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  1. I get the same thing and that's why I haven't been here as much.
  2. I tried starting over from scratch and still got the same result.
  3. I can't get this site on my android phone anymore. What gives? I get some "index" page with blue on top and the rest all white and no matter what I do I can't get away from it.
  4. Who cares what Jack says? He's just looking for attention IMO.
  5. If the doc gave Tiger HGH or roids he should aske for his money back.
  6. That's mental IMO. Get up to the ball, pick out a target and make your stroke. I putt just as well with one hand as I do with two from inside 8 feet. If there's one thing an average player should be able to do as well as a tour pro is putt. It requires absolutely no athletic ability, only the ability to see the line and hit the ball in that direction.
  7. I played "sick" today and it had nothing to do with illness. There are days you hit a lot of greens and make nothing and there are days you hit few greens but scramble well. And there are days when you drive the ball crooked, hit only a few greens and your short game sucks. That was today.
  8. An opposing view for the sake of being fair and balanced. The first tournament I worked was the ICO in Hartford in the late 60s as a marshal. We got a day off work provided we also worked one day on the weekend. It wouldn't have been half bad had the Jaycees who were running the event not been such arseholes. The second and last event I worked was the 1995 Senior Tour Championship in Myrtle Beach. I was a standard bearer or "sign boy" if you will and talk about a bastardly job, especially in the pro-am where you had to change the scores every hole. We walked while the players rode in golf cars. The amount of money I had to pay for the hideous golf clothes, which I never wore again, exceeded what it would have cost for a weekly pass. The best job I saw was the guy who shuttled people around in a golf car. He was free to go wherever he wanted 99% of the time and got to see a lot of golf.
  9. I didn't sleep that well last night and woke up very achy and tired this morning. My sinuses were bothering me last night as well. I had no energy on the course today and while I scrambled to a 74 I just didn't have it. Here's how it went. On hole 4, a 480 yard par 5, I popped up a hybrid off the tee leaving a shot on a hill I had to hit 7 iron from. Then I hit another hybrid to short of the green, hit a lob wedge to three feet and made the putt for par. On 17, a 190 yard par three, I popped up another hybrid leaving 65 yards to the pin. I hit it to two feet and tapped in for par. Not exactly the confidence booster needed to prepare me for my match Sunday.
  10. Sounds good, John. Johnny Miller demonstrated two ways to chip during The Players. One you don't break your wrists and simply swing back and through brushing the grass. The other you play the ball off your back foot, break your wrists and hit down and through the ball leading with your hands. I have used method two for years with a lot of success. You're not going to be pure every day but if you do it right it works. I tried method one the last couple of rounds and had no success with it. I couldn't develop a feel for ir and half the time I either skulled the chip or popped it up. Stick to what works for you is my suggestion.
  11. Shot even par 72 from 6500 yards this morning. A couple of birdies and a couple of bogeys caused by bad chips. I hit a 2 hybrid off the first tee today, the first time I ever did that. Better to hit it 200 yards down the middle than a snap hook into the weeds the same distance was my reasoning. I parred the hole. Even though I normally play from around 6100 yards my tee shots were landing in the same spots today. It must be the effect of the Fazio mounding or something......
  12. Before I purchased my latest set of Taylor Made R9 irons I looked at Mizuno. Overrated and way overpriced IMO.
  13. Didn't he resign rather than re-sign? Re-sign means to sign on again.
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