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  1. Work on the retail sales side and order custom clubs every week, always love it when the customer gets upset that the expected delivery time is 4-6 weeks or more and their reaction is to "go somewhere else to get them sooner!" Good Luck! Let me know how that worked out for you....
  2. I love to play these pools, but also love to finish soooo close to the bottom in them!!
  3. 1. Been playing just over 50 years now. Come a long ways from the cut down wooden shafted clubs from Grandpa's basement! 2. I say my handicap is between my ears, but currently play to a 7. 3. I love that the 'same' course is never the same. Even when you play it the same day, the wind is different, the sun, the grass has grown, etc. Still gotta put the ball in the hole! 4. A co-worker mentioned it several years ago, just really decided to join in more now. 5. Midwest - Kansas City last 30 years. Play mostly public courses, but had a job where I could play most private clubs for about 10 years. Falcon Lakes or Paradise Point are where I play most rounds lately. 6. Best things: lots of choices on where to play. Worst thing: I used to walk a lot, but most courses require a cart. I get the reasons, just miss the stroll down a fairway at sunset. 7. Retail manager for a pretty good national chain. 8. User name first came up in Fantasy Football, was then working in golf area and wanted to have a little fun with the name.
  4. My tie breaker is 59 points. 31 - 28 final score, unfortunately the Pats will sneak it out, again.
  5. Steve / Missouri Diablo Tour 9.5 / V2 stiff 98-105 mph / 9 HNCP 9.5 / Tencai Blue stiff
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