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  1. Ryan, Plattsburgh NY 6 handicap Scratch 1018 wedges 50°-54°-58°
  2. Ryan NY TM M1 430, Tensei Pro White 70s Never been fit so this would be my first time (37 years old and been playing for 30 years)
  3. Ryan Plattsburgh NY 6 718 AP2 Steelfiber i95 stiff Ping i210
  4. Ryan, New York 37 6 handicap Titleist 718 AP2, 5-gap, Steelfiber i95 stiff
  5. Ryan. NY Scratch 1018 50°-54°-58° I'd like the same 3 degree wedges as well Thanks this is an awesome giveaway.
  6. Teir 1-Dustin Johnson Teir 2-Bryson Dechambeau Teir 3-Andy Sullivan Teir 4-Jason Dufner Teir 5-John Daly
  7. Ryan, NY Currently using Bushnell Pro X2, and also Skycaddie SGX-W (for front-back of green, and blind shots).
  8. -Ryan, New York -2016 M1 430, 8.5, Tensei Pro White 70s -100mph, 6 handicap -9.5°, Tensei White stiff
  9. I think he'll be fine (hopefully) . They showed him on the next hole swinging.
  10. 1) Ryan, Plattsburgh, NY 2) 6 handicap, 100-103 3) TM M1 430, 8.5° with Tensei Pro White 70 stiff, tipped .5", playing at 45.5" 4) G400 LST 8.5°, Tensei Pro White 70s, tipped .5" at 45.5"
  11. I think this could be the worst thing to happen in golf in quite awhile. The game for us 99.9% is hard, it's really hard. So to penalize that section of the actual paying population of the game will be the final nail in the coffin possibly for the game of golf. Penalizing that 99.9% that pays to keep the courses open, and the registers at the proshops registers riniging is just an awful idea. To knock roughly 20% off the drives of am golfers that hit ball roughly 240 off the tee (which is more than the average golfer already) is 48 yards. So the guy that averages 240 will be averaging 190+
  12. Sorry for your loss. But glad to see your taking a turn for the better. It's definitely not easy, and I envy you for being able to doing this. Keep at it!
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