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  1. Well, there wasn't a ton of activity from my first posts about this DVD lesson series, but I'll try a little more and see how that goes. I've now done lesson 2 and lesson 3 and I must say I'm getting more impressed with the series all the time. Obviously there is no substitute for real lessons with a real teacher. That said, if you can't afford those this may be a really good alternative for you. And they do provide some real plusses - like being able to watch a lesson over several times until you can "get" it. I guess you could take a lesson again from your local pro but that'd be pricey! Further, the book that comes with it reinforces what you saw on the DVD, so that's a big help. Finally, and probably most importantly, they have drills that reinforce the lessons and go with them. That makes the lessons worth it all, I think. You learn a new skill in the lesson (from the dvd or with a pro) but how do you get that ingrained as a habit? You need practice drills. The Tour Academy has those drills and a sked of how much and when and what to practice. The big disadvantage, of course, is no one is watching you perform these new skills. But they gave you checks - things to look for, and I'm borrowing my wife's eyes and that seems to be working out pretty well. Lesson 2 is on putting and there wasn't anything there miraculously new but it was good review. I have never liked my grip when putting and was amazed at how quickly I got a new grip when I went through the process during practice. It became second nature very quickly. Lesson 3 is on "educating the hands" and the impact zone. Using a impact bag they work you through the basics of a "little swing" (9:00 to 3:00) and really ingrain some key fundamentals here. I found plenty in my game that was lacking here and really felt good hitting balls solid in practice - like never before. Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to figure out not only the basic skills you need to golf fundamentally well but how to teach them and practice them. That was a lot of work - but I'm benefiting it from it now! One more note: I'm not selling anything and I don't get anything from the Tour Academy. The opinions in these posts are only mine and may not reflect the management's. Your mileage may vary. Always wear a seat belt. Keep your hands and arms in the ride until it comes to a complete stop.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I asked here about improving my game through a series of lessons on DVD. Got some good feedback and ended up purchasing the PGA Tour Academy DVD series. I thought I might share with everyone my impressions of the lessons so far and if there is interest I'll keep posting along. As a word of intro, I'm a high handicapper who needs a lot of work in most every area of my game. I drive a golf cart pretty well (hey - I have never killed anyone). Other than that, if it involves golf and me it needs work. First, it's a pretty impressive lot of stuff. You get collapsible alignment rods that are very nice (I don't like alignment sticks in my bag when I play so these are ideal to bring along - warm up with them and then fold them away). There's an impact bag which I haven't needed yet. Then there is an Instruction Manual which is pretty detailed, a watch/practice schedule, and a practice book. The deciding factor in purchasing this set and not one of the many other options is this practice schedule and book. The PGA Tour series tells you when to practice, and how to practice. They specifically talk about not going to the range to just hit some balls. There are very specific drills and a specific schedule. The practice book is a little 3x5 spiral bound book that reminds you what the drills are for that lesson. That's super helpful - since you can't bring your DVD player and watch the DVD at the range. I think the practice stuff will be the best part of these lessons. So I get it unboxed and watch lesson 1. Ian Baker Finch talks a while (wouldn't we all play better golf if we had his accent?) and then we're into the first lesson on grip, alignment and stance. It's a very solid lesson. The instructor uses a Sharpie to put X's on the glove so your hands are on the club like his are. That's a great idea. And the X's helped me in practice and in the round I played this week. There's lots of emphasis on the process and they go over and over grip, stance and alignment (you're supposed to do it at home with them). By the time the DVD is done you've pretty much got it down. Repetition is the key to success. Felt very good about lesson 1 and think it helped me in my round this week a lot. I need to be consistent in my stance and grip and this lesson gets that firmly fixed. Other notes: * End of lesson 1 has four ball positions in the book which are NOT covered on the DVD. Then in the practice section of the DVD the guy references those ball positions. Um, what is that again? * The first part of the manual has an intro section on ball flight theory that is absolute goobledy-gook. Just mystifying, especially since beginners will be reading that. All in all, a great first lesson that didn't cost me an arm and a leg. My confidence in the PGA Tour Academy is rising quickly! On to lesson 2!
  3. My handicap usually is just north of an August afternoon's temperature in Dallas. But despite those triple digit numbers, on the thermometer and scorecard, I play once a week, if not more. That play has helped me realize the commercials on Sunday afternoon for golf balls that go “ten more yards” and drivers that can bounce those balls off nearby communication satellites don't have much to do with real golf. Ben Hogan was fussing about his scores to his wife and she quipped “Well, Ben, why don't you hit it closer to the hole?” That's exactly what the short game is about, and that's exactly why I want to try these wedges. For me to break 100 (something I'd rather do than win two Nobel prizes or get credit for inventing the peanut butter and jelly sandwich) I've either got to work on more effective cheating tactics or I need to hit it closer to the hole. Right now I have three wedges that were randomly bought and are just as randomly employed. Give me a chance with the Scor wedges and MyGolfSpy readers will get genuine feedback from someone who will work hard to fully test these clubs. As a published writer I can put the sentences together for you so that everyone can benefit from that feedback. As a bonus, who else will send in pics of Minion golf balls?
  4. I only have one fault: when I hit the ball it goes where I hit it. every time. the trouble with that is where I hit it isn't where I want it to go! HA! My golf problems are more than I want to go into here, though I appreciate the offer of help. Just want to keep this thread focused on CHEAP SELF IMPROVEMENT through a DVD of some kind. One day you'll see a thread titled "Look at this guy having a seizure while swinging a golf club" and you'll know someone took a video of my swing... you can comment on my basic faults there!
  5. clearly I'm not taking lessons from the right person! I have had two sets of six lessons from two different instructors. now on a set of five from a third instructor (who is terrible but I prepaid and I'm stuck). I can't afford more lessons. I have kids in college! Time to do this CHEAPLY.
  6. Really appreciate the feedback. Like a lot of what RoverRick says. Gonna look into that book and I do need to putt better. If I could go from 3 putting to 2 putting that is 18 strokes immediately. Prolly don't need a video to figure that out. Saw Phil hit that three wood twice yesterday. Unbelievable. And I wonder how many Versa putters Odyssey sold today? Come to think of it maybe that's the way I can to get from 3 putting to 2 putting... yeah, that's it. it's not the indian it's the arrow! I know about online lessons but again there is COST. I can buy the PGA Home Academy for $179 (actually, $144 because it's on sale for 20% off). What can you buy in lessons for $144? Not a lot. Don't mean to sound like a broken record BUT IF I COULD AFFORD REAL LESSONS WITH A HUMAN - ONLINE OR IN PERSON - I WOULD and I wouldn't have started this thread. I know that's the best way to go. And I knew people would recommend them. But there's no way I can afford 8 weeks of lessons which is what I think it'd take MINIMUM to get better. I can't afford two weeks of lessons and that's not even going to get me started. So ... the next person who recommends real lessons has to make a donation to my lesson fund! Meanwhile, let's get back to how to get better ON THE CHEAP. I like books and I love to read but I think a DVD system has some advantages over books and still pictures. Anybody got a recommendation for a good DVD system?
  7. What a sensational day of golf that was. So many guys in contention and then Phil sneaking up on everyone and then scorching the field with a sizzling putter. It was nice that he didn't "back into it" - he went out and took it. Seeing his family with him and hearing the interviews where he gives everyone tons of credit, especially his caddie, makes it easy to root for Phil. I sure hope he gets a US Open and soon.
  8. Getting ads for "The Square to Square Method" but the introductory video talks about how "guys our age - in our 60's - need a different swing." um, I'm 48 and am not ready for the senior tour. But if someone recommends this as being awesome for everyone I'll take a look further.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Here's my thoughts: * There's a million guys on Youtube with videos. But all the choices make it difficult - who's video to watch? Rory's? Okay, maybe not his. But seriously - there's a lot of stuff on Youtube. I need something that goes all the way through the game in a systematic way. * Yes, I could prolly take three lessons for the cost of videos. But am I really going to get better with just three lessons? The old joke about 10 lessons being $10 a piece and 1 lesson being a million dollars applies here. If I really think a guy can fix my game in three lessons I prolly ought to pay for the miracle I'm hoping for! I need more than three lessons and I need something I can go back to again and again as I try to "get it down." * The other problem with lessons is every instructor has his/her own system. The first thing they tell you is what you're doing is wrong - but that's what the last guy told you! You need to find a guy and stick with him and his method. But I haven't really found that guy. And I don't have the money to keep looking. NEWS FLASH: Golf lessons are PRICEY! * As far as practice I can play once a week and prolly hit balls twice a week. My work is very putting friendly so I can work a lot at that. I even can hit some balls at work - we have a big carpeted area with a high ceiling so I can hit "whiffle" balls, etc. * I get the need to practice. The truth is I don't know WHAT or HOW to practice. The PGA video promises a comprehensive practice regimen. That's very attractive to me. Since I google'd "golf DVDs" all my banner ads on the web are now for "one weird trick that will have you hitting it further and straighter." sigh...
  10. I'm a high handicapper who has been playing a little more than a year. Need to make more progress toward breaking 100. Am thinking of purchasing one of these DVD sets that claim they can make my game incredibly good in short order. A couple of caveats: * I know that real lessons with a real live human being would be far better. Much better. I've actually done some lessons and I get that. But lessons are EXPENSIVE. I have two daughters in college. If you'd like to donate to my lesson fund please do. In the mean time I need to get better on the cheap. * I am not trying to take on the PGA tour. I'll do that next year. Right now I'd just like to become decent. You guys who regularly shoot 72 (and go home muttering about it) don't know the frustration of a round at 120. That many swings is tiring, and frustrating. I'd just like to play the game without quite so many hacks at the ball. If me and that little white ball could just be on more friendly terms things would be good... So I'm thinking of trying the DVD route. Did I mention that I know this isn't as good as real lessons? Okay, so help me decide what to get. The current contenders are: PGA Tour Academy Home Edition - 8 Weeks to a Perfect Swing - $179 (60 day money back guarantee) http://www.touracademydvds.com/ Moe Norman Single Plane Swing - $59 (one year guarantee) http://oneplanegolfer.com/secrets/singleplanesolution.php Jim McClean Building Block approach - $79 (no guarantee that I can see) http://jimmclean.com/GolfStore/ProductDetail/tabid/1316/rvdsfpid/building-block-approach-online-8/rvdsfcatid/online-downloads-10/Default.aspx Anybody got something else? I'm kinda considering ordering all three and then doing a review/write up of them. Maybe one of these will help my game a little!
  11. Thanks - I'm not soured on lessons (in fact, I'm signed up for a 5 lesson clinic next month). I just recognize that when you are going from (literally) zero to golfing the poor pro/teacher has a LOT of teaching to do. I am now at a place where I need some more instruction on hybrids, etc. Such wouldn't have done me much good before but now I've grown to where I can use it. I say that - but yesterday's round was a disaster. Two 11's on the back nine - just awful. I did have one hole where the "keep hitting the six iron" played beautifully and I made a par. The rest of the day was a dumpster fire. I hit trees, hit it in the woods and found the sand traps (I HATE SAND). Had two really long putts that were headed in and then ... lipped out. Ugly day. But it'll get better. Thanks for your help. And oh yes - this is from Dallas, not Columbus. I started in Columbus but Texas is my home for a long time now. That meant yesterday's round started in 100 degree temps! If only my game was hot as the thermometer!
  12. I'm a big fan of the Orange Whip but I'm a relatively new golfer with a very high handicap. The Whip gives you a chance to practice your swing and work on whatever you're working on - quiet lower body, tempo, straight left arm, etc. - over and over in the privacy of your home. It doesn't replace lessons etc but it does give you a chance to take some swings for 10 minutes a day several times a day - how can that be a bad thing? If you combine it with a big mirror you'd be stunned how much progress you can make in a hurry. Nothing has helped my game like the Whip.
  13. it's very dangerous being married to a woman smarter than you are!
  14. This is the most helpful golf advice I've ever rec'd - and believe me, I've received a LOT of golf advice! Thanks!
  15. This is very very helpful. I am so appreciative. Really like hitting a 7 iron twice - why didn't I think of that?! A few other notes: * I have to carry a 3 wood. I have a really neat driver cover my niece and nephew gave me and it fits on it perfectly. And it rarely comes off because I hit that club poorly but I gotta have something to put that head cover on in my bag! * My two hybrids are: Hot Ring Golden Bear SQ 3H - it's an oldie but it's kinda neat club (and I paid a buck for it at a garage sale - beat that!). Every now and then I actually hit it good. Callaway Razr 3 - this is the club I can hit sooooo well - every now and then - but that mostly frustrates me. I hate it. * I have taken lessons but when you're just starting out the poor teacher is working on so many things it's hard to fix everything at once. I've been playing now about six months without lessons and am finally getting a little feel for things. Maybe it's time to go back for more lessons. Big question: I can hit my 6i very well. Would you hit that instead of the 7i or is there a specific reason to hit the 7? I have a 4i and 5i but am not as comfortable with them. My 6 and 7 love me. And I love them. Made my first birdie Saturday hitting that 7 on a par 3. Stuck it 24" from the cup and made the putt. Wonderful! Thanks again for the help!
  16. I'm a new golfer. Been at it about a year. I'm also 48 so this has been a steep learning curve. Usually card around 115 or so. In other words, I'm a hacker. But there are parts of my game that are decent (or better than others). I drive fairly well - 200 yards straight (most of the time). My putting isn't too bad. I can chip okay. What is bad is my second shot. I get on a par 5 or a long 4 where I'm 175-200+ yards out and that shot usually ends up as a total disaster. I've tried a fairway wood (#3) borrowed from a friend. Usually it didn't go well. So now I've got a hybrid that I'm trying to hit. And sometimes I hit it great - it goes and goes nice and straight. And then the next three shots are scuffs off the toe of the club. It's very frustrating. I gotta figure out something I can hit reliably. Maybe I need advice on how to hit the hybrid. Frankly I'm open to anything right now. I hit this hybrid great some times but most of the time it's a shank. And yes, I've gone to the range and tried to learn to hit it. Usually I hit the first ten balls great and then its starts going away. I hit behind the ball a lot but that's not the only issue - lots of scuffs, topping it, off the toe, off the heel. Nothing consistent and nothing I can rely on. Saturday I hit that club great once, and then it was five holes before I saw that again. Meanwhile it was four holes of big scores because I was whaling the ball 25 yards and then into the woods and then 45 yards into the rough. Terrible. So I'm interested in advice on a reliable second shot. I need something I can hit 150-200 yards regularly and reliably. Your thoughts (be gentle!)?
  17. I don't want a cheap tour ball. I don't want an expensive tour ball. I want a ball that fits my game. That's the question here: tour ball, rock ball, soft ball - what's best for a high handicapper and why?
  18. I definitely don't have fast swing speed. Under 100 I'm sure. A fellow had a gizmo to swing and register the speed and I was in the 80's iirc. These Srixon's were cheap - $9.99 for 15 but they were refurbs. And they are on ebay cheap too. I like'em!
  19. To be honest I'm not sure I can "feel" the ball at all. We did do an evening of "glow ball" just for fun and when I hit that light up golf ball I could feel that it was like hitting a rock. I'm not sure if I was blindfolded and you put down a ProV1 or a Noodle or a Srixon QStar I could hit them at all (HA!) ... no, I mean if I was blindfolded I probably couldn't tell which was which by feel. I'm okay playing ProV1's if that helps. They aren't that expensive, you always find some when playing and you can buy them "refurbed" cheaply. I'm just thinking that what the pros use and need is not what I need.
  20. Been playing golf about a year. Right now the score is about 110. In the endless quest to get better I've got to the play where I'm thinking about the golf ball. Obviously I'm not at a place where it makes a huge difference but any difference matters. For a while I've played Pro V1's. They aren't cheap but I've found some on the course and got some for birthdays etc. If it's good enough for the pros it's good enough for me, right? Then I saw Srixon's ads about not playing a tour ball. That kinda made sense. So what ball should I play? I found some Srixon's AD 333 at Wally World. They seemd to fit what Srixon's "fitter" on the site said to get so I played them. They did hit well and I didn't seem to have that monster right slice I have. Maybe I was hitting better. Or maybe AD 333's helped. So more research. It seems like I want a low spinning ball to try and get it straight. But lots of sites recommend a soft ball. That's what I don't get. Shouldn't I hit a rock so my clubs will give it the least spin possible? It seems like I should be hitting a low compression very hard ball so I don't give it any side spin and send it into the woods. Thoughts on this?
  21. Currently shooting 110. I'm 48 years old. I've followed and watched golf all my life, but I never played. Last April I decided to try the royal and ancient game. In a word, it's been tough. I've run a marathon, kept cheering for the Dallas Cowboys even after Jerry bought the team, and once I even started watching “The Notebook” with my wife. None of that even begins to compare with the difficulty of taking up golf. That's why I'm the perfect fit to test Cobra Amp's new irons. Look at this picture: it's me hitting Birdie Balls (a novel new practice ball - it's a sort of range ball that goes about 1/3 the distance of a real golf ball). But where am I hitting them? At work! That's right – I'm working on my chipping and pitching in the foyer of my workplace. That says it all: I'm willing to try something new, something outside the box, something even a little daring (like golf at work) if it will help me break 100. If that isn't the Cobra Amp spirit, what is? We all get tired of seeing the pros claim they get ten more yards out of this club or that ball (when they are already hitting it 320 yards or more). It's time a regular guy who is really trying to make a “game improvement” got a chance. That's me. Just look for the guy trying on bright orange pants with a white belt, while growing his hair out shaggy and practicing his stern-I-take-golf-seriously-like-Rickie look! Mark
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