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  1. I have the CG Last Bag for a year and a half and can't say enough about Club Glove products. Prior to the Last Bag, I had a Burstproof which served me faithfully for over eight years, making 6-8 trips per year. For short trips, I'd throw all my clothes, shoes and toiletry into the clubglove and have only a single check-in. I guess it's a bit of a gamble placing all my eggs in one basket but fortunately, only a single eight out delay once before the airline delivered my bag to my destination. I opted for the Last Bag when the wheel finally brook on my burstproof as I wanted to increase the
  2. Spoke to the seller by phone today. I expressed some concern as to the authenticity of this putter due to the opinions of others. He was really cool about it, saying that while he has every reason to believe the putter is real, but he wants me to be happy and would refund me the money in full when I returned from my trip if I didn't feel it certain about it.
  3. LaMont, here are some additional photos.
  4. Oh wow! I'd have hoped I wasn't wrong and duped on this purchase, but readily admit that I could have been. Bought this second hand on a private deal. I'm usually very good about ensuring that I don't get caught with my pants down - so to speak - when it comes to copies/counterfeits of golf equipment. (And in fact, this is even more embarrassing given that I was offering lots of opinions on another thread regarding the counterfeits and copies that are readily available here in Asia.) But in all honesty, I really thought I was getting the real deal here. I'll try to take another photo to
  5. Thanks! Will check on the lie. During my first round with the putter and I've noticed a slight directional improvement. It was more difficult to say whether there was an improvement in distance control as there was a heavy rain prior to the round.
  6. Hi golfluvzm, I agree that the flash used in the previous photos may have made some of the welded seams seem a little off. I think that if you could see the putter in person, you would be able to tell that the neck is in fact welded. I'll try and take another photo in better lighting without using flash. Thanks for your comment.
  7. Just acquired this Hiro MG-05 in pristine condition. All of my putters are in the 34-35" range. The MG-05 is milled from soft steel and has a relatively heavy head. Taking advantage of that, I had it cut to 33" and re-gripped. My putting has been inconsistent the past year and I wanted to see if a shorter putter might change my fortune. Oh, btw, I stole this for $155.
  8. Great article. Thanks for posting it Jamo. I was just going through the same driver length consideration myself just this past weekend. I have been playing most of my drivers around 44.5 - 45" recently over the past few years. However, when the shaft in my 909D3 broke last week, I brought it to the clubmaker on Sunday and instructed him to reshaft it at 44.25". My thinking in going with the slightly shorter length is to see if I would gain a little bit more in accuracy. Of course, a 1/4" difference may not be substantial when you compare it to a 44" v. 45.5" test this article talks about
  9. Well, I'd be interested to see whether the V1 actually took a dip in sales when they changed to the 'new' V1 produced to conform with the previous ruling. There undoubtedly will have been expenses incurred in researching and implementing changes to the production process of the 'new', but my guess is that Titleist would be hard pressed to show that it a suffered substantial loss in sales in the V1 as a result of having to roll out a version conforming to the previous judgment.
  10. One way to increase the speed of play might be to tie additional FedEx points to each player with more given to those who are at the top of the list (ie., fastest in terms of play). So let's say the list contains two hundred players on the Tour. You could give 150 to the fastest player and reduce on point to each subsequent player until the player ranked 150 would get one point. After that, you could dock points starting at -1 point for the 151st fastest.
  11. This morning (in Asia) I was reading the impressions of a few pros who were playing practice rounds with him. Both John Cook and Ian Poulter were saying that Tiger's ball striking and, in particular, his driving, was impressive and hitting it farther than ever. From these accounts, I don't think his ball striking has suffered from the lay off. He probably has the technical part of his swing down pat. What would prevent him from contending, if it happens, would be how he's affected mentally.
  12. Nice! Did you hear the announcer -- 4 HIO in the same round! That's got to be an even more impressive stat.
  13. In the order of frequency of orders: TGW Golfsmith Ebay I've also made a single golf-related purchase at Discount Dan's and My Ostrich golf.
  14. In full agreement. When I watched the two interviews replay back to back, I thought I was watching the same one, except the GC interview kept panning to KT. I've read both supportive and negative reactions to his interviews today. Personally, I think he's trying in his own careful way to make amends, but then again, I've always subscribed to the approach of over-forgiveness, if there is such a thing. On a professional level - for Tiger, not me - I'm hoping he makes a quick comeback to competitive golf. Regardless of whether you're a fan of his nor not, you'd have to agree that he usually
  15. I think Cobra is capable of putting out some really good irons. I had a set of SS Forged which I personally feel is not only one of the prettiest Irons with its understated elegance, but it also performed exceedingly well. This was one of two iron models that I most regret selling. (The other model I recently bought back).
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