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  1. First off, these are Game Improvement irons, something that either a beginner or someone who is trying to become better at golf will use. You think someone who is a recreational golfer trying to take the next step toward being a low handicap golfer is going to post on a site where people act this entitled? Give new dudes a break, sometimes not talking doesn't equate to not reading the site, visiting sponsors, or contributing to the overall well being of the site. These are the people who will actually buy these irons, and may have jobs that dont give them a chance to post all the time (whic
  2. Hello Puma/Cobra Golf! I've been a fan since I was pretty young. Something about that Cobra on your old fuzzy club head covers resonated with my 80's cartoon / GI Joe Saturday mornings. Whatever it was, I always gravitated toward your clubs and had an idea that once I was in a position to buy my own set, I'd be right on board with that snake glaring down the fairway, ready to strike! Over time, people were saying that Acushnet wasn't taking care of the brand like it should have, and I'm sure there are some hard feelings left over even today. That made no difference to me, I was still play
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