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    2016 Scotty Cameron Holiday Limited Edition Putter

    Won in a golf tournament, I believe it retailed at for $1250.00 plus tax

    No trades please.

    ​$1000 or open to reasonable offers

    1,000 pieces worldwide!

    With stencil engraving and a color scheme reminiscent of 1940s-era machinery, this 34-inch mid-mallet muscle back comes packed with firepower. Deploying his multi-material aircraft grade aluminum face-sole technology-- anodized in a misted military green--matched with 303 stainless steel in a stealthy black finish, Scotty gave this sharpshooter a single milled sight line, allowing the player and putter to be laser-focused and precisely aligned.

    The Limited Release MIL-SPEC H16/F5/MB comes equipped with a custom-made mid-size Camo Matador grip, matching milled aluminum shaft ring and a field-ready mid-mallet canvas Camo headcover."

    Model: H16/F5/MB

    Branding: Scotty Cameron MIL-SPEC H16 5MB

    Design: Mid-Mallet Muscle Back

    Length: 34"

    Loft: 3.5°

    Lie: 70°

    Offset: 1 shaft

    Face Type: Mid-mill

    Head Material: 303 stainless steel with anodized aircraft aluminum face-sole

    Head Weights: 2 x 20 grams

    Cosmetics: Black PVD finished stainless steel with military green misted aluminum face-sole with single milled sight line and red, gray, black and military green paintfill

    Grip: 11" Camo Mid-Size Matador

    Shaft Ring: Milled military green anodized aluminum shaft ring with gray and red paintfill

    Headcover: Canvas Camo Mid-mallet H16/F5/MB




  2. 1. Scott - Vancouver - BC - Canada

    ​2. Scotty Cameron  - 2016 MIL-SPEC H16 5MB

    3. Custom fit - YES

    4. Bettinardi Queen B 9 Putter


    Thank you for this opportunity, I am a life-long scotty cameron player looking to be convinced there is a putter out there that will make me switch.  I hope to utilize my qualitative research and analysis skills to write an informative report.


  3. Just doodling at work while waiting for automation to do it's thing. I think 9 at 630 yards should finish a beast hard uphill cut over the lake and a big false front.




    Hard at work I see, but nicely done! Draw up a score card with yardages... ?

  4. Hi KBS Team, thank you for coming to My Golf Spy for user testing.


    Currently a 11 Handicap, ex competitive junior golfer and high school golfer. I work as a part time bartender at a private country club and I am exposed to avid golfers opinions and stories about golf on a daily basis. Furthermore, I am a trained as a designer in both interior architecture and industrial design; therefore, having the ability to analysis and critique design and products objectively and thoroughly. I also have a goal to play 50 rounds this summer and I have completed 16 rounds so far. My current irons are 3 month's old Titleist AP2's 4-9 (6 irons) + Vokey SM4 47 51 55 59 (4 wedges). When I had them custom fitted through a PGA teaching professional he advised me to not get KBS shafts because I was ballooning them. I would like to give them another shot and see if it will lower my scores and consistency! Cheers...


  5. ct-lite-bnr2.jpg



    The guys at KBS have asked us to round up 3 MyGolfSpy Forum Members to test a set of the latest offering in the KBS lineup; the C-Taper (CT) LITE.


    The 3 readers chosen by the MyGolfSpy Staff will receive their very own set of KBS CT LITE shafts. Those same 3 readers will be asked to provide other MyGolfSpy readers with a comprehensive review of the shafts. Thorough is what we do, and we ask the same of our readers. Please don't apply if you're not willing to do the work.


    About the C-Taper LITE

    The C-TAPER LITE iron shaft incorporates proven KBS performance benefits – piercing trajectory and smooth feel – in a lighter-weight design. The firm tip and stiff butt sections produce a mid-high trajectory and controlled spin. Featuring a constant taper design and proportionate increase in wall thickness, the C-TAPER LITE maximizes energy transfer for maximum distance. As a result, an average of 5 yards increased distance was seen during robot testing. The C-TAPER LITE comes with the signature KBS brushed satin finish available in three flexes: R-105g, S-110g, and X-115g.


    KBS tells us the C-Taper should prove to be more playable and will offer a better fit for a wider variety of players, but please don't offer to test unless you're reasonably certain the CT LITE is a good fit for you.


    The big question is, does the C-Taper LITE perform as advertised?


    It's your job to find out.



    Must be a resident of the US or Canada

    Must be a MyGolfSpy Forum Member in good standing

    Must be able to string sentences together in a coherent fashion (wit and humor are a bonus)

    Must be capable of producing quality photos of golf equipment

    Must have willingness, time, and ability to thoroughly test a set of KBS C-Taper LITEe Shafts.


    How To Enter


    Check out the C-Taper LITE Shafts on the KBS Website. If you think the new shafts will help your game, enter to become a MyGolfSpy Club Tester.


    To enter, leave a comment in this thread that contains the following:

    Your current handicap (or your average 18 hole score)

    One (and only one) original photo of something (anything) golf-related

    In no more than 2 paragraphs, tell us how you would test the new shafts

  6. Hi MyGolfSpy Members,


    I wanted to introduce myself to everyone after playing in two rounds in the MyGolfSpy Vancouver Open 2013. I had a blast with Rover Rick, Best Grips, Man Bear Pig, and Mrs MBP.


    There seems to be lots of great topics and discussions on here. I am ready to try this site out!!!



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