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  1. morning ... Play PXG Gen3. 8 Iron distance 160 handicap 12. Located in Plymouth Meeting What I know about is what I am reading on MSG blogs and web site.. All good
  2. Good afternoon all. would love to be a tester.... I have my own launcher as well. I have three or four old model is Ping model with Accura Shaft 3.0 Looking to change. Located in Plymouth Meeting pa 19462 Swing speed between 96-103 mph. Cheers Scott
  3. Scott PA weather is starting to warm uo Handicap 11 Driver swing speed 105 Current driver is Ping G30 with Accura FX360 M4 Dymtec shaft. Tip strong I was just going to set up a session to testPlus or PXG driver next week. It would be great to compare the delta from older model to the newer model on the flight smilualtor compare numbers between the two.
  4. Bought the pants with linings. Live in the Northeast PA. Weather over the last week has been snow high winds and rain. I wear the pants every day walking my dogs. They are AWESOME.. So warm and comfortable. The do not make the usually slushing sound when you walk with them. The wind yesterday was whipping around 30MPH and I do not feel anything on my legs. The seams are great, no penetration of air or water. Just wish I could be playing golf but weather permitting. LOL..
  5. Scott Minor Handicap 11. Play 9 months or more depends on the weather. Live in the Northeast PA. Wors conditions were pouring rain at Myrtle beach. Played 9 holes in the cold and rain. I had Nike gear that did not do very well. I did buy your pants and love them.
  6. Bert and his team are wonderful. I have ordered several items from their shop. Their customer service is outstanding and the quality is top notch. If you want to elevate your game to the next level then look no further then Lliac Golf. They are the best. Scott
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