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  1. I have used Eidolon wedges for 4 years and have problem off of hardpan,\\Here is the way the V-sole works: http://www.eidolongolf.com/pages/VSOLE-Patent.html
  2. New concept from Eidolon-- http://www.oobgolf.com/content/the+wedge+guy/5-4911-End_Of_One_Era_Beginning_Another.html
  3. You have it as a rumor on your home page,but I haven't seen anything else about it.
  4. At the bottom of Forum, there is a rumor that Solus is being sold. Does anyone have an update?
  5. Reminds me of a Chico Miartuz Tomahawk Wedge from years ago
  6. For years I have been taking whatever shaft I have in my irons and tip them like 8 irons. I cut to length from butt. I do this for both SW and LW. This gives me a softer feel for these scoring clubs!
  7. Whatever ball the golfers @ Scenic Heights GC slice onto the range while playing the 5th hole!
  8. I rank him right along with Pat Simmons as designer of goofy looking clubs. The PowePodII is tame beside the original PowerPod and the Basakwerd Putter http://www.clubsofdistinction.com/cod/cucput3245.txt
  9. Since the Powereod came out in 1987,I am sure half the members of this forum have never seen one. How about some pics.
  10. Since the Powereod came out in 1987,I am sure half the member of this forumn have never seen one. How about some pics.
  11. These irons are progressive offset: 5) 3.3mm 6) 2.8mm 7) 2.3mm 8) 1.8mm 9) 1.3mm PW) 0.8mm SW) 0.3mm
  12. WEDGE TEST-Eidelon vs Feel vs Solus vs Infiniti vs Scratch
  13. The league is full. Are you starting a 2nd league?
  14. Here is your chance to get a set of "Tour" VAS irons http://cgi.ebay.com/Tour-Issue-CLEVELAND-VAS-IRONS-2-PW-Reduced-Offset-/370447011368?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item56405cce28
  15. It looks like Customgolfstop is using high quality components. Go thru their fitting process and you will be better off than going to a Big Box retailer and buying whatever they happen to have in stock.
  16. Check out this link. Reserve is $150.00 http://cgi.ebay.com/Adams-Idea-Pro-Gold-Iron-Set-Project-X-6-0-4-PW-/190451576023?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item2c57cc6cd7
  17. http://www.golfio.com/golf-equipment/adams-idea-pro-gold-forged-iron-set/51517.htm This is the set I bought this summer. The irons start at 5 iron. 3&4 are hybrids. This worked out great for me,since my swingspeed has dropped over the years( I am 63) and the hybrids work great, I found the whole set for $265.00 on ebay.
  18. Has anyone seen a set of these irons around recently. I bought a set in the early 70's and they were the best looking and performing irons I have had. Please let me know anyone that has a set,
  19. I think that Unique irons should be added to the list.
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