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  1. - Teun, Friesland, The Netherlands - Mizuno MP-A302 - Tour Series Classic (Pink? ) - I can miss it on all sides, most common is on the right I guess.
  2. First name and home town : Teun - Gorredijk (Netherlands, and yes we have Mizuno dealer nearby) Handicap: 14.6 Current irons/shafts: Mizuno MP-53 - NS PRO 950 R+1/4" Custom Fit – yes or no: YES I was fitted
  3. First off, I love to see the US Open on such a different course, too bad the wind is not howling, I believe the course would show its real teeth then. Tough it might get too brutal then, but it would be fun to watch. Not that i can watch that much since the huge time difference, perhaps this weekend i'll be able to loose some sleep during the night. You do hear some negative reactions, but for us as fans it is awesome to look at the creative shotmaking that is on display, I for one think is just awesome that it is "different", and I don't mind looking at some lucky and unlucky breaks. As I am from the Netherlands, I am proud to see our top player Joost Luiten perform well on the first day. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope he can produce 4 good days in a row. I hope that everyone here will have fun watching it and may the best man win.
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