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  1. Maybe if golfers wish to continue to be considered athletes and paid like athletes, they should maybe be subject to the same conditions as other athletes. Don't get me wrong...I'm not a huge fan of the whole mashed potatoes thing...but Poulter getting called Sally after leaving a putt short...should be fair game. Golf is sport, and part of the reason why it's not bigger is the expectation that fans conduct themselves like they're having high tea with the queen. Sergio wants to cry about the greens, he shouldn't be immune from hearing about it. For better or worse, taunting is a part of
  2. Hey Iron Horse....the Cleveland wedge is yours. DM me your shipping info. More giveaways tomorrow.
  3. First, Kor A. Dor has regifted his Bridgestone balls to RevKev, so Kev...DM me your address and let me know which ball you want. Next giveaway coming up in an hour or so.
  4. Fedex dropped this off a little bit ago. Just a little something from TaylorMade. As a total ballsnob it almost pains me to admit that this is a ball I'm really starting to come around on. Probably should spend a bit more time with it. The greenside spin is fantastic.
  5. Next prize is 15 minutes out. Nike Praying Hands 5-Panel hat. Yup...it's Volt.
  6. Fireinthehole just won a PUMA Golf cap. DM me your shipping info.
  7. Hey Kor.A.Door, you just one a dozen Bridgestone B330 series balls. Your choice...B330, 330-S, 330-RX, 330-RXS...what's it going to be. DM your pick along with your shipping info. What should we give away next?
  8. Hey Joey East Coast, You just won the TaylorMade Pom Headcover. DM me your shipping info. One Dozen Bridgestone B330 Series Balls up next...
  9. First giveaway in less than 30 minutes. DJ in the lead, so let's celebrate with a TaylorMade Pom Headcover.
  10. Contest has been announced. It's pretty straight-forward. Watch, Discuss, Win. We'll be giving away prizes throughout the tournament. The grand prize is a one-of-a-kind, Red, White, and Blue PING Ketsch putter from LABWORX.
  11. America's Championship is here. Can Phil complete the career Grand Slam? Will Tiger survive into the weekend? What about Rory or one of the other young guns? Is there a darkhorse in the field? Is this Ian Poulter's year to shine? It should be a truly fantastic four days for golf. Here's hoping a playoff makes it 5. If what we're all hearing about Chambers Bay proves to be true, we'll have plenty to talk about over the next few days. We invite you to join the conversation with other passionate golfers while having a chance to win one of more than a dozen really cool prizes will
  12. Yes...and no. The Low/Forward CG story continues, and CG positions between SLDR and 430 are similar. The difference is that TaylorMade has gone back to cheating loft for the benefit of the consumer. Last year, the actual loft of a 9.5 SLDR driver was in the ballpark of 9.5° (sometimes even a bit under). This year, TaylorMade has gone back to its old ways, so the actual loft of a 9.5° R15 driver is going to be 11°+. So basically, if you played a 12° SLDR, you might find yourself better off in a 10.5° R15. As a bit of an aside, this isn't unusual industry wide, and its arguably
  13. If you have an iPhone, download the Cool Clubs Shaft Database App (just search for Cool Clubs). Without paying for any additional features it will give you comparative stiffness at the butt, middle, and tip sections of the shaft. For $20 you get a metric crap-ton of info, but for simple comparisons, free will get you by.
  14. Big fan of the new wedge myself. It has a bit of larger footprint (but not to the extent of the original) and a noticeably rounded shape. For Mizuno fans...it's much more an R series than a T. Great feel, and really is the true evolution of the original Solus line. We tested a Forged Solus a few years ago that never made it to retail. These are the evolution of that wedge. Might see some course time. Based on what I've seen so far for '15, it may come down to this or the TaylorMade EF Wedge.
  15. Like many of you, I suspect, I don't consistently play the same ball from round to round, or even hole to hole. As part of a season dedicated to getting smarter about my game, I've decided to try and find the 'right' ball for MY game...and maybe even stick with it. For no other reason than I wanted to take full swings today, I started with a full sand wedge shots. According to the Foresight GC2 launch monitor my range for a full sand wedge is in the ballpark of 85-105 depending on quality of contact. That's a pretty significant gap, but I suspect that many of you would likely find that you
  16. What a textbook example of defensive marketing garbage. They deny nothing as far as the claim goes, but basically assert that Titleist is only doing this because their tour quality complete golf ball isn't quite as long as Kick X's hard-as-rocks-totally-unplayable-around-the-greens golf ball. Textbook golf industry stuff...even when your apparently caught with your pants down, it's a marketing opportunity. Also proves smaller companies can be just as deceptive in their techniques.
  17. Practically a no lose for Titleist. Assuming their claim is legit (and it probably is), it either ends with these smaller companies going out of business (less competition) or with these companies paying Titleist royalties. Isn't that the best case scenario for any company...when your competitors, no matter how small have to give you a cut of everything they make?
  18. Because my office is a home to all things obscure I happen to have both a Monsta and a Rife golf ball here. It's interesting that both balls have very pronounced seams. While the shaping of the dimples themselves vary (the Rife has more pronounced edges while the Monsta has a softer taper), the patterns do appear to be identical. If anyone can track down the identifying marks on the Titleist ball in question, I'd be willing to bet I have one around here somewhere.
  19. My guess is that the overseas manufacturer has a stock dimple pattern it sells to 3rd party clients looking to bring a ball to market. It certainly wouldn't be unusual for an overseas manufacturer to 'borrow' from an established brand. It's not out of the realm of possibility that once upon a time they took a mold of a Titleist ball and boom...dimple pattern. Let's get real...most of these smaller brands aren't designing or manufacturing their own product. They're looking to carve a unique brand niche with a product that's anything but unique. Is there a real performance proposition, or a
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