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  1. After 10 days (yesterday) Antonio send me some update fresh off the mill…. The face milling came out great and should make the SS feels soft with some great forward roll hopefully. Looking great so far and believe after some tender hand-polish, she should be ready for a dip in black pearl.
  2. Another custom putter in the making – Bputter Panther…. I've quite a collection of customs and one-off putters from most makers (brands) and have been a while (almost 2 years) since my last custom as nothing seems to catch my attention of late. However, when Bputter starts to win praises from some of the hard core putter collectors I've known over the years, and when his putter came in 3rd in mygolfspy ‘most wanted mallet putter' http://www.mygolfspy.com/2015s-most-wanted-mallet-putter/ I decided to send Antonio an e-mail to see what's all about….. You can visit his website: www.bputters.com Being new in the custom putter business, Antonio sure stands out with his personal attention to all inquiries and the thousand of questions I've for him. His patience and attention to details are beyond words. So after about 30 e-mails exchanges, we decided on my first BPutter – Panther Specifications: 355grams Material: Italian Stainless Steel 303 Length: 33” Loft: 3* Lie: 70 Offset: ¾ Toe Hang: 3 O'clock Grip: Leather Pistol (Red) Finish: Black Pearl (anti glare) with red sightline He offers top quality finishes and all his finishes are durable and at the same time testing new finishes, which are very cool and unique. Decided on the black pearl as I think this finish suit the Panther name perfectly. Was initially worried about the glare I could get but he assure me while this finish is glossy and yet at the same time anti glare…. He has a couple of face milling to choose from but I didn't wanna go with his usual standard milling so I put him on a challenge to produce a unique milling… so hopefully it turn out OK. Turnaround time is around 6 weeks….. so lets the wait begin!!
  3. I was dying to try those clubs but unfortunately not base in US so could only read reviews from site like this !! Would be more than happy to pay shipping plus a little more to try them and write a review should they included people like me that's not based in the US
  4. You guys are lucky to get your hands on them....even luckier for those winners. I'm dying to test them out but unfortunately they don't have any distributors base in Asia... looks really good....
  5. Just wish they have distributors here in Asia as shipping seems high from their website....
  6. Any more review on this?? Does seem interesting but being out in Asia I don't get to try this anywhere....
  7. Believe brands like Yururi are using their blanks as well. Kyoei forged irons are known for their soft feel..... I'm currently gaming a set of Yururi Flatback raw !!
  8. Seeems like an interesting app to try out. Too bad currently it's only US courses. I'm currently using Golfshot too and would love to compare both once International courses are included.
  9. The spikeless sole looks kinda funky. Not sure how they will hold up on wet fairways and bunkers??
  10. Looks like a mini wood that I can hit 200 yards with Can't wait to read the review how it help get em balls into the hole
  11. Wonder how well those finished will hold in the irons but interesting for sure
  12. The only thing he seem undecided is the putter and IMO that matter most when it counts.... USD250million is one heck of a sponsorship deal. Guess he is set for life
  13. Thanks Zinger...checking it out now Wonder if any discount if mention Mygolfspy.com
  14. Any e-mail address or website somewhere where I can contact him? Thanks...
  15. Really nice work....wish I was in the US or they are available in Asia as I would love to give em a try....
  16. Nice review..... I'm also using this putter but exchange out the stock grip with a white iomic which gives me better feel.
  17. Great write-up.... i did ponder if I should be getting those DVDs and your write-up did help me understand what I can expect from each disk.
  18. I work in China for the last 13 years and ALL of my golfing equipments are bought either from Japan or US and NEVER from China, online or otherwise. I can't say that all of them sell fakes but at the same time I'm not willing to take the risk of getting some fake stuff.....
  19. Thanks Tim - wish we have the Cobra fitting 'guy' here in this part of the world lol.
  20. How the shirt fitting, as compare to other brands like JL and Adidas? Thinking of picking up a few online
  21. How do you like the Encore ZL driver vs. AMP driver?? Any review?
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