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  1. I find my way to Van Patten once every few years. Still love the course (although I liked it better before they dropped the new clubhouse in several years ago), but damned if there isn't always some BS with the starter that pisses me off. I forget why I haven't played...I go back and it happens again.
  2. This comes a bit late (preparing for the PGA Show takes more time than it should), but I wanted to let everyone know that Blake Crocitto (occasionally known here on the forum as Summit23) along with his business partner, has purchased McGregor Links Country Club in Wilton, NY. Blake doesn't spend as much time in the forum as he probably should, but he's been a long-time MyGolfSpy club tester. He supervised the majority of our driver and fairway wood testing last year, and he traveled with the team to the 2014 PGA Show. He's unquestionably part of the MyGolfSpy family. It's fair to say
  3. Very, very soon. Lots of entries to sort through.
  4. Sort of the dirty little secret of the modern GI/Distance iron design...not really a secret I guess...they all own up to it...just one of the things the average consumer doesn't really know about. As the irons get shorter the gaps between irons get progressively smaller. Reality is that if you put a classic iron design in the average golfers hand, the average gap between say a 4,5, and 6 irons will be much narrower than it should be (with some averaging longer with a 5 than a 4). Gaps are intentionally widened on the long end to provide actual gaps, and as the clubs get shorter, gaps are n
  5. Sources are telling me $349/$399 for this, which borders on comedy for all titanium construction from Callaway. Taking R&D out of the equation for a moment, Callaway's business strategy is to raise the average selling price of their products. As a business that's a great way to continue your climb out of the red, but it's much less than consumer friendly. I can all but promise you that at $349 there will be ZERO performance reasons to consider this driver over a Cobra FLY-Z or PING G30. XR completes the exercise in Marketing 101. You have a premium product (DBD) and entry/budget p
  6. Some things I'd agree with here, and others not so much. Regarding the Apex forged. No first hand experience, so I can't say absolutely, but I will say that I had an extensive conversation with somebody very well-connected within the industry...the kind of guy who knows the guys who handle the paints and finishes for the golf companies. I will tell you that coming out of last year's driver tests, no clubs showed more cosmetic wear and tear than the Callaway offerings. Consider this...the company has cut costs, but it hasn't cut R&D, and hit hasn't cut Tour Spend. Sure...it's eliminated
  7. Your thought in the middle paragraph is spot on. It took me a while to accept that there's no such thing as a perfect test. Everyone has an opinion on how it should be done...and no doubt others would make different choices than we have...and that's the key thing; there are few absolutes, and plenty of decisions. The evolution really comes in the learning. We started out with 2-3 guys hitting a single club, to 6 guys hitting a single club, to 6 guys hitting multiple clubs (better fitting), and now 20 guys hitting (in most cases) the best fit from an entire stock arsenal. What's been re
  8. D - Cobra FLY-Z+ w/Aldila Rogue Silver 125 FW - TaylorMade Mini TP (stock Fuji) #4 & #4 HY - Taylormade SLDR TP - currently evaluating Cobra FLY-Z TaylorMade SpeedBlade (5-PW) UST Recoil 125 50,55,60 - Cobra Tour Trusty Putter - PING ZING Karsten TR
  9. This is probably the question I get asked most - and it's nice to have an excuse to fall back on. Certainly a lot of stuff comes through the doors, but I'm trying to get better about committing early, and sticking with the gear for a full season. I seldom swap hybrids or wedges, and now that I have a properly fitted putter (plus not a lot of putters come to me), there's no reason to mess with a good thing. I've been better about the irons...played SpeedBlade all season, and may stick with them for another year. RSi is intriguing, but I haven't found anything else that I'm wowed by. The driver
  10. Nothing is ever bad...unless one happens to be sick. I like the NY events because they're easy (quiet train ride). Living in NY the West Coast trips can sometimes be problematic. There's typical airline stuff, and occasionally the rental car or the hotel doesn't get squared away quite right, so it's a 2 month ordeal to get reimbursement. What can be rough is the quick stay...I've had some companies push for a 1 night stay, which is next to impossible from NY (if you want to leave the airport), and while 2 is the most common, even that is a tough squeeze.
  11. Oooh good one. I'd say all...well most, certainly have their virtues. Nike for example always does a good job of getting product info out. TaylorMade puts on a show, and Cobra is always so much fun that you may not even realize you're learning anything. The PING trip was awesome too simply because of how they present their info...real insight into their design philosophy. The Cobra trip with Blade really stands out as a great time, but I think my favorite to date was a trip I took to TaylorMade shortly after the SLDR was announced. I guess actually it was a SpeedBlade thing. Comparativ
  12. No prior journalism experience. It may be worth nothing that I did some creative writing in college. That CW background perhaps makes me uniquely qualified to cover the golf industry.
  13. I actually have a degree in English. I spent 3 hours in a graduate program for technical writing before becoming an IT guy. I did that for a decade before falling into the MyGolfSpy gig.
  14. TESTERS WANTED - APPLY NOW We're looking for 12 MyGolfSpy Readers to test the PADERSON KINETIXx line of golf shafts. You may not have heard of PADERSON, but there's a far better than average chance that you've already played a shaft that the company designed and manufactured. As usual, we're looking for readers who can put the shafts through their paces and be willing to write coherently about your experience and provide good quality photographs. Access to a launch monitor is preferred, and obviously we expect you'll do a thorough job comparing PADERSON performance to what's already in
  15. Just tossing in my 2 cents here... Played the Rogue Silver Tour (125 MSI) in an BiO Cell Pro for the better part of the fall. Based on some very quick numbers, I'd classify it as a low-mid spin shaft (probably closer to mid) with mid-launch for me. Keep in mind, that's relative since true mid-launch shafts (the popular blueboard-like profile) tend to be a bit high and spinny for my caveman swing. What I like about the Rogue is that it holds up exceptionally well to aggressive tempo/transition swings without being subject to what some might call a boardy feel. It's a very stable shaft,
  16. The proverbial SOMETHING is happening. Not sure of the details yet. I'm going to chat with Team TaylorMade at some point in the near future. If it sounds interesting, there might be a story in it. Does this type of thing interest you guys?
  17. I've played Saratoga National Golf Club...a mere two letter update of Sarasota National. Does that count?
  18. We're certain there are differences between hitting off a mat and hitting off grass. For large tests, grass while perfect on paper, is totally impractical. Imagine 20 guys hitting several series of shots with several different irons. You'd obliterate the range, and you'd be moving your launch monitor to a new spot with great regularity. There's also the fact that divot obfuscation is a problem for radar-based launch monitors. So mats are different, yes, but also more consistent. The numbers certainly have holes in them, that could conceivably be chalked up to psychology. What I
  19. The accuracy of the carry numbers isn't really in question. The OEMs have all done the testing, and I've actually asked this exact question to a few different R&D guys. At one time or another, nearly every OEM has verified the accuracy of launch data using high speed camera systems to validate what the launch monitor is reporting. Worth a mention, the disclaimer is in everyone's product literature. It's usually something along the lines of accurate to within 2 yards at 300 yards...or some such. Initial launch is pretty basic...technically it's not unlike rocket science actually, bu
  20. And so here it is, yet another example of Nike's Tiger problem. As you recall from our visit, there's a push at Nike to be Authentic, and part of that means that what the Nike Athletes play is exactly what's available for purchase by the consumer. It's worked well since Rory came on...dude plays stock everything with some van work on the soles of his otherwise stock irons. With Tiger, nearly everything is a one-off. Case in point this apparently glued hosel mini version of the Speed driver that bares almost no resemblance to what's on shelves. The irons will definitely be tweaked for loft
  21. New to the USGA list is Vapor Speed (version) 3. Given the timing, it's a safe assumption that this is the Tiger model.
  22. I got a heads-up from Nike yesterday. This week Tiger will have the Vapor Speed 'Prototype' Driver in play along with Vapor Speed Fairway Woods and Vapor Pro irons. All good news for Nike, but what's also big for them is that Tiger will FINALLY have a RZN (RZN Black) ball in play as well.
  23. Short of it is that any steel shaft offered by Mizuno is now available without an upcharge. Let's list this among the examples of golf companies gambling that what's best for the consumer will ultimately prove to be what's best for the company. Focusing on the golfer...and what the golfer wants is a topic that's being kicked around at nearly every event I've attended recently. As obvious as it seems, this apparently is a relatively new idea to the golf industry. I've heard it from TaylorMade, I think we're seeing it from Callaway with the $100 Bertha Bonus, and we're clearly seeing it fro
  24. I spoke with TaylorMade's relatively new CEO Ben Sharpe for about 30 minutes a couple of weeks ago. I'll probably write something up about it in the next couple of weeks. Relevant bits here...although nothing would surprise me in this industry, there is a clear strategy to differentiate the two brands. TaylorMade believes there is value in Adams (especially where the company is planning to position the brand). I don't think you'll see Adams sold unless adidas decides to sell TaylorMade as well.
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