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  2. Luke from Mobile Alabama Currently playing JPX 900 forged irons Mizuno ST-180 driver Taylormade m1 3 wood Mizuno MP-18 Fli Hi 2 iron Mizuno mp-t7 wedges Piretti matera putter Handicap 13.5 Goals for the year to become a more consistent ball striker with the irons and become a single digit handicap. I play 2-3 times a week and have at least one range session a week
  3. Luke Alabama 16.5 Kick X tour Z 15 rounds a month Would love to do a side by side comparison
  4. What an awesome opportunity and just in time for prime season when I'm playing three rounds a week. I started with the amps and would love to get back to Cobra Luke Daphne AL Mizuno jpx-850 forged kbs c-taper stiff 16.7hdcp I write a mean review btw and really enjoy all of your reviews and forums
  5. Luke Mobile alabama 16.7 handicap Mizuno jpx850 forged kbs c taper lite stiff Custom fit yes
  6. I guess I'm not really blaming the wedge just saying that I went from a set included SW which had a real nice wide blunt leading edge sole to a forged blade and was wondering if there were any tips. I am hardly ever in the sand maybe once every 4-5 rounds but last week it seemed no matter what I was in sand all over the place . It was a new course and using new irons . Im gonna try some of the pointers tomorrow morning before my local bullpen round
  7. Thank s for all of the input you're all real helpful I do try to practice my Sandy's at the course but there always seems to be a lot of people in the chipping area and I'm afraid to skull the ball and take out one of the other golfers
  8. So it seems I have of late developed a problem getting myself out of the sand. I used to have a call away iron set that came with a SW. I have since moved on to a new set and am now using a Cleveland 588 forged 56° with 14 bounce. When I set up and swing like I used to the ball goes about 6" I'm wondering if maybe I have an improper club setup or what I might be doing. also has anybody used the cobra trusty rusty with tri bounce sole? Would this help some of my issues
  9. works overrated im headed out to play Magnolia grove in Mobile to lose some golf balls

  10. Snuck out of work early yesterday to play 9 at our local muni course. They just plugged the greans last week and the rest of the course was in pretty tough shape. I still managed to shoot a 41 with 5 pars and a birdie. I figured that was real good considering my lowest round to date is an 87. Probably gonna sneak out early today and play again. The golf bug has bitten
  11. Man I was just there last weekend hombre was in great shape..good luck I'm sure you'll find someone
  12. Well I didn't have time to try to repair them last night but the good news is my new cobra amp cell pros should be here Monday so the other ones will get plenty of chance to dry
  13. went to the range yesterday to work some things out with my driver and fw ended up demo-ing the new cobra amp crll pro irons.... cant wait to get those in my bag

  14. I only buy secondhand balls I get mine from golfballsunlimited they have free ship and even have 10 or 20% off if you friend then on Facebook. I have never been dissastified with anything from them
  15. thanks guys that's kind of what I figured. I will give it a try tonight, again I appreciate the help ya'll are very knowledgeable
  16. I have a set of cobra amps with the graphite shaft and the ferrules on my 5 and 6 iron have come loose. The pro shop says they can fix them for around 10$ a piece. Just wondering how they will fix them and if its something I can do myself to save some chedder. I'm sure I'm not the first to post this topic but I figured this was quicker than scrolling. Thanks for all the advice, the people in here have been amazing helping me out
  17. Well that was an interesting adventure the greens were in terrible shape hut that's no excuse for my play. Ended up shooting a 94 the front nine were horrible shooting 14 over good thing I turned it around on the back shooting 8 over thanks to a par and birdie. Now to figure out my next course in Panama City beach
  18. I want to be five or even six for that matter #gotime
  19. looking forward to losing some golf balls tomorrow at Hombre

    1. GolfSpy MBP

      GolfSpy MBP

      well how many?

    2. glfballwacker


      At least three or four but it was a very nice course

    3. glfballwacker


      At least three or four but it was a very nice course

  20. Well the bunkers and lower lying areas have been known to harbor a gator or two and the water hazards make a very nice home to the moccasins and other slithery critters
  21. My wife did the same thing last year and at first I had my reservations, hey its guy time right? I asked her ifshe was sserious and she said she wasso I bought her a starter set off eBay. We started off at the drivingrrange I bought her a glove and gave her some pointers, mostly hit the little yellow ball and not the big green one. She caught on quickly moving her way through her bag with ease and declared she liked it, so Much so she had blisters so we called it a day. The next weekend she wanted to go again so off to the range we went. Another successful day even pulled out the driver once or twice. She was ready to play. Fortunately we have a small par three that's always pretty empty so off we went. She did very well even scored a couple pars. And that was the end of it but there's a nice starter set of women's clubs taking up space in my garage... maybe this year will be different
  22. Good call on the bug spray i wasnt really thinking about that.I live over in Lower Alabama so I am very familiar with the critters....never go looking for your ball without a club in your hands
  23. Guess I need to work on my proof reading, or maybe just my fat fingers on my small phones keyboard. If I come across a spare set of finfers I'll send them your way....that's if they'll even fit in an envelope
  24. I'm playing the Hombre's Bad and ugly courses on Friday down in Panama City. Wondering if anybody else has played them and can give some advice on course management or any pointers really. The course looks pretty aggressive on their website
  25. went out and grabbed nine after work that was a disaster after a week and a half off but i did try the single club method for a par five and got a par

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