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  1. The only McHenry I am familar with is McHenry Metals.  Founded by Gary Adams after he sold TaylorMade and Founders Club.  Gary died shortly after founding of McHenry Metals and I think they went under shortly thereafter,  They made  Tour Pure woods and Strike Tri-Bounce Wedges.  I have a set of wedges(52,56 and 60) and they are tremendous!  Check out eBay for their product( GolfSpy wouldn't let me share link).


    Gary was  from McHenry, Il (TaylorMade was there until they moved to San Diego) and thus the name McHenry Metals.

  2. I am interested in the lie angle off your plumbers neck. It looks more like 69-68 degrees as opposed to the usual 70. Is it flatter? Is it also adjustable? Thanks





    I agree with Bill. I like an upright putter of 74*. This looks really flat.

  3. is there any possibility for MGS to conduct a golf glove test?


    jst really tired of hearing" ohhh stasoft,sciflex feels so good is lk rubbn ur N*ts on fur"


    just wondering abt the feel and longevity of "smaller guys" like bridgestone, precept,srixon's cabretta "tour" gloves




    These gloves fit me great(Med. Cadet).have good feel and wear well. All this for $4.99--Life is good!!

  4. My name is Mike French and I have been a teaching golf professional since 1974. After spending 34 years in the Milwaukee,WI area,I moved to Erie,PA in the fall of 2008. I have been teaching golf at Scenic Heights GC since then.


    If you have any questions on the golf swing,clubs or rules and course rating please ask. I spent 3 years as Rules Offical and Course Rater for the Wisconsin State Golf Assoc. I measured and rated every course in WI from 1983-86(WI was 2nd state to adopt the USGA slope rating system)

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  5. i cannot agree more with the responses of stevenhw8 and golfspyt. the guy writing the article is downright deluded and also very arrogant. theres nothing dishonorable about buying cheaper clubs. Honma and miura clubs probably would perform terrible in the hands of a bad golfer than a good golfer with a set of king snakes.


    there is no need for such arrogance to look down on people who simply dont buy brand name clubs for what ever reasons that they choose. like golfspy T said a 60 dollar clone performs close to what a 300 club does it is only a matter of preference for people to buy whatever equipment that makes them enjoy the game more.


    and i dont think clone clubs are made to trick people into thinking theyre buyng the same brand name club for a fraction of a price. They look smiliar but they are not sold as the original. IM sure consumers are smarter than that if they can tell the difference between Kellogs cereal and the supermarket budget brand alternative


    I love Great Value Wheat Squares and Great Value Whole Grain Toasted Oats!!!

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