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  1. Those tough mofos are built to last! Mine is approaching its 10th bday as well and I just don't see the need to replace it yet... except the usual "I just want something new"
  2. Think I've only played the Fubuki alpha and ProForce V2. Really liked them! As a matter of fact, I still have the Fubuki paired with an Adams Speed 12 LS. One of my favorite heads as well.
  3. My guess is @Golfspy_CG2 is putting all his unused gear up for a raffle.
  4. Correction! Happy birthday to all three of you!
  5. Here is the link discussing V3 According to SS, they are on schedule for delivery end of May (that was before the huge COVID19 outbreak, so who knows now) I'm a V1 user, skipped V2 and have preordered V3. What I really like about SS is how they took our feedback from V1, improved V2 and then took more feedback from V2 and (hopefullly) made V3 better... Their customer service is top notch... all my inquiries, corrections, requests have been answered within 1 hour.
  6. I went from S300, KBS Tour, PX 5.5 and now Modus 105 and Nippon is currently my favorite. Sometimes I miss the KBS's kick, but Nippon is smoother and definitely a better trajectory. If I rated them by feel, I would go Nippon, KBS, PX 5.5 and S300.
  7. As a winter alternative, it's perfect. Downside is my fryer only fits 2 steaks. But I'll always prefer the grill outside when the weather allows.
  8. Here it is boneless ribeye in the fryer. Without pre-heating, it was 10 mins 1 200C. Kind of charred on the outside and still bloody tender inside. Without the cleaning.
  9. Congratulations! May we continue benefiting from your wisdom for a long long time!
  10. Work. On the fun side, I bought a trampoline and a piano for the kids. Just set up a chipping net in the backyard and putting in the living room. Catching up on Netflix series I had left somewhere long ago.
  11. Micro cart seems to be EOL indeed. Only 4 wheel they have now is the Pathfinder 4. Accordng to specs, it's about 2kg heavier than the Fastfold and 1kg lighter than Clicgear.
  12. Oh definitely. She carries one sleeve of pink balls that she uses on the putting green and the rest are in my bag. Sometimes their practice goes for about 90mins and instead of sitting there watching I get on the course myself, so she needs to have easy access to her own stuff, including water bottle. She is the youngest one in the group, but all other kids ages 6-12 push a cart as well. I could ask their parents directly, but there is no place more knowledgeable than MGS
  13. It says junior in the description, not sure how small they really are. https://www.all4golf.de/trolleys/kinder-trolleys/fastfold-junior-3-rad-trolley-weiss-7795063
  14. Does anybody have any recommendations for junior push carts? My 5 year old daughter says her bag is too heavy (US Kids with 3 irons, 1 hybrid, 1 driver, 1 putter and a bunch of pink balls) and would like to have a cart. I personally use a Clicgear 3.0, but those are too big for her. Any feedback from golfer parents is welcome! I'm looking at the Fastfold Junior 3 wheel trolley, but wondering if there are better options out there.
  15. Nope, it was too good to be true. My home course just announced they are shutting down as requested by the government.
  16. I voted no for me personally but I'm sure it will be helpful for new members.
  17. Germany has closed down most courses. For some reason, my home course is still open, but only allow twosomes, keeping distance from each other, don't touch the flagstick and don't rake the bunkers. Obviously, club and restaurant has been shut down as well. Junior training units and team practice have been cancelled as well. And I just received my Nippon Modus 115 wedge shafts and got no golf pro available to install them hahaha...
  18. I'll play as long as the courses remain open. My wife's course was shut down as of today, mine is still usable. I'll leave the flagstick in, walking, skipping beers after the round and keep distance from everybody else. Most probably just playing with my wife, so not too hard.
  19. Here is the pic of the sirloin. It's not charred, but it wasn't the pale gray failure I was expecting. It had some crust and with the herbs and butter on top before air frying, it got a nice golden brown. The best thing was not having to wipe the kitchen counter clean after cooking.
  20. Experimented with 2 pieces of sirloin, with butter, coarse salt and pepper. 200C for 10 minutes and it was a little overcooked. Next time I'm doing ribeye for more fatty deliciousness and just 5 mins. The surface was caramelized enough. Would do it again!
  21. Gonna try it this weekend and report back! Thanks guys!
  22. Yes, it does wonders for fries and chicken wings. But when it comes to steak, you find more negative reviews on the net. Perhaps they are just grill snobs who can't accept anything besides coal and real fire.
  23. But if it fails, I wouldn't know if it was the meat or the fryer
  24. I know a lot of spies here like to fire up their grill, smoker and make us drool with their creations. The downside of living in the northern hemisphere is, well... it's still winter... cold and it's been raining for 3 weeks, so no chance to grill outside. Have you guys tried cooking a steak in an air fryer? I think the only downside is you don't get the caramelization/searing that you would normally have on a grill cast iron skillet. But would love to hear if other spies have tried it and if there are any special hints on how to make it even better (besides all the recipes that you can find on Google).
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