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  1. Well, there wasn't a ton of activity from my first posts about this DVD lesson series, but I'll try a little more and see how that goes. I've now done lesson 2 and lesson 3 and I must say I'm getting more impressed with the series all the time. Obviously there is no substitute for real lessons with a real teacher. That said, if you can't afford those this may be a really good alternative for you. And they do provide some real plusses - like being able to watch a lesson over several times until you can "get" it. I guess you could take a lesson again from your local pro but that'd be pri
  2. A couple of weeks ago I asked here about improving my game through a series of lessons on DVD. Got some good feedback and ended up purchasing the PGA Tour Academy DVD series. I thought I might share with everyone my impressions of the lessons so far and if there is interest I'll keep posting along. As a word of intro, I'm a high handicapper who needs a lot of work in most every area of my game. I drive a golf cart pretty well (hey - I have never killed anyone). Other than that, if it involves golf and me it needs work. First, it's a pretty impressive lot of stuff. You get collapsi
  3. My handicap usually is just north of an August afternoon's temperature in Dallas. But despite those triple digit numbers, on the thermometer and scorecard, I play once a week, if not more. That play has helped me realize the commercials on Sunday afternoon for golf balls that go “ten more yards” and drivers that can bounce those balls off nearby communication satellites don't have much to do with real golf. Ben Hogan was fussing about his scores to his wife and she quipped “Well, Ben, why don't you hit it closer to the hole?” That's exactly what the short game is about, and that's
  4. I only have one fault: when I hit the ball it goes where I hit it. every time. the trouble with that is where I hit it isn't where I want it to go! HA! My golf problems are more than I want to go into here, though I appreciate the offer of help. Just want to keep this thread focused on CHEAP SELF IMPROVEMENT through a DVD of some kind. One day you'll see a thread titled "Look at this guy having a seizure while swinging a golf club" and you'll know someone took a video of my swing... you can comment on my basic faults there!
  5. clearly I'm not taking lessons from the right person! I have had two sets of six lessons from two different instructors. now on a set of five from a third instructor (who is terrible but I prepaid and I'm stuck). I can't afford more lessons. I have kids in college! Time to do this CHEAPLY.
  6. Really appreciate the feedback. Like a lot of what RoverRick says. Gonna look into that book and I do need to putt better. If I could go from 3 putting to 2 putting that is 18 strokes immediately. Prolly don't need a video to figure that out. Saw Phil hit that three wood twice yesterday. Unbelievable. And I wonder how many Versa putters Odyssey sold today? Come to think of it maybe that's the way I can to get from 3 putting to 2 putting... yeah, that's it. it's not the indian it's the arrow! I know about online lessons but again there is COST. I can buy the PGA Home Academy
  7. What a sensational day of golf that was. So many guys in contention and then Phil sneaking up on everyone and then scorching the field with a sizzling putter. It was nice that he didn't "back into it" - he went out and took it. Seeing his family with him and hearing the interviews where he gives everyone tons of credit, especially his caddie, makes it easy to root for Phil. I sure hope he gets a US Open and soon.
  8. Getting ads for "The Square to Square Method" but the introductory video talks about how "guys our age - in our 60's - need a different swing." um, I'm 48 and am not ready for the senior tour. But if someone recommends this as being awesome for everyone I'll take a look further.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Here's my thoughts: * There's a million guys on Youtube with videos. But all the choices make it difficult - who's video to watch? Rory's? Okay, maybe not his. But seriously - there's a lot of stuff on Youtube. I need something that goes all the way through the game in a systematic way. * Yes, I could prolly take three lessons for the cost of videos. But am I really going to get better with just three lessons? The old joke about 10 lessons being $10 a piece and 1 lesson being a million dollars applies here. If I really think a guy can fix my game in
  10. I'm a high handicapper who has been playing a little more than a year. Need to make more progress toward breaking 100. Am thinking of purchasing one of these DVD sets that claim they can make my game incredibly good in short order. A couple of caveats: * I know that real lessons with a real live human being would be far better. Much better. I've actually done some lessons and I get that. But lessons are EXPENSIVE. I have two daughters in college. If you'd like to donate to my lesson fund please do. In the mean time I need to get better on the cheap. * I am not trying to take o
  11. Thanks - I'm not soured on lessons (in fact, I'm signed up for a 5 lesson clinic next month). I just recognize that when you are going from (literally) zero to golfing the poor pro/teacher has a LOT of teaching to do. I am now at a place where I need some more instruction on hybrids, etc. Such wouldn't have done me much good before but now I've grown to where I can use it. I say that - but yesterday's round was a disaster. Two 11's on the back nine - just awful. I did have one hole where the "keep hitting the six iron" played beautifully and I made a par. The rest of the day was a du
  12. I'm a big fan of the Orange Whip but I'm a relatively new golfer with a very high handicap. The Whip gives you a chance to practice your swing and work on whatever you're working on - quiet lower body, tempo, straight left arm, etc. - over and over in the privacy of your home. It doesn't replace lessons etc but it does give you a chance to take some swings for 10 minutes a day several times a day - how can that be a bad thing? If you combine it with a big mirror you'd be stunned how much progress you can make in a hurry. Nothing has helped my game like the Whip.
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