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  1. I am Texastee. Member of several golf and photography forums as either that handle or 2tcreative. I am currently a 4.3 GHIN. I am 64 years old and have been playing for 40 years. Self taught and adhere to Hogan's work ethic of digging it out of the dirt. I thoroughly enjoy practicing and testing equipment. I do my own repair work such as re-shafting, re-gripping, spining and flo'ing my shafts, so somewhat familiar with equipment design and construction. I currently play the KBS Tour stiff soft stepped once in my Bridgestone j40 cavity backs, and C-taper regulars in my ATV wedges. I
  2. I use to think the modern wedges were better until I stumbled across a mint Hogan 5808 wedge. The APEX shaft and the head shape and softness are as good or better than alot of the modern wedges. I am testing out a 56* Colonial, a 53*, a 51* and a 6004 now as well. I do think the TVD Vokeys are superior to the retail versions, and the best of all the wedges I have tested (Fourteen v4, Scratch SS forged, Mizuno, Callaway X Forged, Nike VR and several other premier wedges) is the Miura 1957. The turf interaction and versatility from this wedge is outstanding. Soft and solid at the same ti
  3. Wish you had included one of Bobby Grace's putters. I still play with his Amazing Grace mallet and it is consistently better than most I have tried to replace it with. And that includes the Versa two ball and the Cameron GoLo.
  4. New member but an old reader of this forum. Live in the DFW area and play many of the courses in North and East Texas. Love to work on my clubs and plan to do more of this when I retire at the end of the year. Play to a GHIN 4.3 currently and love to practice. Love to hear from some of the others in this area as well.
  5. First time on this board but alot of history on several others and on ebay (2tcreative). Been experimenting with various wedges and these didn't make the cut or have been pushed out of the bag. No trades at this time. All prices include shipping and PP fee. Payment is Paypal only. Shipped to CONUS only. 1. Fourteen MT28 V4 58.08 - Raw and starting to rust. VERY sharp grooves. Has N.S. Pro 950 wedge shaft. Lamkin white cord grip. $80 for this hard to find wedge. 2. Taylormade ATV (retail) 54* - very good condition, great grooves. Shaft
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