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  1. Steve H., Texas 12 hdcp I tried Mobitee but cant remember to tag start and stop plus entering data is a pain.
  2. Outstanding job laddies! Perfect timing my Cobra Amp Cells are no longer being produced so it is time for me to try something new. Would be a twist to go back to the the first club I owned as a new set King Cobras. Steve Texas Graphite regular flex 12.2 hdcp
  3. Congrats to oak, RoverRick & chemclub. I am quite certain you will do us proud.
  4. The long awaited wait is over I have returned. Wife is now healthy all surgeries were sucessful and I have returned to golf more than once a week.

  5. Awesome job to get these for the testing. I play a few times a week so I can dedicate some time to testing and reviewing. First name and home town = Steve Handicap = 12.6 Current irons/shafts = Cobra Amp Cells Custom Fit – yes or no = yes
  6. I'll check out the wendycity site. thanks,
  7. For those that will be there; I wish the sun to shine lightly upon your day, the wind to blow softly upon the course. May ye all ave the merriest round o your lives. Most of all may there be merriment and whisky. Long drives, smart putts, and low scores. I really want to be there but alas things beyond my control have claimed me. As the old saying goes 'Is fheà rr teicheadh math na droch fhuireach.' or Better a good retreat than a bad stand. It it were a bit closer I would try to make a round but I cannot be gone from the home front for more than a couple of hours starting this Thursd
  8. I've not tried that one. What's it like?
  9. Today on a par four my second shot with the 'Cobra AMP Cell' gap wedge stopped about six inches short of the pin. Yes, I made the birdie. Wish I could do that more often.
  10. Sorry to hear you won't be at the Open. Maybe next time. which Bowmore is it?
  11. Course and outdoor fire pit look great. I can't wait, this is going to be fun.
  12. Those sunice shirts aren't cheap. How about some pics?
  13. Oh, that's what the handicap is for? I was thinking it was because I play military golf. Left, Right, Left. ROFL
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