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  1. Mike Petaluma, California Cobra F9 11.1 TSi2
  2. Mike/Petaluma Ca/USA Ping Ketsch Ping Anser 2 because I have learned I have a slight arc to my stroke and want to see if there is a benefit to this putter style, and that it may benefit my play on faster greens as well since it’s a bit lighter.
  3. Mike from Petaluma CA Current handicap 11.1 and falling Currently playing Cobra Fly Z Pro Blades let’s see if these get me to single digits.
  4. Mike here, being a tub spy myself, except my ice cream melted here in California. Down to a 15 handicap looking to break into the 70’s on Sunday. Playing 3 days a week has done wonders for my game. I am currently gaming the Cobra Fly Z Pro Blades from Fowler, and hit my 8 iron 143 and would like to try a larger sweet spot. I have never played a game improvement club and probably should try some Sub 70 from what I know is a direct to consumer brand that takes out the compromises in its business model. They want to bring please on the course and your wallet without sacrificing technology. Bring it on, I was looking to buy or test the Cobra Forge Tec, but I like this idea even better. I would love to share my experiences along with some beautiful photos and some Arccos stats. It’s could be the Tub Spy Sub 80/70 Connect Challenge. I mean I’m breaking 80, but my goal is to break 70! it’s emoji day!
  5. Mike -California Yes - Arccos on Apple Watch Currently Arccos on Apple Watch Being a Arccos user and playing over 14 rounds in the last month I think I’m uniquely qualified to be a tester. I’m a tech person, detail oriented and take great photographs. Let’s do this!
  6. California 18hcp Currently I use a red sharpie and a tracing tool for a 360 degree line around the ball. Ball of choice is Titleist Pro V1x - Get Naked!
  7. Nice round. I used to run a chapter of the MGA in California, it’s been hibernating since my kids were born. Might be time to reopen it soon. What MGA chapter you play in?
  8. Handicap 18 and falling, California MGS Facebook and Instagram Snapchat Expected to play 25 rounds in an 8-week span Current OEMs in my bag, Cobra F9 driver, Callaway 3W, Taylormade 5W, Cobra Fly Z Pro Irons, Vokey Wedges, Ping Ketsch putter. Cobra Forged Tec One Lenth, Cobra SZ Woods, 3 Cobra Wedges So happy to be able to enter this challenge. Life has changed for me this year and in back in full force with golf and social media. I have a course membership and will be playing a minimum of 3 rounds walking a week plus occasional weekend rounds. This has already transformed my game and blown my mind. Let’s see where this can take me now! #COBRACONNECT #MGSCOBRA2020
  9. I need to quit trying to drive 300 yard par 4 greens especially over water.... today I flew the water only to have it bounce towards the green and hit a rock. Couldn’t find it, and never saw in go in the water. Bogeyed that hole, should have been a easy par or birdie opportunity.
  10. I don’t think you should be buying putter for looks as the top priority. I don’t play a flashy putter, just a stock Pink Ketsch. It’s changed my game so much I’m scared to get another putter. I’m tempted to try the Evnroll blade which isn’t flashy either, except they don’t make the two models I’d try in leftie... Flashy putters are cool to look at, putters that work are fun to play with. Not saying flashy putter don’t work, just haven’t gone down that road before.
  11. I think both manufacturers make great carts. Two years the Bag Boy Tri Swivel II was the top MGS push cart. This year the Clic Gear was the top cart. To the best of my knowledge I don’t think much has changed. I own the Tri Swivel II and really like it. The handle is a little loose, which I may look at adjusting even though it only moves a tiny bit. My buddy has the Clic Gear 3.5 and it felt real solid and heavy. I really liked that it had a alignment adjuster on the front wheel so it tracks straight. I’m a gear head and thought that was great to see after purchasing a quad that turn to one side all the time. I had to return it. Walking is great, best of luck on your search for the best cart.
  12. I’m trying to learn more about wedge grinds people play and why. Do you play grinds that are just suited to your swing, or also to the conditions you play in? I’m currently playing two wedges and thinking of going to 3. My pitching wedge is 47 and part of my blade iron set, 52-08 Vokey SM4, and a 56-11 Vokey(pre SM4). I’m thinking of a 60 but not sure on the grind I should try. Also thinking to replace my 56 possibly, but not before I get a 60. Angone have any suggestions?
  13. Zipr, Nice round. I’ve spent a lot of time in Carmel over the last 11 years, but never got away from my family to play gold while there beside attempting the US Open and the Pro AM. My goal next year to get out and play a few rounds there. Thansk for sharing the great photos
  14. I’ve been looking hard at getting away from playing Blades and trying something similar but more forging. But I just had an amazing round today which makes me less likely to make a move in the iron department. I’m eyeing the Cobra Forged Tec irons either traditional or one length. I was just listening to the No Putts Given Episode 29 where they were talking about wedge grinds, which had me thinking my money may be better spent one a new 56 and a lob wedge or two. I also would love to go to Canada and visit TXG for a proper fitting, but not in this current environment.
  15. I prefer walking unless heavy drinking is involved, or extremely long billy course. As long as it’s less then 10 miles I’m good. I use a pull cart and walk close to 10 miles about 4 days a week. All this really changes the way I play the game, it makes me feel better and have more stamina for the round.
  16. Ryan, Welcome to the forum. I play in the same region. I’m in Petaluma, but play everywhere in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and Solano. Stonetree is very nice place to play isn’t it? Congratulations on being a 8Hcp, that’s awesome.
  17. So I’m not the only one that thinks this way. Haha. I’ve been wanting to prove my theory for years but don’t have extra money to waste on a set of GI irons to see if I play better or worse.
  18. This is some sound advise. I was just listening to episode 39 of No Putts Given and they were talking about wedges and grinds. I think this is the year I go wedge crazy. I’m going to focus very strongly in this area this year.
  19. Wow I’ve seen a lot of good posts that resonate with me... I don’t drink that much, but I do like to drink. Whiskeys(Japanese too), Scotch, and tequila are good. If I have a drink before I tee off it’s going to be one of 3 drinks, early tee times like 6-7 would be a good Bloody Mary, any tee time could involve being “iced” having to chug a Smirnoff Ice, post 10am tee time I might go Gin and tonic with Tanqueray Rangpur tonic garnished with a lemon or two. I also love beer, and have been drinking lots of different IPAs this year. Cheers
  20. So excited with the start of summer weather, and courses reopening. This may be my first year with a membership somewhere since I worked at a country club growing up. Swing is coming along very well for me this year, with consistency and distance increasing. I’m pledging to walk as many rounds as possible to increase my stamina and endurance along the way. I have restarted my Arccos stats this year to account for my new yardages, hoping to dial in my GIR hitting over less greens and more to the left. Cheers to all the “regular” golfers out there, hoping you aren’t running into what I’ve termed the “Rona” golfers. In my area I’ve seen a influx of not your average golfer, which I feel is great for the industry and I’m happy to see people who take up the sport. I just hope they quickly learn the etiquette of the game for the sake of pace of play. Yesterday I played super crowded course here in Northern California waiting on the group in front for 18 holes even with the increase in time between groups. We were playing a while hole in the time it took them to tee off, and watching them chip from one side of the green to the other and back was painful by the end of the day. Most of my rounds have been pleasant and quick compared to normal peak times. Has anyone else notice any difference in play since their courses have reopened?
  21. Mike Petaluma California 19 Cobra FlyZ Pro (I’ve never played game improvement clubs and would like to compare) I think it would be in my best interest to try the TS200, so I can see what I’ve been missing all these years. As a lefty I have always found it hard to try different equipment(specifically irons). I have had two sets of irons over 15 years(Titleist PM731, and the Cobra FlyZ Pro). I have a great feel for how I strike the ball and where I hit and the face and can use that to describe these clubs. The bonus would to see what kind of strokes I would gain.
  22. Mike from California 20 Cobra Fly Z Pro 160
  23. I find it funny the easier the sawing the farther I hit the ball! Crushing it this week, and getting ready for the big games of summer.
  24. #NoPuttsGiven Episode 31

    Today I got on YouTube to watch the No Putts Given episode 31, the number one topic was about the hot button issue of too much distance in golf. The USGA released their distance report which shows pros hitting the ball further almost year after year.  From what Ive thought and many others, equipment isn't the issue in golf, especially when it comes to how long a round takes. Look if you hit he ball further on a short course your pace of play is going to be faster right?

    So I following along intensely to what's being discussed(USGA Distance Report) on episode 31,  just thinking to myself "say this" "say that", only to have Tony Covey chime in and hit point after point that I wanted someone to make. I don't want to seem like I am swinging from his balls, but dude is sharp and extremely relatable. The big thing for me is course conditions, I've played on a lot of different courses from s***** to NCAA Championship courses or walking the us open. Conditions of the course, not the length of the course have way more to do with how the game is played.

    The solution the USGA needs to look at, should be based on helping local courses play better for ammeter players, letting the grass grow for the pro!

    Love what you guys are doing at My Golf Spy and No Putts Given! #TonyCovey


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