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  1. Handicap = 20 I feel that I would be an interesting addition to the review cadre of the Cobra irons. I am 75 and have played for 4 years. I have been using Cobra drivers the entire time I have played. I have tried others but keep coming back to my newest Cobra driver. Being relatively new to the sport I am very active in learning the techniques of the game and how the various clubs relate to those techniques. I think I can add a solid newcomers view of the clubs and how they help in game improvement. The photo I have attached is the first commercially sold Athalon Duo-Cart sold in the US. I was going on a three month trip to travel and play golf and they sold me this first unit before they became available generally. We communicate almost weekly on how the Duo-cart is working and how i use it. The photo shows how I connected it to my bicycle, so I wouldn't have to fight the traffic on Sanibel Island on my trips to the local golf courses. Being an engineer I have tried to observe the product from an engineering point of view and how the features are designed to meet a golfers needs and then communicate these observations back to Athalon.
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