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  1. David - MS Rogue Zub Zero - tour AD 95-100 - 10 9.5 - Stiff Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Wow, what an awesome opportunity: David- 48 Wiggins, MS My biggest bugaboo would be my inconsistency with the driver and longer irons. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. David Williamson Home state Mississippi 6 Handicap 50-60 rounds per yeay I usually purchase from a golf shop or online.
  4. Yay, My pair of Trues arrived today as I was the other lucky member to win a pair. First, I would like to say TRUE is a stand up company as the first pair was stolen from the front of my house and after a couple of weeks I realized since I had been checking both doors my Trues had not arrived. Second, I notified Tim,(@ Golfspy)that I had not received the shoes. Tim notified Cody at True and Cody worked with FedEx. Third, I do not know if FedEx replaced the shoes or True replaced them but they arrived today and I wore them the rest of the day in the house. Definetly, the shoes are comfy and I can not wait till this weekend so I can try them on the course. Finally, while looking the shoes over you can really see that this is a U.S.A made product and for that my friends makes we want to buy another pair. In the coming weeks I will play with the shoes on and will repost. Again, Thank you True and Cody as this is the first prize I have ever won and I started to think some dirt bag stole my thunder.
  5. After reading the review I am ready for the comfort that the pros have on tour. I wear a Nike tennis shoe style golf shoe and thought they were the best for comfort but after reading the review and I am just exited at possibly winning a pair of what is called slippers for a golf course! No one can go wrong with a shoe with memory foam in the heal!!!
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