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  1. Shawn Los Angeles, California Play twice a week and always walk one of those!. Currently using Alphred E-Wheels with a Click Gear Rovik.
  2. Shawn Los Angeles/California Bridgestone Tour B RXS
  3. 1. Shawn, California 2. 8- 103 3. GBB Epic Sub-Zero 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  4. Shawn California 8 Rouge Pro / aerotech steelfiber i95 i210
  5. gymflake California, USA Callaway Rogue Pro, recoil es 760/f2 a flex 5-P 140
  6. First Impression Got an e-mail this morning (6-20) stating that no one has heard from Cobra for the club testing so I was a little bummed but was determined to remain patient. Then when I walked up the stairs to my apartment, after a round at my favorite course, there it was laying up against the corner of my front door. The Box! Very nicely packed, couldn't wait to see which of the fairway woods I would be testing. It's the Fly-Z +. I was hoping for some funky color, like Orange or Green but lucked out with standard Black. Not just black, but when in the sun, the black sparkles! Nice look. The face is slim and the crown sleek. The club feels heavy in your hands. I am looking forward to see and feel it perform and change some lofts. The Lampkin grip really feels great. I believe that a fairway wood off the deck, is the hardest club to hit so it will be fun to dial this in to see how it performs. I will be taking it to the range, both grass and matts, then two full rounds. Stay tuned!
  7. This is my second favorite Major to watch and I was very excited when I learned where it was going to be held. US Open's are already tough and this one will be a beast! Who ever handles the missed shots the best will win. I love to listen to all the "golf shows" to hear who they predict and very, very seldom get it right! I will be streaming it so I can see all of the shots, both good and bad and how they players deal with them. We have a course near me, "Rustic Canyon" and was designed with the very roots of the game in mind. The lay of the land. If you really want to test your game, find a course like this and go for it.
  8. Let me tell you...I have tried all three Top Flight Gamer balls and the Gamer Soft wins by a mile! I am a 7 Hc. I can afford any ball I want. My usual is a Prov1x. I have played them all! The Gamer Soft spins just enough for me around the greens and it has the distance. All the reviews about losing distance for some people is because they must have a fast swing speed and should not, and need not hit this ball. My driver swing speed is 95-98. The rest of the other clubs are seldom ever needed to be as fast as the driver. This ball performs outstanding for me. The great thing on top of that is the cost. $19.00 a dozen and right now Dick's is having a sale for two dozen for $30.00! I bought this ball to play at Sandpiper GC in Goleta CA. (Santa Barbra CA.) It is right near the ocean and there are a couple of forced carries and I just didn't want to lose an expensive ball. There is always wind at that course. The Gamer soft was amazing! Try a sleeve or just pay the 20 bucks!
  9. 9.7 index. Play at least once a week and I mean every week, rain or shine. I am 52years old. My Bag, Driver: Titleist 983e 9.0 Stiff 3 wood: Cleveland Mashie 15.5 M1 Stiff 18.0 Cleveland Mashie M2 Stiff Mizuno JPX forged. 5-G Stiff Cleveland 56 and 60 wedges Odyssey works Versa 7 putter I use the M1 just like a 3 wood. I discovered that I could really go for it when on a fairway or tight lie. It goes straight as an arrow so I also use it on tight t boxes with narrow fairways or shorter par 4's. I usually only carry 13 clubs so I can add a 3,4 hybrid or another wedge depending on where I am playing. I would love to evaluate the Cobra line of fairway metals!
  10. Here is a typical fall out fit including my coconut straw Sam Snead hat! And a very Hogan stitch hat. These are both from Scala hats..
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