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  1. After reading this review I just bought several of these Ping gloves online from PGA Superstore for $8.99 per ($24 reg) plus $4.95 shipping….quite a deal. Must have quickly sold out because they are no longer listed. I received them today and tried them on. While the leather feels and looks top grade, they are the first glove I've tried that doesn't fit quite right. Been playing over 40 years and pretty much have tried and use every glove out there (except Ping, because of price). I take a ML and while the finger length is fine, this Ping glove doesn't totally wrap around the back of my hand like it should, only covers about half the velcro. So the fingers would be too long in a L but the ML is a little too small. Still wearable but seems to be a weird fit. Before buying, I highly suggest trying on first, especially if you plan on paying normal price. I also bought four MG Dynagrip Elites a couple weeks ago for $6.99 per and they fit and feel great.
  2. HDCp....8 State....PA SS....95 Carry....210 Either the F7 or F7+ As indicated, have been playing the FLYZ+ and very satisfied.
  3. I play 50-60X yearly and have a 8.3 hdcp index. Have been playing with the same Sonartec 2.5SS fairway for probably 10 years.....only fairway wood in bag along with two Adams Idea pro rescues. I've attended every demo day at my club for the past several years and haven't found anything that can knock this 10 year old Sonartec out of my bag. It is 17 degree with a stiff oem Fujikura Tour Platform series shaft....plays more like a 3 wood. Love to give the Cobra a try.
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