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  1. We still use traditional solvent and grip tape here in our shop for putter grips. The reason is you have a lot more control and making sure the grip is installed true to the shape of the grip from top to bottom. We put it in a vise here in the shop, put a level tool on the face to ensure it is level (exactly 90 degrees from the floor) then we put the level on the grip on the top, middle and bottom to make sure it is exactly level to (level to the ground when checking the grip). We use the air compressor method also for irons / woods (works great). With the putter grips it it actually t
  2. With BeNi putters all we can do is buff and polish - get her cleaned up. Can do a custom shaft and I believe you have the grip options covered
  3. Embarrassing how long it has been from the time I have updated this thread, please forgive me. I hope to have more time going forward to keep this updated Enjoy the pics - let us know if you have any questions Newport in Obsidian - with sound slot Newport 2 in Obsidian - TeI3 Studio Stainless in Obsidian 009 in Obsidian California Hollywood in Obsidian Carbon Holliday in Obsidian Carbon Ringo in Obsidian
  4. That's the beauty of it, its personal. I love the Broncos - but the last thing I want on any of my golf equipment is orange.
  5. We are hosting a give away at PutterLounge.com - Sign up for a chance to win a custom G2 Mill putter from Gauge Design - http://www.putterlounge.com/gauge-design-give-away Good Luck!
  6. For your viewing pleasure - Here is the official photo thread for PutterLounge.com. Recent photo's are at the top. Black Oxide Studio Design Restoration Satin Whiskey on a Laguna 2.5 Candy White with Black Oxide insert on a Studio Style Black Oxide on Pro Platinum Del Mar Tuxedo on Circa '62 #3 Element 29 on a Studio Stainless Newport Shiny Fuel (Oil Can) on a Studio Design Candy White on a TaylorMade Putters Candy White with Black Oxide on weights and face on a California Del Mar Element 29 Shiny Shiny Fuel
  7. Smoke Black - KBS Tour Wedge Shafts should be in the mix for sure. We are a big fan of KBS
  8. My Golf Spy'ers.... Need your opinion, what are your thoughts on White Ferrules? We are expanding in to the wedge / premium iron market and evaluating in house components. We are really digging the customization options with color ferrules from Cell Parts. Being that you all are golf club degenerates, we value your opinion even if your wife does not. Let us have it, should we offer them or not?
  9. Glad they moved away from that medallion in the cavity in their design. Looks much better. Very strange they did not use Kia Ma for the branding.
  10. Thanks for the positive feedback guys - Here are some resources for you if you want to take a look at the PutterLounge.com finishes. Putter Lounge Blog - lots of pictures We post pictures of finished putters on our Facebook fan page also Of course, all of our finishes are on our site, you can use the left hand navigation on our putter refinishing page to see all of our options. Our current turn around time is 4 - 5 weeks and will be publishing more info regarding Iron / Wedge customization soon.
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