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  1. And the winner is... goaliewales14 The logistical issue was that Martin wanted to call the winner personally, so John and I had to devise a clever way of getting Mike's phone number, pass it on to Martin, and then wait for Martin to get in touch. My understanding is that has happened. I'm sure we'll have plenty more to discuss as we get closer to the time we head off to the academy.
  2. Hey guys - sorry for the delay. We have a winner, but we're withholding the announcement for... let's call them 'logistical reasons'. With a little bit of luck we'll have an announcement along with an explanation for the delay by the end of the day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Just a quick note. We have opened up this opportunity to readers worldwide, but please note: Airfare will be provided for US residents. An international reader will receive a $375 travel credit.
  4. Just a heads-up for any Foresight GC2/GCQuad owners or other interested parties; the company has worked with Liam Mucklow to develop a certified training program. Seminars will be held year-round, but the fall schedule has been released. I'll be attending in Sleepy Hollow on the 11th. More information here: http://foresightsports.com/peak
  5. Have you ever wondered if attending a golf school could change your game for the better? Here’s your chance to find out. Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker line of training aids, has invited one of you to spend three days at his Tour Striker Golf Academy at the Raven Phoenix Golf Club. He’ll cover the cost of airfare, lodging, and the golf school. All he asks in return is you show up with a desire to improve your game and a commitment to provide a fair and honest assessment of your experience. Here’s what the winner can expect during the 3-Day Tour Striker Experienc
  6. First - Let me say how excited I am to see this thread revived. Why? I have my reasons - they're for me to know and you to find out...hopefully soon. So with that in mind - for anybody reading this: Have you ever given serious thought to attending a golf school? If you have, what did you take away from it? If you haven't taken the plunge, what's been holding you back?
  7. I just got off a 2.5 hour call with Mizuno. I'm as excited about the MP-18 as any iron I've seen in quite some time. They're clearly not going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. Here's what adidas apparel staffers will be wearing at the US Open. Dustin Johnson Serio Garcia Justin Rose (adidas adiPure Collection)
  9. Been a while since we posted any scripting, but for apparel companies, what staffers wear during Majors is a big deal, so with that in mind; here's what Rickie Fowler will be wearing at the US Open. Also there's a special bag.
  10. Vice Pro & Pro Plus Golf Balls Not long ago we gave you the chance to test Vice Golf's new Pro Soft ball before it was released. While softer golf balls are all the rage right now, they're not for everyone, which is why we love that we have this opportunity to remind you that Vice's tour lineup also includes more conventional offerings. The Vice Pro is a 3-piece ball with a cast urethane cover. It's the company's answer to the Pro V1 and other tour-quality 3-piece balls. The Vice Pro Plus is a 4-piece ball designed for faster swingers looking for a bit less spin off the driver. As
  11. (5) Testers Wanted MLA Tour XDream Putters Last year's MLA community testing was a big success, so we're back again this year with another chance for you to test MLA putters and their unique alignment system born from 20 years of scientific research in the field of visual perception. MLA putters have consistently outperformed more well-known brands in our annual putter tests. MLA says that's because its unique alignment system acts upon your brain's multiple line detectors, and science, science, science, that helps you make more putts. Is that real? Here's your chance to f
  12. Inspired by Michael Jordan's feline quickness on the court, the Air Jordan 13 Golf shoe honors MJ's love for the links by reimagining a true court classic for the course. Drawing direct inspiration from the Air Jordan XIII basketball shoe, the Air Jordan 13 Golf shoe shares many of the same elements. In 1997, Tinker Hatfield fashioned the AJ13 hoop shoe outsole after a cat's paw, to provide MJ with great articulation and court traction. The AJ13 Golf shoe applied those same principles, allowing the shoe to move with optimal motion. The paw-like tooling of the articulated outsole provides
  13. True, but Callaway and nearly everybody else takes a much more pragmatic approach to the tour. Whether it's Rory, Tiger, or pick a name out of a hat, I'm guessing they have a reasonable number they won't exceed, and I'm sure it's far below what TM was willing to offer. So let's look at this a couple of different ways...if we believe that the TaylorMade choice was born out of performance and not the extra money, why doesn't nearly every other tour player forgo contracts to bag TM driver. Granted...that's tough to conceptualize given how many guys TaylorMade pays to play their drivers, but t
  14. It's happening, and it's happening in no small part because TaylorMade is willing to pay him, what I'm hearing is an obscene amount of money to play TaylorMade. Prepare yourself for the Tiger story all over again (once he hit our clubs he knew there was no other option). Just as was the case in January, that line is total BS. OEM tour spend is on the decline, and only TM is still willing to recklessly toss money at top talent. Even PXG does some common sense cost/benefit analysis. The reality is that TM is losing market share to Callaway in their key category (metal woods), and with Epic a
  15. I think I've covered this before, but I suppose it's worth mentioning again... We get a fair amount of "I've entered X (usually a handful or two) of times and I've never been chosen..." this is usually followed-up with the sort of ridiculous accusations that make me glad the person leaving the comment wasn't chosen. We've laid out how we do things fairly well I think, but one other thing to consider: A quick run of the numbers suggests that for an average opportunity (based on the average amount of product available and the average number of people who sign-up), any given individua
  16. Well, Spring is here. And as you well know, every Spring young golfer's fancy turns to....drivers! After a relentless winter of reading about CG, MOI, moveable weights and carbon fiber crowns, it's time to let the Big Dog eat. And if the last three years have taught us anything, Cobra needs to be on your short list of drivers to demo. The list has been impressive: Bio Cell, FlyZ, King and King F6 have all be top performers in MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Testing, with the FlyZ taking home the overall title in 2015. This year's models - the King F7 and King F7+ - are as colorful as ever and co
  17. Perhaps not cool in the conventional sense, I'm giving a tip of the cap to adidas for thinking outside the box when it comes to its latest round of Limited Edition (Masters) themed gear. While the standard operating procedure is to throw some green on whatever it is you're trying to sell, adidas has given a nod to different Augusta tradition. Check out these tasty kicks. Adidas Golf Limited-Edition Crossknit Boost Unwrap Fresh Comfort To celebrate the first Major of the year, adidas Golf looked for inspiration throughout the historic azalea-filled course to d
  18. The biggest story in golf for 2017 may very well prove to be the golf ball. One of the biggest names in the growing direct-to-consumer golf ball market is definitely VICE GOLF. After doing some preliminary testing on several Vice products, we see why. Our conclusion so far: These guys get it. Today, MyGolfSpy readers are getting an exclusive opportunity to test a not-yet-released ball called the VICE PRO SOFT. Pretty cool right? We think Vice is making some incredible gear, but we want you to tell us what you think. ABOUT VICE GOLF THE VICE MODEL: The Vice model is simple
  19. I have all 4 HZRDUS models profiled. I need to get yellow added to my charts. I'll pull for you when I can, but overall, I believe all 4 are stiffer profiles. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. I had a chance to throw the Raijin on the shaft profiler today. With no disrespect to Zeasy intended, I'm not finding much to support the notion of Raijin being overly stiff to flex. Two points before we get to my chart: 1) Stiffness is relative, so without knowing what we're comparing to, it's hard to belabor the point. 2) Different people feel different things, so for some stiffness could be butt stiffness, others the torque (which we don't yet measure). So with that said, while we don't have a ton of shafts in our database, there are some apparent similarities with a couple of the sh
  21. I've done some cursory digging on this one, and it has some steam. Not saying it's going to happen, but there does seem to be enough chatter within the industry that it's at least possible. As John said, the absence from the PGA Show is nothing (they haven't been on the floor in years) or in a conference room for the last couple, and the market is in decline. Even if their share holds steady, it's still less money in with no reduction in development costs.
  22. Disc is attached not free floating. One difference between the premium and the regular is that with the premium, the disc is on top. The rest is materials and maybe construction. I'll look into it a bit more. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Just in---yesterday anyway, is the flagship shoe in the 2017 PUMA lineup. Retail price $200 beginning 2/1/17. Also available: TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC ($180) IGNITE SPIKELESS SPORT DISC ($140) Last year's was stupid comfortable. I expect more of the same this year. PUMA BLAZE DISC (Women - $120) PUMA GRIP SPORT JR. DISC ($80) Initial thoughts: Great shoe. Immediately comfortable. I suspect it's good to go out of the gate, which is why I'll be wearing it at Lake Nona next week. If I can avoid it, I'll never play golf in a non-disc/BOA shoe again.
  24. Well isn't this thread something...I just stumbled across it. Serendipity, folks. I just got off the phone with Victor Affable (the V and A in VAShafts). Victor is one of my favorite guys in the industry. Super chill, laid back, and refreshingly honest guy. As Zeasy has suggested, shafts have started shipping to dealers, and they're in just about every OEM's van, so I expect you'll start to see them trickling out on the tour soon. Raijin is designed to be fit a wide range of players - think middle of the bell curve, but it's a bit lower torque and stiffer in the tip than you might fin
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