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  1. u think someone at his level would have that figured out easily know there is a lag with trying things but....u would think TM would have that dialed in for him
  2. finish goes more than likely no lefties ughh not really dont know alefty who likes indigo lol
  3. im going with number 2 kinda genius really @@@@@@@@ just like rotating tires !!!!!!!! makes perfect sense!@@!!
  4. i like the blue the lines arent bad at all i agree with the nike statement those were a big distraction but these are ok at least pic wise to my eye, i just dont liek the face on adams drivers alot of people love them though
  5. not a fan of any cavity back wedge at all it is minimal though but not a fan
  6. again the white is not for everyone i tried a few in store of course and just couldnt wrap my eyes or wallet around it@@@@@@@@ and the lefty issue is still alive and kicking i see
  7. well better than blue balls i guess with all these colors reminds me of putt putt golf and choosing which ball u want to go with ill stick with white!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. thats not to bad a deal a bucks less than is here right now i think they are 90 soft is right with the first review to soft for me
  9. not a fan of the alignment aid on top of the drivers and woods from titleist at all, nothing in particular really just never have liked them, anyone else feel this way
  10. ugly to a degree but good idea seems like it need a better handle for rolling
  11. Read my set make up i think longer hitter off the tee above 250-280 average for the amateur should have driver high launch at least 10.5, 4W, 3 hybrid, 4-pw, 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges but ur question sounds like u have a gap in ur set hit ur 4 iron for average and test some 3 hybrid for the step up get that, then check for a new 3w/4w for the next move up same for the wedges get ur PW test some 50-52 wedges for the next desired and so one down i have seen good amateur with pw (47) to a 50 52 and 56 cuz of what they are wanting to hit full and how good short game player u r with
  12. looks like a tortures device or a cow slaughterign tool ? it slooks mean as hell!!!!!!!!!
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