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  1. nice, that is one of the putters I really want also. In our company golf tournament a few years ago, hole 17 at Empire Lakes, nobody hit the green. about 206yds and guarded in front by a big bunker and the green is very shallow
  2. nope, Da BEARS!! I was born in Chicago. I cant stand Cali teams
  3. ohhhh yeah!!! lol im signing up for this one
  4. I literally just got home from playing a tournament at Tierra Rejada. Play mostly in riverside or san Bernardino county
  5. How did you like the courses? I love Summerly and Red Hawk isn't too bad also.
  6. I've played a few golf tournaments here on both courses. Actually won on the Sky a few years ago and there was talk about shadow closing. Im not a fan of the courses and would never pay the regular rate to play here.
  7. New to the forum but not to the site. I've been reading the articles for years now and love them. I play a couple times a week. Aug 1st will be my 5th year anniversary to golf. I am currently a 13.7 handicap and play on the Golf channel AM tour and really like the competition. Oak Quarry and Empire Lakes are my 2 home courses. you can have 2 homes right? lol
  8. The GC2 is the way to go if you have the money. I was saving up to get one until amazon had a special on the Optishot for around $225 and couldn't pass it up to give it a shot. For the money its very good. Its never going to be as good as the GC2 or some of the other high dollar ones, but for $225 its hard to beat. It was just before Christmas last year when I got it. Maybe they will run the same special later this year. I still hope to get the GC2 someday.
  9. I have the Skycaddie SGX, traded in the SG4 when the SGX came out a few years ago. I tried using a few different apps on my iphone and for me it just wasn't the same. The skycaddie is just to easy to use and accurate. The app. drains the battery and couldn't make it 18 holes. I would stick with the Skycaddie, most of the apps you can use it for a round or two to see if you like it or not. You could try that first to see if you like it.
  10. I would really like to be one of the six READERS chosen. I've been reading MyGolfSpy articles for a few years now and I found out about this on Facebook. I am also currently a resident of planet Earth. I currently have a 13.7 handicap. My son is a professional photographer, so I can produce great photos. I have plenty of willingness and time to test these clubs. I play twice a week, practice at the range once a week and also have an Optishot that I use at home. Its going to be hard to find another golfer that has embodied the soul of Cobra-PUMA golf. I play Cobra S2 irons and have plenty o
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