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  1. While there are some who love the Grenade, and I'm personally of the school of thought that almost anything will work for someone, I'd be inclined to call it bad design. The CG is EXCEPTIONALLY high (the highest we've ever measured), and that lends itself well only to guys who hit the ball consistently above the center of the face. In our tests we saw a pronounced right-side bias suggesting some had trouble squaring it up. The aerodynamics story doesn't pass the sniff test with a single one of the R&D guys I know who deal with aerodynamics in any capacity. From a design perspe
  2. Closest you'll see to Nike at the show will be Spirit Leather Works who makes their belts. Otherwise, "Nike doesn't do trade shows".
  3. First thing to remember is that Callaway isn't Nike. It has R&D capabilities that Nike simply didn't have when it spun up a hard goods business, so there not a fair comparison to be made there. A bit off topic, but regarding Tiger and the Bridgestone ball, this is a point that requires clarification because I think it's often misinterpreted. Nike designed their own golf balls. Bridgestone manufactured them. Along similar lines: Dean Snell designed the Snell Golf Ball, they're manufactured in a Korean factory. TaylorMade designs its golf balls, the bulk of the manufacturin
  4. Pretty easy to sort out when you consider the big picture. Callaway has no financial arrangement with Rory - and Rory has said that what's in his bag this week could change next week. From Callaway's perspective, it has no short term, let alone long term guarantees that McIlroy will continue to play its products. In the event that he plays well, wins, etc., the nature of the arrangement (or lack thereof) means that Callaway cannot promote or otherwise commercialize the fact that McIlroy has its stuff in his bag. Sure, forums such as this one and others will disseminate that information
  5. Somebody in this thread is right...
  6. Last week I received a most unexpected surprise from adidas Golf. We haven't heard directly from them in a while, but it's always nice to see what Masun Denison (Global Footwear Product Director for adidas Golf) and the rest of the adi golf team have come up with. According to the included material, the Crossknit Boost was inspired by adidas ULTRA BOOST. It's probably not unreasonable to say that Crossknit is the adidas answer to Nike's FLYKNIT material. I find that adidas' knit offers a bit more structure, whether or not that's a good thing depends on the individual. Over the p
  7. Every golfer has an expectation of how far the ball will roll with a given stroke; it stands to reason that if you can fit the putter to match your innate expectations, your distance control will improve and you will make more putts. That's the logic and goal behind Sentio - to develop a technology that gives golfers the ability to choose the feel that best fits their game. Testers Wanted Sentio putters feature what the company calls Floating Face Construction, a technology that completely separates the metal face and body with an insert-molded thermoplastic elastomer
  8. Both labels represent mm from face center in lateral and vertical directions respectively.
  9. Hey Guys - I'm working on some graphics for some upcoming reviews. Basically, we're building a bit off the impact studies we published a bit ago and are looking to graphically represent face impact areas in reviews where that information is particularly relevant. Here's 2 (actually 3) samples of what I've been working on. The top row is a simple chart format. The bottom row shows two potential solutions. One with axis labels, one without. The question I have for you is this: Which of the 3 graphics provides you with the best visual representation of face impact area?
  10. Does EVNRoll Live Up To the Hype? Here's your chance to find out. A couple of months ago we put Guerin Rife's EVNRoll putters to the test. Much to our surprise, all 4 of the EVNRoll models we tested outperformed our 2016 Most Wanted Winners in both the blade and mallet categories. That's right; the EVNRoll bested the legendary PING Ketsch and the Odyssey White Hot RX #1 EVNRoll Technology The explanation for EVNRoll's performance can be found in it's unique (and patented) groove design. The proprietary design does two things. Firstly, the grooves transfer more energy t
  11. Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Wilson, Mizuno, Tour Edge, PING, Nike, Bridgestone and Cobra (starting with 2015 stuff) are all compatible and the torque is certainly close enough. Pre-2015 takes a smaller size torx bit Pre-TaylorMade Adams is a unique triangle bit Cleveland/Srixon use a square bit For those who might be interested, the Club Conex tips also require a different bit. However, the Club Conex wrench itself takes interchangeable bits, so with some cheap parts from Home Depot, I'm able to use it for everything but Adams stuff...and I don't see much of that anyway.
  12. Hey guys - file this one away under get it now or get it never: Toulon Design, which was recently acquired by Callaway Golf is releasing an extremely limited run of what will probably be the last putters sold exclusively under the Toulon brand. Whatever it is that comes next will be done in conjunction with Odyssey. AUSTIN The Austin is totally old school in design. It features a wider cavity, smaller shoulders, and taller bumpers. Every is edge meticulously machined and beautifully softened. This magnificent putter features our deep diamond mill face pattern that creates wor
  13. Save Time. Save Money. Look Amazing Pre-packaged boxes full of apparel and other chosen-just-for-you selections (add-on goodies) are all the rage right now. Whether for the convenience or the fact that some of us look better when we don't dress ourselves, these boxes provide a compelling option for fashion-forward golfers. One of the newest direct to your door semi-personal shopping services is 59GolfBox.com. As with other services you won't know exactly what you're getting, but with selections pulled from brands you know (and maybe even love), there's a pretty good chance you're going
  14. Hearing that Nike will keep the van on the road until the end of the of year...that could also mean the end of the tour season vs. the calendar.
  15. Some quick news from the World Golf Hall of Fame. The 2017 induction ceremony will be held in New York City and will coincide with the Presidents Cup, which is being played on the former garbage dump now know as Liberty National. ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (August 2, 2016) - The World Golf Hall of Fame & Museum announced today it will stage its 2017 Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 in New York City in conjunction with the Presidents Cup to be played at nearby Liberty National Golf Club. Venue details as well as the Induction Class of 2017 will be announced later this fall.
  16. Yes and no. Distance...derived from ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates will differ based on impact position, dynamic loft, etc.. That's absolutely dependent on the golfer, and so the driver that provides ideal impact conditions will vary from golfer. MOI, however, is a concrete, quantifiable measurement. It does not vary from golfer to golfer. The PING G will be higher MOI for every golfer relative to the M1 for example. It is an absolute. The shaft does not impact that MOI measurement either. It will have some impact on closure rate and toe droop, but does not alter the actual
  17. Fortunately we have a chart derived from measurements of actual retail parts that can help answer this question (again based on data not opinion). http://www.mygolfspy.com/2016-driver-cg-advanced-data/ Tab 2 (CGNA & MOI) is the most relevant to this discussion.
  18. Politifact would probably rate this as mostly true. Yes, players come to PXG, but that's hardly unique. In actuality, players' agents come to PXG (and everyone else) to kick the tires on the equipment and the possibility of a sponsorship arrangement. Depending on the player, and the length of the current contract, this can happen more than a year ahead of the current contract's expiration date. This gives the player plenty of time to get familiar with the new stuff, get dialed in, and hopefully be ready to go by the time everything becomes official and public. So it's true that PXG pay
  19. It's rare that a player changes primary equipment sponsors mid-season. It's rarer still when a player puts a new sponsors clubs in play for the first time at a Major Championship, but that's exactly what's happening this week. PXG has just announced that it has signed Masters winner Charl Schwartzel to its tour staff. Schwartzel, who splits his time between the PGA and European Tours, and previously played Nike clubs, has won three times this season. Astute observers of the golf equipment world may have suspected something was up when, earlier this week, Nike released its Open Champion
  20. “The TITANTOUR IGNITE DISC ensures a quick and secure fit; with a few simple turns the shoe is secure, comfortable and ready to go. We took the original PUMA DISC design and customized it for golfers. The result is a sleek, simple and strong closure system that tightens using smooth, steel wires that conform to the foot.” - Grant Knudson, Head of Footwear and Accessories, PUMA Golf The short story is that PUMA Golf has announced a limited edition version of the TITANTOUR IGNITE Golf Shoe. It features PUMA's bold Olympic colorway; obviously adapted for the golf course. I got my fir
  21. "The X-Act Tank Chipper is a new short-game option that utilizes our Tank weighting philosophy to help ensure a smoother swing, promoting more consistent contact. It's designed to function like an Approach Putter, providing an easy-to-hit option that plays perfectly between a putter and a wedge for those tricky shots around the greens. The Hi-Def Marxman Alignment System significantly increases accuracy while the soft polymer insert and hybrid-like sole design help get the ball out of trouble and rolling right to the hole." The hottest new must-have chipper (my sarcastic words) from C
  22. Is it distance? Is it accuracy? Is it forgiveness/consistency? These are exactly the question we've tackled every year during our driver test. Gathering the data is one thing, identifying outliers using some method other than 'that one looks bad' is another, and then finally quantifying everything by some reasonable overall standard is another. As we were preparing our findings for last year's test we came to the conclusion that a methodology derived from strokes gained was probably the best path forward. It's perhaps an over simplification, but Strokes Gained implies that longer and playable
  23. Nike has created a special collection for Oakmont which it's calling Seek Victory. It features, among other things, some cool specially logo'd/printed items. All in all a bit understated by recent Nike standards, but definitely looks like a solid lineup. Oakmont Country Club, among the most challenging courses in the United States, is famous for deep bunkers, tall grass and narrow fairways that demand players adopt a no-risk, no-reward mentality. The latest collection from Nike Golf Club heralds both these gamblers and the course. Fashioned for golfers who go big even when the permissible
  24. The first round of Nike Golf's Limited Edition Method Origins B2-01 Rory Edition sold out in literal seconds. Nike has made a few more of the putters available. I don't expect these will last longer. Interested parties should click fast: Click Here to view on Nike.com
  25. A lot of subtle differences between new and old, plus the inclusion of multiple sole grinds. I'm a steep AoA guy...what might traditionally be called a digger. The wide sole model was designed for guys like me. I've played a few rounds with the new version and what's most noticeable is the more rounded leading edge on the 2016 version. It definitely helps prevent digging in relation to the previous model.
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