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  1. Ok great - yes I don't need neon, just something very yellow - so I guess that I'll try the Golden Yellow color. Thanks
  2. What color Rit dye did you use? I want to give this a try and dont know whether I should get yellow (golden or lemon) or orange (sunshine or tangerine) - I am wanting to dye some provs like the darker ball on the right for a pal of mine!
  3. THE LINK links back to this page?
  4. Maybe they should have a reality TV show that follows everone of these morons around at work for a week to make sure they don't steel any paperclips from the office. Oh sorry I forgot - they don't have a job....
  5. Signed up too $97 seems very reasonable for the service anyway compared with other offers I have seen - nice looking site too!
  6. As in "Me lurve you Long Tom" perhaps? Bizarre!
  7. I have a Galvin Jacket (plus a few other non waterproof items like trousers etc) and I have to say the quality is exceptionally good, the GoreTex is, obviously, perfectly watertight and the attention to detail superb. That having been said I also have an Aqaulite suit from ProQuip that I bought from The Carlisle Golf Centre which is superb - light, quiet and breathable - and I could have bought three full suits for the same price as a Galvin Jacket! All in all, if you are playing in really bad weather all the time in the winter, the GG is the absolute business - but I recommend checking out the ProQuip first (also I believe they are based in Scotland, although I think they have just been bought by Edinburgh Woolen Mills. Its the same manufacturer that helped the US Ryder Cup team out when their Sun Mountain suits didn't make the grade (allegedly!) Hope that helps.
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