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    Cricket - in the UK summer season. Surfing - whenever i'm lucky enough to visit home (to Cape Town, SA) or travel into Europe. Studying (forced interest mind you - definitely not voluntary!) PLAYING GOLF!
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  1. have a couple days off studying for exams.. woke up this morning to a partly cloudy light breeze 'perfect weather for golf' day ... and just couldn't resist :) thank goodness its forecast for rain tomorrow!

  2. As a high handicapper I've always used the Srixon AD333... But have recently tried the Bridgestone E6 and have noticed my drives are a lot more forgiving IE I can actually see the ball straighten up on occasion when it starts on a fade - something I have never seen happen with the Srixon. My best mate swears by the Noodle, and he plays off a 19. PS. Found an impressive looking Nike ball the one time that I absolutely feel in love with (until I lost it) .. Never did find out what make of Nike it actually was......
  3. Ordered for Monday delivery! Thanks for the great review.. You had me at 'easy to use' I must remember the tip about strapping it to the bag if it gets uncomfortable on the wrist...
  4. i'm starting to realise more and more that i should have done all this over the winter months. Thank you for the tidbit about taking notes.. another spy mentioned getting pictures taken with your phone as a quick reference tool as well. Life is good!
  5. I am floored by all the detailed replies!! I honestly had 3 or 4 follow up questions i was going to ask .. but you have answered them all already! Much appreciated - Thank you! I would mention the names of those of you who made particularly valid points that i connected with - but then i'd pretty much be listing everyone that replied I will speak to the Wife to get my credit card back before she spends it all.. and get stuck right in! Checklist Don't be scared to shop around for an instructor - check! Invest the time & money - check! Go in with an open mind - check! Tun
  6. a bunch of mates have all taken the day off to go play a random course in the middle of nowhere.. i am gutted that i didn't join them!! .... weather: partly cloudy with no wind to speak of.

  7. Well done hckymeyer! it seems only fair that the long time forum members get the nod when it comes to these incredible MGS offers
  8. Hi everyone, I'm after a little advice. Compared to a lot of you forum members i am very new to the game of golf. i have only been chasing a golf ball around the golf course for little over 2 years now. I have been 'friend' taught .. and have finally started making headway on my handicap this year! *very excited* ... my question: i am considering taking the plunge and investing in some golf lessons with a PGA tour professional at my local golf club. Is this a good idea? Will it destroy everything i've achieved with my heave-and-hack swing i've started to perfect? Or will it actuall
  9. Hello everyone! i'm relatively new to the golfing world.. 'dragged to the golf course' could pretty much sum up my first experience 2 years ago! but then what are friends for? Because ever since then i have been hooked.... This is the first golfing forum i have actually joined (although i've popped onto the site a few times to read reviews and such). Reading through the comments and conversations in here you all seem like a great bunch of lads.... From a South African gent living abroad in the UK i hope to learn a lot more about the game of golf and look forward to your comments
  10. Golf noob of 2 years – handicap: 22 What is wrong with this picture that makes everything soo dull and boring? Is it the be-ordinary black shoes resting on the dashboard, or the nothing-special grey pants that's doing its best to compliment the rather traditional British climate here in the UK? (or is just the uninspired picture choice from yours truly ) Either way just imagine for a moment that self-same picture with colorful Ian-Poulter-inspired trousers matched off with a funky pair of Puma Club 917 golf shoes. Because that is what i see – what I want to be - when I picture my
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