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  1. I agree with @revkev A good instructor, alignment sticks and a launch monitor. In addition to those, I've had good success with the Tour Striker Planemate and Smartball and a golf club for stretching to increase flexibility and ability to turn.
  2. @OHgolfer2Nice post! What do you think is the reason for the extra 15-20 yards? Is it better contact or higher clubhead . speed? and assuming the OH in your handle means Ohio? If you are interested, there is a strong Ohio group on here. Regular outings etc. @Lacassem@Getoffmylawn Are you having any challenges integrating each separate movement into one smooth swing? Did you have any problems with the relax portion, especially in protocol 3?
  3. Is the Planemate beginning to run it's course? This had a lot of discussion here and around the interwebs and a lot of discussion on social media for about 18 months. I noticed there doesn't seem to be much buzz around this online anymore.
  4. Sure! Sounds fun I think we're going to need to start an Ohio Golfer - Florida Gulf Coast chapter
  5. We also head to Florida for the winter. We're a little south of Ft. Myers in Bonita Springs. If you'd be willing to let an old hacker join, I'd love to play if possible.
  6. Nice 2nd Protocol review! Do you think the clubhead speed variances between the different weight clubs was more due to your move and the weather? I was a little surprised the different clubs didn't increase at the same rates over time. @tony@CIC
  7. Have you incorporated that feel in your on course swing? If so, have you noticed any difference in ball striking or length you hit clubs doing that?
  8. Good review. It's well thought out and easy to follow. You have clearly become a Raving Fan! How long did it take you to stop losing shots to the right? What did you do to fix it?
  9. I haven't been posting my results mainly because I'm still in the intro protocol for another two weeks and because I'm really more interested in what others have to say. I'm only five weeks in and I took a week off when my back was in some pain. I just want to share that I'm a senior in my late 60s and I've lost a lot of speed in the last several years. In July, I checked my clubhead speed with my driver and it was 75-79 mph. I even took out an old Callaway Razr Hawk driver that is my wife's old driver and only swung it at 78-79 mph! I looked at my old data from 2016 and found my 9 iron was 78-79 mph at that time. I got the Super Speed system and a Swing Speed Radar. I had a hard time the first session getting the GREEN club to 80 mph. Now five weeks in, I have the yellow and green club hitting 101-102 and the blue club going 99-100. I checked my Ping G30 and am swinging it around 89-91 mph. That's easily 10 mph +. Like so many have said, I find this system works, even for old guys.
  10. Well written review @MaxEntropy , Thank you for posting it. You hit on something at the end that I was just thinking about. I used to have a lot of lower back pain and I thought it was exacerbated by practicing. Once I started on Super Speed a month ago, my lower back pain has disappeared, just like you mentioned in your review. Oh and while I'm just in the intro protocol I've gained more than I expected when I do the workout.
  11. That's interesting. I think I'm gaining a little off the tee, but I can't be sure. Columbus has been in a dry spell for a while and the ball is running in the fairway. My instructor mentioned he thought my clubhead speed is higher in a lesson when I was hitting a 6 iron. I think my carries haven't changed much. Time to get on the Flightscope I guess.
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