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  1. Brian New York Strengh: Bunker shots Weakness: short pitches from around the green and chips from downhill lies. 54/SS, 58/SS
  2. Around 25-30 rounds a year My current handicap is 24 Current putter: ODYSSEY WORKS TANK VERSA #1 WIDE PUTTER
  3. 1.Brian Torres New York 2. 22 3. I know I cast and do not strike the ball consistently. Which i have been working to fix for a while. This may be the perfect training aid.
  4. This is awesome! First name and home town: Brian, Chestnut Ridge NY Handicap: 19 Current irons/shafts: Callaway Apex with True Temper XP 95 Steel Regular Custom Fit – yes or no: yes
  5. Currently score low 90's and occasionally mid to high 80's. I would like to think that I embody the spirit of Cobra/Puma. I play for the enjoyment and I'm willing to try new things with an open mind. I do also love the bright colors and look of Cobra/Puma's clubs. Working as a QA tester for an IT company, I love test new things. I can provide an honest review and give actual performance stats the clubs give with my swing type. I have unlimited access to a Trackman launch monitor at the local driving range.
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