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  1. Hi, What a great opportunity. I have been hitting Pings since the G10 model. Best of luck to all who apply. Location: Indio, CA handicap - 17, irons: G20's Thanks
  2. Ping Anser 2 1980 proam / Scotty Newport 2. Test driving a new putter even in the rain sounds good. Lets do it.
  3. I am good with my blade. But will pass on your info. Thanks for supporting those of us on active duty!
  4. Been away fro awhile. Any one have first hand info on the new Ping 13 degree fairway wood? The review sound great. Looking for user review info. Hit triple digits in NORCAL a few days ago. Great rates if you can deal with the heat. Worked out for me.
  5. Thanks to all for the comments. Found a screaming good deal on a Faith 14 degree. So good to go for the time being.
  6. Sounds like a plan to me. I play Mather since it is 10 min's from my work. But not the least bit opposed to anywhere else dependent on my schedule till i punch out. Then it will be "Have clubs will travel".
  7. She is a beginner. Likes her starywr set but no driver. I realie both drivers i mention are more than she can handle at present. But i think she will be fine by end of the summer. And want a good club in her bag that will last her for awhile. Appreciate everyones comments.
  8. Thanks, appreciate the response. Will further review the Cobra and Callaway. I use a Ping G25 and very happy with it. So automatically lean towards Ping but not stuck on stupid with one brand as the be all, end all.
  9. In agreement on buying and using these gloves. Purchased first pair last JUL and have never looked backed. Fit, grip are perfect for me. Not switching to something else anytime soon. Buying another pair
  10. Hello all. It is time to catch up with all others and intro my self. I recently picked up the game about 2 years ago and became hooked. On a good month I averaged playing 2 times per. Well for the first time in 30 something years I am about to be something I have not been - become a civilian again. So have been buying up groupons, course coupons for 2 for 1 and come JUL I expect to be playing 2 - 3 times per week. My biggest concern - that after a month or two that my game is still the same. UPDATE - I have since infected my wife with playing - misery loves company and drinking a beer on the course alone is boring.
  11. About to purchase a driver as gift for my wife - trying to get feedback on Cobra Amp Cell and the Ping Faith. Both 14 degrees loft. Anyone have first hand comparison of between the two drivers? Any input is appreciated.
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