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  1. I love the US Open. Always a challenging course to play from tall rough to hard fairways to undulation greens. This is going to be a tough one for these guys. I'm guessing the winner is going to be around par or over. I can't wait to watch.
  2. Here are the new sticks in my bag. Titleist 915 D2, Titleist 915 H and JPX-850 Forged Irons 5-PW.
  3. Great review JB! I have the Chamber w/ Silencer too and I love it. I bought mine couple years ago when it first came out and it's been awesome. The biggest seller for me was the Silencer. I had just bought new clubs at the time and I wanted a bag that would protect them. I went to my local shop and saw the OGIO Chamber and bought it. No more clubs clanking behind me on the golf cart.
  4. Thank you for the reply's everyone. I've tried the TM Speedblades, SLDR, Mizzy JPX-EZ, EZ Forged, JPX-850 and 850 Forged. I still need to try the Pings. Out of the one's I have tried so far. I like the MIZZY's the best. No surprise since I have Mizzy's now. My favorites were the MP-H5's and MP-54's. The JPX-850 Forged and JPX-800's felt good too. The JPX-850 irons actually have the least amount of bounce. The 4/5/6 irons have -0.5*, 7 iron has 1*, 8 iron has 2*, 9 iron has 3* and the PW has 4'. That's considerably lower at least 2* lower than other irons. My current irons (JPX-800) have higher bounce too. Looks like Mizuno lowered the bounce on the JPX-850 for Pickers for the GI irons. Right now, my top 3 is MP-54, MP-H5's or JPX-850 Forged. And very close behind them is the JPX-850. But, I will continue to try out more irons this week. Thanks again and please keep the suggestions coming.
  5. Westy, Thanks for the reply. I mainly play in dry courses here in So Cal. It's not that I have any problems with my JPX-800's (NON-Pro). I've been thinking of getting a new set for months and I was wondering which irons are better for pickers.
  6. Happy New Year Everyone! I think it's time for a change in the bag. My irons haven't been behaving for me lately, so I'm looking for irons that are more suited for my picker/sweeper swing. I rarely-to-never ever make divots. I currently have the JPX-800 irons in the bag. I'm a mid/high handicapper. I usually shoot in the high 80's to 90's. What irons would you spy's recommend I try out? Also, I have read on forums that a thinner sole is better for a picker than a wider sole. What are your thoughts on that? Thank you in advance Spy's! Krismond30
  7. I went with a Hybrids to replace my fairway woods. I just never found a FW I could hit consistently, so I pulled them out of the bag a couple years ago and went with a 17* hybrid. I'm more confident hitting hybrids than fairway woods. To me hybrids are easier to hit off the turf and rough. My setup right now is the Ping Anser 17* Hybrid and the Adams a12 19* Hybrid.
  8. Ya I hit the RBZ's. To me they just didn't feel as good as the JPX-800's. I just hit the 800's more consistently and hit them a little longer. RBZ's just wasn't for me. I even tried a few different shafts on them. I hit both on the Launch Monitor and compared the results. The JPX was the winner.
  9. Thanks BK. I just got the bag too. It's the OGIO Chamber with the Silencer technology. Keeps your clubs from hitting each other and so far it's doing what it's suppose to do.
  10. Thanks guys! I'm loving these clubs. Wasn't sure if I was going to like the grips because how shiny/glossy looking they are, but I love the feel and tackiness. BK: No dents...yet.
  11. Hey everyone. Here some pics of my new Mizuno JPX-800 Irons, MP-R12 Wedges and JPX-Fli-Hi Hybrid (FREE with purchase of irons). Again, thank you all for all your inputs. I also posted more pics in the WIYB (What's in your Bag) forum under... WITB: Krismond30 Play well!
  12. What's in the Bag. Driver: Nike SQ Machspeed Black Round 10.5* w/ Mitsubishi Fubuki Fairway: Ping G15 4 Wood 17* w/ Ping TFC Hybrid: Mizuno JPX FLI-HI 19* w/ Fujikura Orochi Red Eye Irons: Mizuno JPX-800 (4-9) w/ KBS Tour Wedges: Mizuno JPX-800 (PW 44*, GW 49*) w/ KBS Tour, MP-R12 (54*, 58*) w/DG Spinner Putter: Odyssey White Steel 2-Ball Center-Shafted Grips: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Ball: In the bag right now...Taylormade RocketBallz Bag: OGIO Chamber Shoes: Ecco Golf Street Premier
  13. i20 felt good and long. The A12 didn't feel as good, but just as long though. Any recommendations? I might be in the market for a new 3 Hybrid.
  14. Thanks...I think i made the right decision too. What kind of hybrids are you hitting? I have an old Nike SUMO2, which I replaced with the Mizuno JPX Fli-Hi (which I got FREE when I bought my Mizuno Iron set). I'm not hitting the Fli-Hi to well and I hit my Nike better. Might be putting the Nike back in the bag soon.
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