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  1. - Kenneth - Alabama - Odyssey White Hot #7 - Frontline Elvado Slant Neck, 35" Thanks
  2. 1. Kenneth - Alabama 2. Handicap 13, Swing Speed 105-ish 3. Callaway XR 4. G410 Plus Thanks for another great opportunity.
  3. - Kenneth - Alabama/US - Mizuno JPX900 Hot Metal/Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour 105 X-Flex - 160
  4. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Ryan Moore Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +4
  5. Kenneth, Alabama Callaway XR, stock stiff Project X ~105, 260 Twitter: @KW_Johnston Facebook: facebook.com/johnstonkw Instagram: johnstonkw iPhone
  6. 1. Kenneth, Alabama 2. 13 3. TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour 4. JPX 900 Hot Metal (as much as I love the Forged, I think my game game could use a little help)
  7. 1. Kenneth, Alabama 2. 13 3. Callaway XR, Stock Project X Stiff 4. 106/260 5. Wesley Bryan (Go Cocks!)
  8. Kenneth Alabama 13 TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Strength: Mid irons Weakness: Long irons/less than full short irons Thanks!
  9. - Kenneth, Huntsville AL - Callaway XR, Project X LZ, Stiff - 106 swing speed - 260-270ish carry
  10. Great opportunity, great looking clubs. 1. First name and home town: Kenneth, Huntsville AL 2. Handicap: 14 3. Current irons/shafts: TM RocketBladez Tour/KBS Stiff 4. Custom Fit – yes or no: No
  11. Wow, great looking blade there. Kenneth Johnston, Alabama Odyssey White Hot Pro #7. 35"
  12. Kenneth Johnston, 34 (yeah, bad, I know), Alabama Slight arc Who? Jason Day at the moment.
  13. The Hogan FIt for me was very simple. As far as online tools go, this is one of the easiest I have seen. Few questions, but the key, I think was the right questions. How often do you hit approach shots with your (for me) 8 iron, inside 160. For me, that is a lot. The fitting diagnosed that my current gaps on the scoring clubs weren't spaced correctly. That was the big take away, ensuring I get accurate yardages from the short irons. As far as the Hogan name, I can only speak of its reputation. And it is highly regarded. Both the man and the brand. Trusted is one word that comes to mind, because I think the esteem that golfers hold for Mr. Hogan, has some carry over in the products, even if someone hasn't actually used them before.
  14. Thanks for the info. I actullay haven't done anything to it yet. I have been hitting it OK, just tweaking some of the settings to get the ball flight I want. Still think I could be a little more consistent in striking with a shorter shaft. Just don't like standing up to the ball with a 46" driver. Might look for a heavier shaft.
  15. Thanks for that advice. I sent one tweet and 5 minutes later got a reply from Chad Coleman (@hastagchad) who said he would just send me some. Classy.
  16. Thanks. I made sure to order one that wasn't from China, but not guaranteed that it isn't a knock off. Found one from a seller in OH. Is there any way to order a real one from Callaway? I sent them an email but haven't heard back. Golf Works or Golfsmith doesn't carry them online either.
  17. That's what I figure too. Just found a 15g weight on eBay and ordered it. Will tinker this weekend. Thanks.
  18. Thanks. During the fitting he never mentioned swing weight and I failed to ask. I did cut down my old driver, Callaway Razr Hawk, without adding any weight to it and honestly never noticed a difference. I haven't hit the new BB a lot, but seemed to catch it off the heel more often than I would like. I like the stock shaft in it just fine, no complaints with distance or ball flight. I may just try to find a 15g weight, cut it, and see how it is. Worse case, I will have to buy a new shaft.
  19. OK, I just bought a new 2014 Big Bertha Driver. Great club, hit it well and get great numbers with it, however it is too long for me at 45.5". I was fit by Callaway rep 2 weeks ago using a Trackman and a new XR Driver and he also suggested I should be at a 44.5" length. He actually said he recommends almost everyone playing a shorter driver. Anyway, I want to cut an inch off the butt end of the shaft. I understand the basics of possibly (though not likeley) making the shaft a bit stiffer, but shortening will definitely affect the swing weight. If I replace the 5g factory installed weight with a 15g weight, will that make up the difference? Is it possible to use a tungsten plug or brass tip weights with an Opti-Fit hosel? What if I just purchased a heavier shaft? What change would that make on the swing weight? Also, anyone know where I can purchase replacement weights? I've seen a few on eBay, but all of the 15g I've seen ship from China. Thanks, and apologies if any of this is covered elsewhere. I searched and didn't find the specific answer I was looking for.
  20. Really like the idea of the sizes, patterns, and textures, but not a fan of the color pattern either. And yes, I owe you an i-Line review. Just as soon as I get a free, warm (er) day to get out to the range. Thanks for the subtle shaming. It worked, I feel guilty!
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