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  1. After many years of living happily ever after, Cinderella is now old. The prince has passed, the servants have left, and she sits alone with only her cat for company. Suddenly there was a flash, and a woman appeared. Cinderella immediately recognized that it was her fiary godmother! "My dear, I've some to check up on you! How did it all work out with the prince?" Cinderella told her, "Oh, it was a wonderful life! The prince was a fabulous and loving husband, and life was awesome." The fairy godmother replied, "But you seem sad now." "Well, the prince is gone, and while he was a great spouse, he was a lousy financial planner, and now I'm old and quite poor. I live alone with only my cat, and I can't even feed him properly." The fairy godmother answered, Ah, but you were kind and generous to others, so I have the power to give you three new wishes. What would you like?" Cinderella was gobsmacked! "Well, could you make me rich again?" With a flash, the room was filled floor to ceiling with gold. "Oh my goodness, such a treasure! But I'm an old lady, I can't spend this. Could you also make me young again?" With another flash, Cinderella was transformed back into her young prime, slim and gorgeous. Now that she was young again, she realized she was feeling things she hadn't felt in a while, and said she'd like the prince back. "Oh no, my dear, I can't raise the dead! You have to wish for something else." Cinderella thought about it, and looked down at her cat, and said, "Ginger has always been my loving companion. Can you turn my cat into a man?" With another flash the cat was transformed into an extremely handsome fine specimen of a man. At that the fairy godmother said, "Enjoy your new life, I an off!", and disapearred as quickly as she had come. Cinderella blinked the bright flashes out of her eyes, and gazed at her new beau. He leaned over with wide eyes, and whispered in her ear, "Now I bet you wish you hadn't cut my nuts off!"
  2. Siamese Moose

    Siamese Moose

  3. I like a soft grip (arthritis), so I was interested in what Golf Pride advertised as their softest grip ever. Golf Galaxy didn't have them mounted to really feel what they were like, but I took a chance and bought a set. I have a few left if you want them. I really don't like them! Surprisingly, my new favorite is Super Stroke traxion.
  4. All of Phil's sponsors have already cut ties with him, although the Callaway deal is "on hold", not yet cut.
  5. Wow, those team logos are really amateurish! I'd bet every single one of them violates the trademark of some minor league baseball team, though "Hy Flyers" might have come from Harry Potter.
  6. I'm also in the "long putts in, short putts out" camp. A lot of the time, approaching 50%, the stick does not look straight to me. Maybe it's loose in the cup, or the cup isn't cut straight, or it's just my weak eyes, but it messes with my head. My brain gets in my way often enough anyway, I don't need any more reasons for doubt.
  7. It's not that long ago that Golfworks used to sell a full range of decals in their refinishing supplies. It's probably worth an email to their customer support to ask for help.
  8. At this point, I don't want any more close calls. If it's not going in, don't ********* tease me. I lipped a 9 iron out tonight from 142. I think there were too many witnesses. My most spectacular shots have been when playing alone.
  9. I did not know that Dana had passed, I am extremely sorry to hear that. I visited him four times, and beyond clubs, he made a big difference in my game.
  10. I have never had a hole in one, but I have three albatrosses (there are a great many trolls on the internet who call me a liar, especially when I tell them that I would trade all three for a hole in one). Two of my albatrosses, I was playing alone, although one was witnessed by one of the grounds staff. The other (the first) was witnessed by a trio of older guys who I never saw again.
  11. The PGA Tour has some kind of agreement with the DP Tour (Monahan is on the DP Tour board) that includes financial support. Since there is a DP Tour event this week, it's not unprecedented nor unexpected (to me, at least) that exemptions be denied.
  12. The first time I got fit for a putter (2007, I think) the fitter (Dana Upshaw) proved to me that I wasn't pulling putts, I was hooking them. The conventional wisdon was that you couldn't put enough side spin on the ball with a putter, but the camera doesn't lie. My new putter ended up 4° flatter.
  13. I still don't want you to reschedule because of me. I don't have a weekend spot available until June 18-19. That's Fathers Day, so some of you might get greater dispensation from SWMBO.
  14. I can't do that weekend, so don't postpone for me!
  15. I was ready to commit, and my wife got covid. I'm testing negative, but I'm still a close contact, and I won't be out of quarantine in time. Damn! I'll just have to put something together in SW Ohio. Have a great day gentlemen!
  16. That post was almost a month ago, and I took delivery about 10 days ago. My range had it in stock in a longer length, and cut and bent it to my spec (Mizuno won't customize putters! WTF!), and even repainted the alignment line from black (too dark for me on this blue model) to white. The original grip couldn't be saved. ("This ultralight grip is just soaking up the solvent." Apparently the interior is porous.) That's no real loss, as I had them put on my preferred Lamkin midsize pistol grip. I'm still evaluating what weights I want to use. I'm used to a quite heavy putter, and thought I might use the 13g weights, but to my surprise it's between the 3 and 8g weights now. I'll probably stick with the 8, but I want to try it on a different green before I make a final decision.
  17. I have continuing issues at L4-5. In my case, I felt it pop when I simply leaned back to finish a drink while standing. It dropped me to my knees, and the next six weeks were agonizing. I had an epidural about three weeks in (and I had to short circuit the insurance company to get that), and that let me sleep a bit (I had been averaging 2 hours of sleep per day beforehand). I was on cutches for that time, as I lost most control of my left leg. I had a hemilaminectomy at about six weeks, and I walked out damn near perfect. I was cleared for full activity right away. My issue is caused by arthritis of the spine, and I have had an additional epidural since (last December), and that doctor says he expects me back every 4-5 years for the rest of my life. I am aggressive on my back and core therapy (3x per week, about 20 minutes each session). I am generally pain free, but sitting for long periods gets to me (my recent flare up was after driving 8 hours). I am extremely active, and the doctors think that is a big factor in how well I've responded (I'm 62, btw). FWIW, since the surgery my handicap has dropped from 11.5 to 5.2, so you got that to look forward to! Good luck!
  18. I bought one in blue last week, and they have a black one in stock waiting for you to try it. Of course, you have to come to Cincinnati.
  19. Siamese Moose

    Maxfli Tour

    Dick's also owns Golfworks. They don't have the same deals, usually.
  20. I got fitted for, and took possession of, a Mizuno OMOI #3 putter today. It has a weight kit. Obviously I will practice with it with different weights in it, and dial in a set I will use the most. The majority of the greens I play are pretty slow (my username in a different age was "My Greens Stimp At 2"), so I suspect it will normally be pretty heavy. However, some of my rounds will be traveling (I leave for MB on Tuesday), and I expect some fast greens. Do you change weights for this situation, or am I better off with "use what you brung"? If you make changes, how do you decide? Do you actually test? How long does that take? Can I do it before a round at the practice green? Do you just go with "the experts say use lighter weights for fast greens", and adjust accordingly? Weather permitting, I'll play in my league tomorrow and get some real play with it, but those greens are usually around 6-7, and I don't think anything in my MB rotation will be that slow. If you have any experience with this, I would greatly appreciate hearing about it!
  21. I'm still a possible, but I probably can't commit until the last minute. If you end up with an odd number I might be able to jump in late.
  22. I like to change shoes between rounds, including socks. If you can, I make a total change in clothes. Note: this is in addition to the previous comments. They're all spot on. Hydration has been rightfully emphasized, but I'll add to eat constantly. Like, nibble every hole. If it's hot, I find cold grapes are awesome.
  23. First day of my league this year. At least it's supposed to be dry and 50° by the time we start.
  24. I have been fitted for an OMOI #1, but haven't yet pulled the trigger. I'm playing with it on the practice green when I go to the range for a couple more times before I decide. (My fitter says my current La Jolla still fits me extremely well, but it's VERY heavy, and I struggle with distance control on faster greens.) In the few times I've rolled it outside I am very pleased with the improvement in distance on longer lags. Considering that the demo club they have is too long and 5° too upright it's surprisingly good on direction for me. The alignment aid is almost exactly the same as my current putter, so I'm fine with it. I considered the blue finish, but with the alignment aid in black there isn't enough contrast for my eyes, and I think changing it to white would look awful, so it will be silver for me if I do it. I didn't notice any issue with the grip. It's an ultralight grip (as well as an ultralight shaft) that apparently is important to the weight balance of the putter. I don't like the feel of light grips for swing clubs, but it doesn't bother me on the putter, and I like the size and shape of the grip.
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