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  2. Wait until a larger one is available that will cover all the green ... wait until darkness and go out and light up the greens. Take photos and then issue them out with the course guide or as a download... nothing like good preparation for the next game
  3. Handicap coming down rapidly, presently 16.7, but only been a member of a club for a month, previously just a nomad golfer. Most of the golfers i play with put me as a 10 or 11 handicap, we will see when comp days arrive! Whilst i may be a bit older than the Puma target audience i come from an off-road motorcycling hobby (like Mr Fowler) and always like to keep up with fashion and wear coloured outfits that present a good appearance and also perform well, even if only playing a practice round. I presently play a combination set of Cobra S3 pro irons and some cleveland cg7's on the longer clubs so the AMP Cells look like a good fit for me. As far as images and putting a few words together, i presently supply images and articles for an off-road motorcycle magazine here in Europe and also produce websites for several bike related companies and riders. Quick image of my latest winnings!! Social golf day prize for best score, longest drive, nearest the pin and according to some the funniest handicap
  4. :-) .. true, i'll give you that one! Wonder which of Rory and Tiger will get to wear the red shirt for this?
  5. Small point... they aren't the top 2 ranked players in the world last i looked... that would be Rory and Luke Donald
  6. I am relatively new to golf and didn't even know "cloned" clubs were available and legal to sell. Perhaps the law is different here in the UK. We always hear about the fakes on ebay etc, but never the availability of cloned clubs. Is there anyone here from the UK that has experienced these products at all... would be nice to get something that performs as the top rated club but without the added expense of paying for tour players and advertising! The European laws on copyright may prevent them being sold here i guess.
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