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  1. Glenn Hough - Mount Pleasant, SC Yes, Izzo Swami 4000 & Garmin S20 Garmin S20
  2. I would be up for the challenge to see if it improves my putting game for sure. Glenn, Mount Pleasant, SC 13 Handicap I use a red dot for allignment Titleist AVX, "Hooey"
  3. I currently use a Swamp GPS where but is not always accurate. Love to try some new technology. Glenn Mount Pleasant, SC
  4. Glenn, South Carolina I use an Izzo Golf Swami 4000+ GPS & on occasion my partner's Bushnell V3 Rangefinder when we play together.
  5. Tier 1: Paul Casey Tier 2: Matt Kuchar Tier 3: Kevin Kisner Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -13 Low Am: +5
  6. * Glenn, South Carolina * 13 Handicap, 88-90 Driver Swing Speed * TaylorMade R15 10.5* * G400 Max 12*
  7. Glenn - South Carolina 33" Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Putter Odyssey O-Works Red 7S Putter
  8. I play about 7 times a month, so, that would translate to 84 times a year. I do practice once a week, but, I guess that does not count....lol. My current Handicap Index is a 12.5 which translates to a 14 handicap at my course. I am currently gaming an Odyssey White Hot Pro V-Line Mallet Putter. I would look forward to the opportunity to try one of the Guerin Rife EVNRoll putters to enhance my game. Thanks for all that you Guys do for the game and us golf consumers. Cheers!
  9. Glenn H, from Mount Pleasant, SC 11 Handicap Taylormade SLDR with a regular Matrix Red Tie Shaft 94 mph Swing Speed
  10. Glenn from South Carolina Handicap : 11 Current Ball : Callaway Chrome Soft Play 8 Rounds a Month
  11. Glenn Hough ---- South Carolina 15 Handicap Somewhere between 55 & 60 Rounds per Year Online
  12. I would be interested if this putter would be better than my Odyssey 2-Ball Blade? Glenn Hough, 31 putts a round, SC. Definitely a slight arc putting stroke. Until maybe the last year, none other than Eldrick "Tiger" Woods. He could will the ball to the hole! Thanks for the opportunity! Cheers!
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