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  2. Understand this is a old thread. Has anyone ever hit or tested Renegar wedges? And any opinions? I have searched around the reviews and forums but cannot find any info.
  3. I would like to find a bag with 14 full length dividers. While I always ride in a cart, it would be nice to have a bag with "stand" capabilty when practicing, but not @ $250.00+. I will be anticapating more great reviews.
  4. Assumed the V sole, just confusing for me, I would read the opposite way, with the "lead bounce" being the smaller number. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Can anyone explain "lead bounce" and "primary bounce" on Scor wedges? Acording to their web site, on a 57* wedge, the specs give a "lead bounce" of 30* and a "primary bounce" of 7*. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. Nice write up JR. I just got a new set of Cobra Amp cell irons. Not ready to give up on the PW and Gap wedge just yet. (I actually like them so far.) And to replace them at $135.00 a club, a little too steep for me.But I c an see from the reveiws I may be wanting add one or two in the future.
  7. I have looking for a replacement set of irons for my 1978 WIlson Staff blades. At age 64, and a tender back, they were a little too hard to hit, lol. After reading the reviews here, I just got myself a new set of Cobra Amp Cell irons, grpahite shafts, stiff flex, 4-gw. First impressions on hitting them was simply WOW!. About a club a half longer (half club when adjusting for the stronger lofts). But the ease of the swing was what was really nice. Felt like I was barely swinging them. Ball flight was high with a slight draw. Very predictable throughout the set. Some difficulty with the 4 and 5 iron as some others have expereinced. But after a brief rest on a hot day and a few sips of cold beer, a little lighter grip and both were flying high with a slight draw. The feel of these irons was much better than I expected. If I can keep my tempo and not overswing, these irons I believe will perform well. Time will tell. And the distances will take some adjustments. But thanks to the reviewers here, I never would have considered these irons without all of your excellent reviews. Thanks
  8. Just got a new set of Cobra Amp Cell irons, graphite, stiff. I've also had a big interest in the Score wedges for awhile. Can't wait to read your review.
  9. Been looking for in depth reviews of these wedges. Can't wait to see what you lucky folks think. I need all thew help I can get. Good luck and have fun!
  10. SMRT: Great going! The new Cobras must be indeed working good. After reading these reviews I'm saving my money also for a set with graphite. Continued Good luck!
  11. Welcome from sizzling hot south Texas !
  12. Highlander, I am sure you are right. I really liked the feel of the graphite shafts. But...... I will try the steel just to be sure, lol.
  13. Thanks for the review Highlander! Great job. I have been waiting for your review with the graphite shafts. I hit a few of these at a local retail outlet recently and loved them. I have been hoping your review would confirm my first impression. I am now off to try the steel shafts also, just to see. Again, great job.
  14. Hckymeyer: Thanks for the info, I will be looking for his review.
  15. Don't know if I missed it or not. Has anyone tested or hit these new Cobra AMP irons with the graphite shafts and their opinion? Let us all know when you can. I really like the looks of these clubs but am not a big fan of the jacked up lofts, but might be persuaded Or back to square one and see about the Adams cb3 with graphite stiff shafts. Thanks
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