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  1. I really need to start saving for one.... great review!!
  2. If it's any close to Adam Launch Lab, I'm all for it and kicking out all my other drivers.... Adam Speedline Tech Driver for me please
  3. I thought Srixon already did an adjustable driver - Z Star or something like that last year for the US market but I believe this is the first for the Japanese market.
  4. Any pictures of those baby blue RP?? Would love to see em. Thinking of going color myself but undecided what will look best
  5. This is just my experience....tried both those shaft and currently playing Modus 3 in my Yururi flatback. IME Modus 3 feels softer to flex (soft butt/tip) and the launch is slightly higher than SPBue but much lower than KBS Tour. SPBlue played great into the wind (similar to C-Taper). As others have mention, a lot will depends on how you load the clubs... for aggressive swinger, I would suggest SPBlue and Modus 3 for a smooth swinger... My 2cent...
  6. DON'T DO IT..... GM Stickback is one of the best grips I've tried. I've it in two of my putters. What are you not liking about it? They do have a medium size (which I use) if you like something slightly bigger.
  7. Looks like it's time to change out my Iomic to those.... thanks !!
  8. Agree beautiful putter there. What finish is that?? I've roll a few Yamada and they all feel sweet.....only not sweet in my wallet
  9. How does this grip feels when it's wet? Been having a lot of golf session in raining weather lately.
  10. Nice review..... I'm saving up for one. Would make a great Christmas gift to myself. Do anyone knows where I can get this in Hong Kong?
  11. Pretty impressive list already IMO. I've owned/play On/Off, Fourteen, Maruman Fairway wood, Epon, Yururi, Miura, PRGR Spoon but not the rest. Would be great to have those available for demos......
  12. Nice concept but doubtful it will be practical. I mean if you intend to practice your swing, you will already pre-plan to go to the range or something and not grab this concept bag and travel around and suddenly have the urged to do a practice swing lol
  13. Have anyone ever tried doing that with their irons?? I think would look really cool.....
  14. +1 on the above.... seem not fair to hit a beautiful drive and only to find luck not on your side Also the spike marks also get to me !!
  15. Have not tried one but understand where some people are having issue with putters being anchor to the body. Personally I'm very much a traditionalist and feels a putter stroke is part of a golf swing and therefore should not be anchor to the body in any way.
  16. From this review I got my first Hirzl glove about a month ago and I must say it works great and the quality is top notch. The grip is amazing, especially during the wet weathers, which we've been having a lot of lately. Now I'm recommending it to all my friends....
  17. Thanks for the link. I'm base in HK but can't find any nearby where I could get fitted
  18. Nice write up.... wish I've such facilities nearby to get fitted. would definatly like to see how they're gonna fit my dreadful slice
  19. This sure makes me wanna try torching a couple of my old wedges and putters. A quick question... what sort of oil do you guys dip em in after the torching process? Mineral oil or it doesn't matter?
  20. That mokume gane insert is out of this world....
  21. Looks sweet and a great idea with the date stamp and all. Makes a great collector item.
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