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  1. VestiAscendi


  2. Come check out our Private Sale. Lowest prices for My Golf Spy readers. Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Not available through our regular shopping pages. http://www.vestiascendi.com/private-sale.html Thanks for the support.
  3. We are working hard to offer the best product at a fair price. We are currently running a special for a shirt and tie together for $110. We hope a few more Spies will enjoy our product and #GolfLikeAGentleman
  4. Thank you SPYZINGER for the front page article. If you have any questions please ask them here or direct to info@vestiascendi.com There are still a few days left on our Crowd Supply sale. If you order a shirt and tie through them, a free driver hat will be included for any MyGolfSpy orders, just mention it here. Some new driver hats coming soon (khaki and grey) and one of those will be included with your order.
  5. Excellent decision. Would love to see better behavior here and on the course. #GolfLikeAGentleman. Keep up the great work T.
  6. Our Shirts and Ties have arrived and they are for sale through our site. We've got some in action photos and a video too. We are constantly striving to improve our product and company. Our shirts are currently on sale as part of a launch promotion and this will be the only sale we will ever run. We hope to have a few members here trying our apparel so that you can have some of their honest feedback.
  7. Guys, Thanks for the constructive criticism. We are always interested in your suggestions. If you have ideas, please share them. Things have taken us longer than expected due to some manufacturing delays outside of our control. We hope you will like the finished product. Even if you don't like our logo, hopefully the comfort of our shirts and useful features of the shirt and tie combo will be something that some of you will enjoy. Our ties arrive this week and hopefully our shirts will too. Here are some pictures from the factories. Once we receive everything in hand we will update our website and have better pictures. The ties go with the shirts from left to right / top to bottom.
  8. We hope you guys enjoy the hats! We had some prototypes on the course with you too. Can't wait until our production is completed to get some more Gentleman in our apparel!
  9. You will have VA hats for the event! Just let's us know what you need. Baseball or Driver hats or mixture? We will have them in your hand before Saturday's event.
  10. Yes, we know our price point of $150 is on the upper end of golf apparel, but our costs are probably higher than most because of the Peruvian fabrics we are using and also including a tie. If you compare it to buying a high quality dress shirt and tie from the store we are in line with those prices. We set out not only to design a dress shirt and tie you can golf in, but also the highest quality and most comfortable dress shirt and tie for the office or any formal occasion. The multi-setting use of our shirt we think also gives it great value. Add in free shipping, returns and exchanges we hope that our customers will feel that they have made a quality purchase from a company that stands behind its product.
  11. If our production apparel arrives in time for the SPYZINGER Open we may be able to help out with some scripting, if not, we can probably get some hats for Mr. Zinger and crew.
  12. Thanks SPYZINGER for letting MyGolfSpy know about our apparel. We are here to answer any questions and listen to your suggestions. We hope you #GolfLikeAGentleman
  13. Dear MyGolfSpy Members, We would like to introduce ourselves to this distinguished community. We are a new apparel company that you may have read about already here thanks to our friend SPYZINGER. There are a couple other Spys who may know us, but we are not ready to announce too much information about our company just yet; the time will come and this community will be one of the first to know. We simply wanted to join this gentleman's forum and interact with its members. We want to hear your thoughts on our apparel line, answer any questions and hope to incorporate your ideas into our future plans. When our shirts and ties are in full production, we are planning to have some Spys review our apparel and will create some opportunities for forum members to win some free apparel too. You can interact with us here, in the apparel section, or through other social media avenues. www.vestiascendi.com We want you to #GolfLikeAGentleman
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