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  1. Best record was 2 rounds with 1 ball... but normally I lose them befor they are scuffed
  2. Wait... I thought the 80% rule was just to avoid the having the battery sitting at full charge for too long? I didn't know from 80% to 100% consumes more electricity. That's good to know... I'll change the setting to 80% then. My daily drive is 16km round trip to work. Until now, my yearly electricity bill was about $1300. With the whole war thing going on, it's expected to jump all the way to $3000-4000 and now winter without sun... it's gonna hurt.
  3. Enjoy the ride! I'm enjoying the whole electrified experience and certainly don't want to go back to gas anymore... but I'll have to charge through winter to be sure...
  4. That's surprinsingly green and lush! Courses in Germany have been so dry this summer... I can drive it 400 yards now
  5. One can only make up so many new topics and when you've been here long enough, a lot of the questions asked tend to repeat themselves a couple of years later... That's why a lot of golf unrelated topics are the ones who are kept alive, for example "Cooking" (I love that thread lol) Equipment tests would also go along those lines... cause it's new stuff and as equipment junkies that's the one thing all of us look forward to every season.
  6. Love the engraving and goodies thrown in! Hit them well and keep us updated!
  7. Kanoito


    Garlic parmesan edame sounds like a winner... have to try it next time!
  8. Kanoito


    You bet! It was a different menu every single day for 4 straight weeks... Here a couple of snapshots (might be too exotic for some ) Top one is Asian style: Taiwan sausage with garlic, soy braised tofu with fish, soy braised pork, spring onion chicken, veggies, those things in leaves are sticky rice meat dumplings (kind of like a tamal) and forgot what kind of soup that was. Bottom one is more Latino: fried chicharrones with yuca and tortillas and salad... some lobster on the side...
  9. Kanoito


    After spending 1 month in Costa Rica and having my mom cooking a feast on a daily basis + alcohol... my blood pressure is kind of high now, so back to eating healthy No breakfast for me, have a banana, oatmeal, berries smoothie for lunch and try to eat a small portion of dinner. This thread is killing me...
  10. 411 yard, dogleg left Teeshot was hooked into the woods right before the corner. Red stakes so I took a drop. Grabbed my 4i, hit another low hook for about 190-200 yards, avoiding all trees on the way and saw it land about 3m from the pin... 1 putt to save par... one of the best 4i I've ever hit!
  11. Kanoito


    Made chili oil out of 2kg chili and 1kg garlic...
  12. My wife had the same concerns about a full EV, and she is the one who chauffers the kids every day, so she got the GLE Coupe Hybrid. If you consider the BMW X5, might take a look at Benz... I liked it more. Speaking of which, just picked up my Q4 etron on Monday and I'm loving the acceleration. Not a fan of the robot in space ship sound effects though.
  13. I wonder if it's really 1 drop that caused the damage...
  14. you should be sorry! Come on... this forum wouldn't be half the place it is today without the hard work of you mods... so thank you for that, you did your best and if HQ won't listen... well... things will take its natural course...
  15. What was your game before the 10 year hiatus and what was the old set you sold? That might give a reference...
  16. Excellent! That gives us all some hope! Just need to put in the effort and time! Some people are just that gifted... remember the male club champion in my old club... teenager who used to play tennis... picked up golf and within 10 months he was a +0.2
  17. My bad, it's not courseS, but only 1 that I know of. They are very traditionalist... think Augusta... need a donation of around 50K to have a chance for membership, dress code is strictly enforced, etc... one time a friend of mine played a guest/host there and he was asked to change his polo shirt because it was too Hawaiian style??? His polo was tucked in his khaki pants, had sleeves and a collar... but they didn't like the print... When he asked about why no LRF are allowed, they just said they would like to keep traditions alive... yeah I know... I guess if you are rich, you can do anything crazy...
  18. Hmmm on my dark hats I can see white stains (salt from the sweat) on the forehead. If you are sweating that much, I think it's just more hygienic to do a quick wash... I just grab them by the bill, tunk them 5 times in soapy water, rinse and hang. Takes 3 minutes max. And with such temperatures, they'll be dry by the following day.
  19. Believe it or not, we still have courses that won't allow the use of LRF and that was the day I forgot my GPS watch... I feel ya... our media converter for fiber died and no internet for 4 days as well. Nothing worked!!! Alarm was offline, smart home was offline, cameras were offline, etc... I was glad I could at least open the blinds and turn on the lights lol
  20. Go for it! Stupid is good, stupid keeps us together...
  21. I had this issue a couple of weeks ago... I teed off early in the morning, it was foggy as hell, so LRF didn't work... and I didn't have my GPS watch with me. I was playing 9 holes with my daughter and I just asked her to count her steps to the green and come back... a human range finder I think dependency on technology isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just convenience and time-saving. But everybody should learn the "old way" in case of emergency...
  22. Kanoito


    LOL but at least have to get rid of the carbonized gunk... can't be too healthy to have that mixed in your meat...
  23. Amen to that! On the other hand, I liked Ancer and certainly hope Morikawa doesn't jump ship...
  24. Those drivers made me want to watch Top Gun Maverick again I also prefer matte finishes (both irons and woods) now... And... hopefully they suit me better, cause the TSi were way too short for me (compared to the Cobra I'm bagging).
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