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  1. Haha you should ask HulaRock about that 78yd wedge...
  2. Swear, give me a 4i into a tight green and I'll make it look easy, but give me a 7i into a big green and I find somewhere on the planet to hit it!
  3. Yea, it's made a big difference in my game when I commit to the thought. Ball is a bit more forward, almost where everything is mid stance or just up, but it works in the hands driver through wedge. I like the concept and if I just tell myself to do so I hit straighter shots and have much cleaner contact.
  4. I'm that guy for HulaRock when we play together hahaha. Somehow he's managed to ignore my game the last couple times we played.
  5. First thought when it finally landed was "Somebody's closer!"
  6. I've had four rounds in the past few weeks (since not playing for over 8), and the most recent was at Tour 18 in Houston. While my score was atrocious, my 9th and 10th holes, 1 & 2 on the card, were both birdies. First a drive to center fairway of Harbour Town 18, but a bit short. Then 195 to a tight pin that I stuffed inside 10' with my 4i..sank the putt surprisingly. Next hole was Bay Hill 6. Drive to a safe spot, leaving about 225 to pin and nailed my 18* hybrid about 30' past, and nestled the eagle putt up to about two feet. Best two holes I've ever played back to back. I'm looking forward to getting back there when I move and playing more often. I loved the Augusta holes they used.
  7. I've run into all kinds of tee set ups at places I've played. My rule of thumb for myself is to play from a 6300-6600y range because it suits my length off the tee and my iron play where any club in the bag may get pulled. The problem I have with tee placement is when the guys who play once in a while think they're still in HS and can outhit the yardage. Likewise, I dislike seeing the guys who can hit 250+ off the team and play as far up as they can and insist on rushing through a round. People just need awareness on the course in line with their ability. Same for the guys who ask what iron I hit on a par 3. I've subscribed to the "my XXX yard club" response.
  8. I've toyed with the thought of taking lessons, but always fear that I'll psych myself out of what someone wants me to do. I unfortunately am a creature of habit. However, one guy from Edel I met at a demo event at the Golfsmith HQ (before sale and shut down) gave me some advice that has brought consistency for impact through the bag as well as a bit of extra speed. He told me that being a digger with a tendency to drop my back shoulder, he changed my setup where my hands were more straight in line or just behind the ball, rare than using forward shaft lean at address. He had me practice taking the club to 9 o'clock and back to the setup position and to remember that motion through impact. It meant moving then all forward a bit, but the move kept me from dropping my shoulder and now I generate more speed through impact at the bottom of the swing. If I remind myself to do it, I hit solid shots. But again, I psych myself out of it sometimes.
  9. Haven't been on much in recent months due to life things. I'd be interested in the next go around whether it be a Fall Classic, Winter Ball, or Spring Open! I'm moving to Houston soon and would have time to play most weekends.
  10. These look really good! Jose from Austin, TX Scotty Cameron Newport (all standard) O-Works 2-Ball Black, 34"
  11. What an opportunity! Jose in Texas Taylormade M2 (2016) with Tour AD-GP 7S Driver SS: 98-103, 250-260 avg Twitter: txjggolfnut, FB: txstjgarza, Insta: txstcatman iPhone platform
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