ground or fly it far right/left of your target…not the case. Surprisingly enough, even on miscues and mis-hits you still get a good “golf shot” that is only slightly off the mark. Do you know where to place your hands for a half shot? Do you get confused when gripping the club to only wind up throwing it to the ground and using the old foot wedge? Well look no further than the two white circle system from Lamkin grips! Okay, so enough of the infomercial…SCOR Golf looked at all of the details with these wedges and has come through on the tiniest of details. One thing I actually didn't notice until I was out on the course was two small white circles on the grip. The top circle lines up perfectly with my thumb for full shots while another white circle about 1.5 inches below that is a perfect marker for half shots as you choke up. Little things go a long way to making a great product. F&H Shot Score: (94 of 100) Pitching, Flopping, and Chipping Performance In my Unboxing post I mentioned how my love/hate relationship for the short game has only grown over the past years, but pitching, flopping, and chipping (also known as many golfers arch nemesis) is where my short game relationship takes shape. 4 months ago I spent a lot of time working on improving this part of my game and thought I had successfully reduced strokes and improved my consistency drastically. These new wedges showed me how wrong I really was. After 3 weeks of playing with my new SCORS, my scores on the course were not any better than they had been in the past, in fact they were worse! I have struggled to adapt to these wedges over the past several weeks and am now finally just starting to gain some control. I won't put a lot of blame on the wedges for this as unfortunately it mainly comes down to my ability. Adjusting from a bump and run strategy to the spin control these wedges allow for has been an extreme struggle. This has left wedge after wedge shot land 20 yards in front of me versus the 40 yards I needed as top spin and roll outs were almost completely eliminated. Part of the issue can be explained by the divots I leave; which is more specifically directly correlated to the V-Sole that SCOR uses. On any chipping shot I seem to hardly even graze the ground as the club works as designed and bounces back up off contact. This is an adjustment issue on my part as I am now just starting to get the control and correct swing speed and power down on shorter shots. P,F&C Score: (90 of 100) Sand and Rough Performance Have you ever tried to play golf out of a Japanese Zen garden? Well that's what it feels like to play out of bunkers where I am at. Not fun and not a lot of sand…However the 55 degree was very easy to get up and down as I was able to successfully pick the ball out of the bunker for longer distance shots and dig in enough behind the ball to get some height out of the bunker and finish through strong. For someone like me who makes my home in the rough, the wedges do not disappoint as they react eerily similar to hitting a shot out of the fairway. The V-Sole and face of the club glides through the thicker and higher cut grass and performs flawlessly. One thing that I did notice is I lost a touch of control as I lost some spin out of deep roughs. Usually this resulted in me hitting the ball a bit further than expected due to the amount of roll. S&R Score: (92 of 100) Performance Notes It isn't much of a secret or surprise that the short wedges perform better than what I was previously gaming. They have been more consistent from day one and are only continuing to get better as I have worked through the early struggle and aggravation of changing my game plan as I get closer to each green. The spin control and overall performance is great. Pin seeking at its finest! The biggest area of concern for me was how the 43 and 47 compared to my Cobra Amp Pitching and Gap wedge. As mentioned, I favor my Amp wedges and it would take a lot for me to keep them out of my bag for long. I hit SCOR wedges straight but a bit shorter; while I play a natural fade with my Amps and get slightly more carry. I did a shot by shot comparison and have posted it below. For a comparison I hit 10 full shots with each pitching wedge, rotating every 5 shots. After everything was said and done I took out the outliers which I concluded to be the 1 best and 4 worst shots. Yes, I took out the best shot as well to give a median outlook and show what I consider a more accurate average (based on the assumption even a blind squirrel will find a nut every once in a while). The graph tells the story, and to my sad surprise…SCOR won…Distance was a bit short on these shots, but these irons are consistent and the grouping of shots is remarkable. One of the interesting differences between the Amps versus SCOR is the club head weight. The Amp is slightly heavier when looking at its static weight as the vast majority of the weight is centered towards the shaft on the inside of the head. This helps maintain a lower swing weight by allowing for a faster swing speed. The SCOR wedges weight is spread throughout the bottom of the sole and is much more evenly distributed. As I touch on in the next section, the static weight distribution difference results in the difference of the overall club face and total club head size. Total Performance Score: (92 of 100) Subjective Looks These are great looking wedges, and words don't do them justice so I will let the pictures speak for me here. The top view compares my Cobra Amp Pitching wedge versus the SCOR 43 degree wedge. One thing that you can notice is how much smaller the club head of the SCOR wedge (one on the right) versus the Cobra Amp Pitching wedge (one on the left) The SCOR wedge is roughly about 15.8% smaller and this holds true when compared to all of the wedges I was previously bagging . Looks Score: (93 of 100) Sound and Feel You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get throughout your body when you come home from work and your favorite dinner is done, and the whole house smells of it? Yes, that little feeling of amazingness is what it feels like when connecting with this wedge. They sound great and the over feel is remarkable on full shots with the long, mid, and short wedges. The feeling on shorter half shots leaves a little bit to be desired, but still provides a great experience. Shots across the face are very consistent, but you do get a bit of a different feel and thud when hitting away from the sweet spot, but they still provided a better than average flight that was relatively on target. Sound and Feel Score: (91 of 100) Likelihood of Purchase (LOP) Slim…they're great wedges, but at $135 per club they are priced out of my golf budget. Is $675 for the full set of 5 worth it? Honestly, I would say they are, but not sure I could sell my wife on them (might be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission with these). LOP Score: (50 of 100) Subjective Notes Not to beat a dead horse, but I want to provide my 2 cents on the head covers. From a marketing standpoint I believe it's a great advertising method that probably doesn't cost that much more than individually bubble wrapping each club head. After playing my first round with these clubs I lost the cover off the 47 degree wedge 5 holes in. Interesting point, I didn't even use that club yet! At 2 wedges per cubby in my bag, simply sliding the 43 degree wedge (which I had used on each hole before I recognized I was missing a cover) in and out was enough friction/force to pop it off another club. Now I still take that with a grain of salt as we are all human and it could have been my error. Did I not have the cover on all the way? Did it slide funny when I took my bag out of my trunk? Did my buddy lose it while jealously looking at my new clubs while I wasn't looking? However, at the end of the day I feel like it is still a smart move as it increases advertising, marketing, and branding by visibly exposing the company to others through the covers being used. Total Subjective Score: (78 of 100) Conclusion Long story short, these clubs have provided one heck of a roller coaster experience. The anticipation and excitement building up to play these was similar to the climb up the track until the first drop off. Like the roller coaster, it's a fast way down as I hit rock bottom when trying to adjust to these my first time out. It has been a slow evolving change to my short game that has been producing results. These wedges are great and have the ability to give all ranges of skilled golfers the ability to finish wedge shots closer to the pin. The Genius 12 shaft is remarkable and helps give the needed touch and control around the greens. Unfortunately I may have to wait a few months to further enjoy these as winter seems to be fast approaching here in Minnesota, but until then we will get some quality time and some practice indoors. Total Score: (85 of 100) The Five Unfortunately, all of these wedges will go in my bag. The evidence is all there as they play better than my previous wedges and have shaved strokes off my game. It is unfortunate I have to break up with 2 of my favorite clubs as they are now collecting dust in the garage… I recommend these wedges to any and all golfers. It is not up to me to decide what you spend on clubs and to simply ignore these because they come from a smaller company would be a mistake. The touch and feel with these are incredible. I let my playing partner, a scratch golfer play with these for a round and he loved them. The customizations and 21 available lofts can suit anyone's game. I will probably disappoint a few and let my green golf colors shine bright when I say this, but I really didn't know a lot about SCOR Golf prior to this experience. One thing that I have learned as I continue to learn and engulf myself in everything that is golf; don't count out the small companies. They are usually the folks doing the biggest work and provide some of the highest quality equipment, apparel, and accessories. For me, there are 2 features that I would like to see a bit different for the next generation. At the center of controversy, I would like to see a better head cover, something that fits a bit snugger and high end to match the quality of the wedges. Second, I would like to see some customization color options. This is a premium product at a higher end price. Provide the ability for customers to select certain color schemes/patterns/grip colors versus only having one standard wedge look. Now I realize this is something that can be done ourselves, but for someone like me, I would walk away with a finished product that looks like a clown, colors and smudges galore! The forged grips on the face are my favorite feature of this wedge. The touch, feel, and spin are remarkable and something that I would love to see on SCOR Golf wedges for a long time. The second feature that needs to be on all future SCOR wedges is the Lamkin grip. It is a great grip that feels soft and left my hands and grip very relaxed throughout all of my shots. Great feeling, as I tend to be someone who over grips shots.
  13. In for Review! - SCOR4161 Wedges I Love You! I Hate You! I Love You! UHHH! Why did I just throw my non-floating metal wedge in the pond behind the 12th hole green? Since I started to get serious about golf 3 years ago that first statement has summed up my love/hate relationship with the short sticks. It is no secret that the biggest way to reduce strokes each round is by having a great short game, it also happens to be the one part of my game that is the most inconsistent and requires the most amount of practice. The biggest improvements and strides I made to my game this year is credited to Adam Scott. No, the Aussie and 2013 Masters Champion didn't stop in MN before heading down to Augusta this year, but the short game basics advice and guidance he gave in Julys Golf Digest has paved a yellow brick road to lowering my score. Based on his swing tips and recommendations, I have eliminated extra motion and simplified my swing as I get closer to the green. This has drastically improved my consistency and gave me some new unheard of confidence when approaching a green. From what I have read about these wedges, the touch around the green will be a whole new adventure for me. Due to limitations in my overall skill and past equipment, I have always had a “bump and run” approach. With my mid-ball flight and lack of spin generation, I have had issues getting a ball to stick on a green. That has evolved my approach shots to hitting a ball towards the front fringe and letting the ball roll up to the pin. If these irons do what they advertise, I should have the ability to effectively pin seek and increase my tap in birdies each round. The UPS man knocked on my door on day 13 and left me a glorious package of customized SCOR Golf wedges (43, 47, 51, 55, 59 degrees). I opened the door, grabbed the clubs, and immediately started to look for ways to open it as my wife looked at me in disappointment and said, “Jordan, dinner is ready, open that after we eat!” That instantly reminded me of my glorious childhood as one thing that was drilled into me night after night was “no ice cream until you eat your vegetables!” I set the box down and slowly walked to the oven to serve up my plate in sheer utter disappointment; until I then realized the faster I serve, eat, and cleanup, the sooner I get to open these new beauties! In record timing, dinner was over and completely cleaned up in what felt like the longest 6 minutes of my life (first world problems at its finest). Overall packaging in my mind was a bit light. The 5 clubs were firmly packaged in a 42.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 box. The heads of the clubs were nicely protected against dings and other nicks via the head covers provided, but I would have preferred to see a sleeve of plastic over the shafts and grip as my fresh and sticky grips were slightly covered in cardboard dust. This is minor and caused no real damage, but my OCD kicked in and only seemed to get worse as I tried to wipe the dust off, but was only able smother the fine brown dust further into the grip grooves. One of the pleasant surprises that comes with this set is the SCOR Method Solution card and a divot tool that could be used an awfully lot if these wedges hold up to all the hype. These are some very aesthetically appealing wedges. The red grip gives the wedge a bit of flair as the head is very simple and bare (good thing). The imprinted 4161 and V-SOLE, SCOR logo, and loft are nicely placed and mesh together very well on the back and bottom of the club head. I am pleasantly surprised that these look much better than I was honestly expecting. Overall feel of the club is nice and the weight proportion seems very natural as I swing it in my living room. These guys are tucked away for the night as they will be put under the rigor tomorrow. Hopefully they get some sleep because I know I wont! I am most interested and excited for how the 43 and 47 degree wedges hold up against my Cobra Amp Pitching and Gap wedge. I plan on getting a side by side comparison of accuracy and total distance on the course for each wedge by hitting 10 balls and graphing them out. This should help me calculate average distance from the pin, common mishits, and allow me to compare total yards traveled. This graph should directly show if the SCOR wedges live up to the hype and outperform my GI wedges. My main concern with the short wedges (51, 55, 59) is whether or not I am able to improve my short game accuracy and hit more “golf” shots. I will be looking for the ball to check up on the green and how much spin and ball control I have with shorter approach shots.
  14. Projecting tackles, sacks, or int really shouldn't be that much different than projecting receptions for a WR or TE or total defensive statistics with total sacks/points/etc...typically you can use past historical games as pretty solid references...4-3 defense week in and week out for a team will show trends for each position. The same offensive data trends and assumptions could easily be applied to the defensive side. Especially since at the end of the day they are only projections.
  15. Going to be a very interesting waivers week! I might be with WD I am not 100% convinced on the added IDP. I am really not trying to be "that guy" but oofta ESPN is something else as well...I don't like the structure of a lot of it and am not seeming to get used to it. Also don't like how they don't project for the IDP. Just seems stupid to offer it and not provide the same minimal support that they give to the offensive side...sorry for the rant but it's probably just because I am about to go 0-2! Haha
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