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  1. I was THIS close to getting the GLE Coupe this year, but a call to my parents and they reminded me how my brothers and I would eat in my dad's new car, getting on with sandy/muddy shoes so the car had to be cleaned every week. So my dad asked me: do you want to invest the time to keep the car looking like new or do you want want to have an argument with your 3 and 6 year old kids every time they make a mess? The answer was neither, so the purchase was postponed
  2. I guess the CX5 won't meet your needs either. My wife has been driving one since 2013 and it works great. We have 2 child seats installed so we never flatten the 2nd row. If I take out the drivers, I can fit 2 cart bags + 2 Clicgears + 2 junior carry bags. But now that I think about it, if I take out all drives, I could probably for 4 cart bags? Lol
  3. In that case, we are on the same boat. She won't disapprove, but she'll make fun of me in tons of different ways (your ugly swing, it's the indian, not the arrow, etc.) Whenever I offer to upgrade her gear, she's like what for? I can beat you with these old clubs.
  4. Hmmm I don't have these kind of issues... we both buy whatever we want don't hate!
  5. I only love the raw stuff and I do try to avoid sushi buffets and such... best experience is sitting at the bar and have the chef prepare every bite in front of you.
  6. Reality check yesterday. Last competitive round of the season. Weather was s***. Winds up to 40km/h, rain and temps around 8C. Too cold to even warm up, my back was stiff, couldn't turn properly and couldn't even break 100. I guess I can't expect to score low 80s, high 70s all the time
  7. I put one into play and it did feel heavier on contact. Can't say much about spin and distance as the course was wet.
  8. Same for me. 3 good balls lost and I'll switch to cheaper stuff.
  9. If you use the disc on a real green then it's more realistic. The gate, mirror and target are good aids, but the mat screwed with my tempo big time. I think I described it in my review.
  10. You know that saying doesn't work here
  11. I used to purchase Android flagships as well, until I realized... I only use the phone for messaging and calling... don't even play games anymore. My current phone is the motorola ONE... gets constant OS updates and needs what I need without issues... price tag was about $150 without a mobile plan... with that price tag, I won't feel bad if I have to replace it after 1-2 years. You might notice some lag when surfing badly written websites (with tons of pop-ups, high-res photos, etc...), but I can live with it.
  12. The last club in my bag without a fitting is the 3W... but it works so well... do I want to risk it?
  13. That's truly awesome from your part. I was about to say, getting 2 sets takes club ho'ing to a whole new level
  14. I think for me it would be a headcover as well... I mean, you can put a $1 sock on it and it works, but nooo... have to get it custom made for big big $$$ My next excessive purchase might be an electric push cart out of titanium, weighing only 5kg including battery... for about EUR 2300... if I can get grandparents to come babysit next year, I'll go ahead with the purchase, otherwise will get a flat rate for carts so I can take my kids with me every round.
  15. Like where this is going! Had more time to practice and taking regular lessons with my pro definitely helped. Shot my personal best this year, during a few competitive rounds I was able to avoid blow-up holes, lowered my handicap 3 weeks in a row. Played a competitive round yesterday from the tips, I felt I played like s***, but the results showed I was just 2 strokes over my handicap. My wife on the other hand she started the season playing off 11 and I think she has shot over 100 2 months in a row...
  16. This is a long shot due to my location, so it's probably not attractive for US residents, but maybe someone near by Germany For sale is a pair of ladies FJ Sport BOA Size US 9M Price EUR 70 + shipping
  17. That means with new sticks working for you, you'll be shooting under par every round from now on?
  18. Credit where credit is due. I really don't like this guy and was rootingn for Wolff, but you gotta admire Bryson's work ethic... hitting balls after 8pm after 3 tournament days... how bad do you want it? Don't think you see many tour players doing that... Congratz, well played!
  19. With the disclaimer out of the way and without looking at your video... I can tell you that my issue was caused by swinging with my arms only... coming in over the top. After forcing myself to turn my waist and shoulders on the backswing, it became easier to swing inside-out and the pulls disappeared.
  20. I really don't know what AAA titles will be releasing... last console I properly use was the PS2... PS3 and PS4 were there but only played when friends/brothers were around (NBA Live, FIFA, etc...) I don't think I ever finished The Last of Us either... With 2 kids and golf and a gaming PC... doubt I'll have enough time for a console.
  21. Easily 300y drives. I can avoid 3putting with my own skills, but I can't hit those monster drives.
  22. Splitting the fitting makes sense if you are doing the whole bag (irons, woods, wedges, putter) as that could take 3-4 hours. Unless you are in great physical condition and can keep swinging fine afterwards. But it is definitely a great investment if you are going all-in with golf. Knowing that there is nothing wrong with the clubs is a confidence booster and allows you to focus on the other variables. Good luck and let us know how what you end up getting!
  23. Not a fan of Winn, since all their spongy grips wear out too soon. MCC+4 are great as no upcharge option when buying a new set, but I probably wouldn't pick them to regrip a set, since they are pretty expensive. Just tried the Lamkin Crossline for the first time on my Cobra SZ driver and I like it. These might be my next choice to regrip.
  24. +1 for a fitting Since we don't know much about your wife, it's hard to make any recommendations. Is she a total beginner that needs help to get the ball airborne, what's her SS, etc... If she's tall and athletic, she might even benefit more from a men's set with a stiffer shaft.
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