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  1. Although I've barely had time to play any golf in the first rendition of the adidas Boost golf shoe, the company is already offering up an interesting alternative, the asym energy boost. As the name implies, the asym is an asymmetrical version of what is, for me anyway, a very comfortable golf shoe. The idea behind the asym is that your feet work differently during the golf swing (different pressure points...that sort of thing), and so it makes sense to optimize the grip/spike/tread pattern for the individual role each foot plays in the swing. Worth noting, adidas isn't the first
  2. Submitted without further comments...here's a collection of things adidas pulled together for the season's first major. Worth a mention...the box is azalea scented.
  3. Simple and straight-forward, it's the annual Freddy Couples Masters shirt from Ashworth. It's a what you see is what you get situation here. It's a PRIMATEC cotton shirt for those of you who prefer natural fibers. "We worked with Fred to create a timeless and classic golf shirt while developing an emotional connection to a place he holds dear," said Kristen Labate, Global Product Manager at Ashworth Golf. "We wanted to make something that was relaxed and approachable, just like him."
  4. Here's the first of 4 for another installment of #MediaKitMonday. Nike is apparently back in the golf-specific eyewear category with their new X2 lens. According to the enclosed card... "The Golf X2 is further enhanced by Nike Max Golf Tint, A Patented technology that enhances the critical details of the fairway and green by suppressing unnecessary visual details, and amplifying the contrast between highlights and shadows on the green". I'm a huge fan of Oakley's G30 iridium (I don't play without them unless it's raining), and so I'm very curious about the new Prizm lenses as
  5. PING introduces pink G30 driver, donating share of proceeds to Bubba Watson Foundation I'll drop the press release below, but the short of it is that PING is making 5000 Pink G30 drivers available at retail. It appears that the retail offering will feature a pink version of the TFC 419D shaft instead of Bubba's Gralloy Bimatrix. While hardcore gearheads might want a fully outfitted "Bubba version", it's clear PING is still focusing on playability for the masses, which definitely isn't a bad thing. MSRP for the pink G30 is $550, but I'd expect the actual price to be a bit lower. $
  6. Stumbled across this by accident last night. It's a Golfsmith-Exclusive FLY-Z with iridescent paint. Basically, the color shifts dramatically depending on how the light hits it. Not sure it's my thing...not sure it's not, but I'm more of a Z+ guy anyway. 3 Color to choose from. More at Golfsmith
  7. Here's the direct link to today's Distance results: http://www.mygolfspy.com/2015-most-wanted-driver-distance-awards/ And yes, Royal Collection is very much the evolution of the Sonartec line. It was a late (the last) entry in our test and was very much a pleasant surprise. Word of warning...it's loud as hell.
  8. Two issues with your post. The first is you're over-simplifying what Tom says. Actually a part in the video says something along the lines that you'll never be able to effectively fit lie, loft, and face angle for anyone other than a dead square driver using hosel adjustability. Tom is absolutely correct about that, but that's a long way away from saying adjustability does nothing, or adjustability doesn't work. Certainly manufacturers leave out some of the nuances, but again...also isn't the same as a claim that the technology has no benefit. The second issue is that Tom is applying
  9. We describe it as a dynamic fitting process. Basically we have a good idea where the starting point for each golfer should be. As an example, For a guy who plays a 10.5 degree head with what you might call a mid/mid CG head, we can assume that he'll likely need to step up to 12° in a Tour Edge E8 beta, and there's at least a chance we'll need to drop him down to 10° in a G30 or other true low/back designs. Where multiple shafts are available, we do make initial assumptions as well based on past history. Essentially, we can, to a degree, take what we learned about shaft performance in one
  10. Yes. Sully provided several drivers, including his new 9* heads.
  11. This is the first in a new video series from Nike's Training division. Given Nike's reach in the athletic world, it's almost strange that they would start with a golfer, but hey...that gives me the excuse I need to share it. Taken at surface value, the video provides some insight into Rory McIlroy's training regimen and the work he puts in off the golf course. Seeing how he's changed physically between the Covert 2.0 launch and the Vapor Iron launch, it's obvious he works hard in the gym. You can take the video for what it is, but in my opinion this two minute in nine second video does a
  12. Wide ranging philosophies when it comes to fitting wedges. Generally speaking, bounce is your friend. That's why you're starting to see higher bounce wedges in more lineups. Edel has been doing it for years, and the new PING glide stuff has some higher bounce options as well. While most companies are really only starting to make a push to educate the golfer on bounce, PING has started to talk about fitting based on sole width. Obviously with any wedge ground conditions come in to play (softer conditions = play more bounce), but the general rule of thumb is the steeper your angle of at
  13. What I think is cool is that this isn't an accident. Nike didn't discuss the other guys in an specifics, but with respect to Tiger, it's actually a huge deal that he could be wearing red accents (hat and shoes) on any day other than Sunday. Nike views getting those shoes into the mix as a significant branding/marketing opportunity. The same is true of the hat, though the sense is Tiger might choose to go in a different direction (which is likely why the hat isn't pictured). With Rory...it's all about white with the Vapor accents. White pants every day. White shoes every day. While pullover
  14. Here are the obligatory apparel scripts for the Nike Athletes competing in The Masters...or as most others say, "The first Major of the Season". There's some cool tech here that we'll hopefully discuss later, but the for now notables include Tiger's hat, which is is similar in design to a running hat. It's exceptionally light to the degree that it's noticeable. The same is true of the belts Tiger will wear. Worth mentioning as well for the Tiger watchers out there, if Tiger competes (and makes it into the weekend), the current scripting has him wearing both a red hat and the red TW sho
  15. It's time for another edition of #MediaKitMonday. This time it's the climaheat half-zip training top from adidas Golf. Technically, it's more like a 1/3+ zip, but whatever. My measuring standards are fairly unofficial. As you'll see from one of the photos, this is part of a new promotion adidas Golf is running to showcase seasonal products that reflect the actual conditions a good number of us are likely facing at the time the product ships. If you're in Southern California, Hawaii, or anywhere else where it's always warm, there's little for you to see here. It appears this i
  16. That's a good bit of why it's designed the way that it is.
  17. I had a chance to play the red hybrid during a recent Adams event with Bernhard Langer. red features a relatively compact design, and a new adjustable sole plate that allows the (2) 2 gram and (1) 25 gram weight to be moved around between the heal, toe, and center of the clubhead. Perhaps noteworthy is that the red hybrid is NOT hosel adjustable. As you can see, it features velocity slot tech on the bottom, and as you probably can't see, ghost slot technology on the crown. So far I really like what I'm seeing, and it's probably going in the bag when the season starts.
  18. Hey guys, I'm just wrapping up a Nike Golf event in NYC where I got a look at the soon to be released Club Collection. The idea is a classically inspired line with a more casual vibe. It's a line designed to be at home on the course, in the clubhouse, and just hanging out. Casual and fun with an easy transition from life to the course and back again. I'll likely have more on it, but here's a few shots to get you started. Come for the shorts, stay for the bucket hats. Heres' the Official Bits from Nike.
  19. Again with the ignorant ramblings... If you're so unhappy with how we run our business, feel free to go elsewhere. Here are some facts: We don't rent launch monitors. We have a partnership with Foresight. However, while our facility is being built, we do need to rent space in order to leverage those launch monitors. We were able to form that partnership, along with the others we have because of the traffic you apparently think we don't have. I know what you're going to say: "nuh-uh, you're not that big". Hard to argue with concrete factual info like that. You really d
  20. I don't think you've actually asked those questions. You've basically ranted about not having answers to questions never asked. Regarding Adam (formerly known as GolfSpy X)...umm...have you ever clicked the "About" link on MyGolfSpy.com. The background is all there, along with the reasons for starting MyGolfSpy. I don't think we've ever made any secret about where the gear comes from. When we do larger club testing (Most Wanted) we send invitations to all the golf companies (I believe we posted the actual invite). For the most part, they provide the product (this is not any big secret).
  21. Hey Guys... You may remember not too long ago I wrote a story suggesting that The Future of Adams Golf Probably Isn't What You Think. As I laid out in that article, TaylorMade-adidas is in the process of re-branding Adams Golf, not so much a brand for old guys and high handicap players, but rather as a no BS brand focused on the RECREATIONAL golfer (TaylorMade's focus will be on the COMPETITIVE Golfer). What that means is a series products designed for a different type of golfer, promoted with a simple message void of hype, hyperbole, and the other BS that typically goes along with
  22. Adding loft closes the face (or closing the face adds loft, if you prefer). Decreasing loft opens the face (or opening the face decreases loft). TMaG's adjustable sole plate was minimally useful. Works for some guys who sole the club at address. If you don't sole the club, it does nothing. Adjustable/movable weights change CG location and invariably that alters launch conditions as well. The impact of that boils down to 3 factors: How much mass is actually being moved? - More mass = greater impact Over what distance is it being moved? - More distance = greater impact How/Where i
  23. We'd love to name the building after you .... I agree...Divots is entitled to his opinion, and I can certainly appreciate a contrarian. That's certainly how a segment of the industry views what we do. The decision to ask our readers for money wasn't one we made hastily, or easily, but our model is different, and the growth we envision is to a large degree reliant on the support we receive from all of you (it's not like we're getting much from inside the industry). Yes, club testing is a large part of what we do (and will become a larger part in the future), but our content has,
  24. Adjustability gone too far. When you get to the 11.5°-12° range the closed face starts to give people fits. As you suggest...damn hard to get the ball in the air when you're hooding it left.
  25. I don't know about re-shafting bit. I've personally talked to about 15 different R&D guys (including guys at every major OEM) on the subject, and they all say the same thing... With robot testing the shaft is irrelevant. Change the flex, change the shaft, put in a steel rod (which is what Wishon does) and nothing changes. Robots don't load, unload, torque, etc. the way humans do. I mean stuff like this I suppose is a great marketing tool, but c'mon...at least level the lofts if you're going to do it this way.
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