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  1. 1. George - Arizona 2. 10 3. Titleist 910 D2 9.5 Diamana ahina made for Titleist 4. 95 mph 225-230 5. Phil Mickelson
  2. I have the original, and they are fantastic. I have had lots of issues(blisters) with golf shoes. Absolutely no issue with these.
  3. Listen to the expert first. I must say a Greg Norman hat on Sunday should be avoided at all costs. It's the "Cubs" of the golfing world (
  4. Went spikeless for the first time today. It was great. Found a pair of Ecco Biom Hybrids for sale and they fit great. They were perfect.
  5. Actually LuLu Lemon sells a pair of shorts that can double as swimming trunks or swimmin' briches. I saw them in the store last year, don't remember the moniker they were given. Might be worth looking into.
  6. Tried the TP, TPX, ProV1, V1x and Chrome Soft. Chrome Soft is now the gamer. Fantastic ball. Second place is the regular ProV. Would love to get a sample of the Snell though.
  7. Nice to read these great reviews. I walked 18 holes recently with my trusty Puma's and got blisters the size of quarters on my heels by the 10th hole. Played the rest of the round bare foot--which was actually kind of nice except for my buddy making bad Sam Snead jokes. That being said, I want to like the True Linkswear but their classic shoes I never found comfortable, the low heel and high foot bed just messed with my head. Though these look like a more traditional shoe and will give them ago. Although I don't need these shoes to make me taller and better looking than Zinger.....
  8. Heck I still game the retail version of the 300 tour. Updating soon hopefully, but they will never leave my possession.
  9. For me it was the original Nike driver, you remember the blue one. It was awful. How bad was it? It was so bad the Callaway C4 almost replaced it. I still cannot look at a Nike golf clubs no matter how much they get raved.
  10. Driver: My 910 is still perfect. If I replace it, it will have to be like Seinfeld's ex. Spectacular. FW: May change, may not. Looking for a perfect 16.5-17 degree with adjustability. My 910 is good right now but added distance would nice Hybrid: Right now all good here as well. Though it's about as safe as my fairway wood. Irons: I20 currently on consignment at a local golf shop in Tempe. Will probably upgrade to the Mizuno 850 forged, cuz man they flat out perform. Wedges: All good here. The Cleveland Tour Rack wedges are amazing. Putter: Got fitted a couple of years ago at Cool Clubs and this putter will never leave my bag, or sight for that matter. Though my Ogio Grom is looking a little worse for wear so that should be updated as well
  11. The Hammer? The Perfect Club? Peter Kessler? Serious guesses, Golf Logix and Super Stroke.
  12. Speaking of bad golf gifts. I have two initial ball stampers around here somewhere, dang they are an awful gift. Those Clover hats look great, as does the Polo.
  13. JPX 850 Forged. Definition of a game changer. I25 forgiveness with Mizuno forged feel.
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