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  1. Agent Mike

    Agent Mike

  2. Happy May everyone! Thought I’d drop in and collaborate in 2019, as I’ve officially became a tinkerer. My first project this year is to play with my driver I just picked up. The Cobra King F9 45.5 with the Atmos Tour Spec Black 7 X-Stiff, 9 Degree Avalanche. Hit some long fades at the range with the 14g weight forward and 2g back, and was pretty happy with what I saw. Now there is usually always room to improve, so I ordered up a 18g weight from Cobra to toss in the trunk leaving the 14g in the frunk. I’m hoping to see that this straightens the fade bias, if not I’ll get some different weights. I’ve calculated my driver swing weight to be E1, which might be heavy for a lot of people, but I’m hoping it slows me down a little. Now I’d also like to take a moment to thank MyGolfSpy for what they do, thank you! I used to be horrible putter until MGS did the review on the Ping Ketsch, intrigued by the results I picked one up and have been putting around a 4 HCP ever since. Have not been fitted for a putter yet, and I’m scared to change the great transformation, but have been eyeing the Evnroll stuff. Even more thanks to MGS I picked up a Ping Pioneer cart bag this year, replacing a Datreck bag. WOW what a great bag, the cooler, ball pocket and rangefinder pocket are awesome! I’d hate to says it(because it might sound like I’m choking) but MGS got it right with the Tri-Swival 2 also making it home with me at the end of 18. The rest of my golf bag is filled with optimism, Callaway X-Hot 3W, Taylormade Pittsburgh Persimmon 5W(Straight as @&$K), 3-PW Cobra Fly-Pro(all Lefty BTW!), and Titleist SM 52* and 56*. Did I also mention the Arccos Caddie. Well that’s about all I can add right now(besides the Snell MTB-X I just ordered after the ball review, which were sold out. Gotta give it up to Dean and his team, my balls arrive tomorrow for a tournament I’m in next week.)I will be updating this after my tournament with some equipment photos and a review of my tinkering. I think I forgot to mention I want to try out the Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized, if it’s anything like my D750 I bet it’s awesome! Now let’s get out and play!
  3. My name is Mike and I’m from California Bay Area. I play golf year round, rain or shine for about 24 rounds. My Golf Spy, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter My handicap is a 18 and my swing speed is 105 My current irons are Cobra Fly Z Pro 3-PW Leftie, Driver is a Titleist 913 D3, Callaway and TaylorMade woods, Vokey wedges, Ping putter Cobra King F9 Speed Back 9.0 HZRDUS Black X-Stiff, F9 One Length Irons, 52 and 56 degree wedges. all Leftie in a cart bag please. This is would be and amazing opportunity for me to get out on social media and share all my insights and thoughts I currently share with all my friends, only on a much larger scale.
  4. Mike - California 18 Handicap 105MPH swing speed Titleist 913D3 Ping G410 Plus What are the chances that I want to try this new driver so bad and you guys are offering me a chance to test it?! Coincidence, I say no... Pretty exciting year 2019 is going to be. Let’s do this!
  5. Mike - Petaluma California 18 and dropping fast(I hope)... well we will find out tomorrow if my great progress translated to the T box and approach’s Titleist Spin Milled Vokey SM5 Lefty 52, 56, and 60 degree please.
  6. Mike - California 18 Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis More ball speed Finally something a lefty can get in on lol
  7. Awesome test opertunity! My names Mike, I’m from California and live in the Bay Area. I’m currently wearing a Adidas Storm jacket and Columbia rain pants over normal golf clothes and some UA Spieth Mids with the gortex. I do rock some UnderArmor cold gear when the temps are low. I play a lot in the rain, so I’m not sure how to describe the worst rain I’ve played in, but you know it’s bad when you loose a club more then once during a round or if you get sick from being so cold cause you just won’t quit. I love what I’ve read about Galway Bay and would be super stoked to report back how they perform compared to my passed experiences.
  8. Names Mike I'm from California where we play lots of golf year round. My handicap is a currently an 18 and falling. I've always gamed blades as a teaching tool which has made me a consistent ball striker. Current set of iron in play are Cobra FlyZ Pro 3-PW (lefty) with S300 shafts. I track my stats with Arccos and think it would be great to compare my stats on Arccos set vs set. I think the I500 would be best for me and the stat comparison with Arccos, putting a traditional muscle back against a distance iron set. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I like to Demo and Review the Cobra F7 One in lefty. You know there is plenty of lefty clubs that need testing. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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