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  2. I am in Tinton falls. Would love to play with you jersey guys some time. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. A change to the bag. I have taken out he Rocketballz 3 wood and replaced it with a Cobra Fly-z+. A new flat stick was added in the fall and I don't foresee the Futura X5 going anywhere anytime soon.
  4. Gentleman I am extremely sorry that the review has taken this long to go up. Several things came up for over the summer that had to take priority. I want to apologize to the administrators and to all the forum members that look forward to the reviews that this has taken so long. It is also bittersweet to post the review now after we all have found out that Nike will no longer be making this ball. But as you will see from my review there may be many of us going to every Golfsmith, Dick's, Golf Galaxy, or online store to buy up what is left on the shelves. There is also maybe the possibility of someone reintroducing this ball or a very similar one. We can hope right? Performance on the course I compared the RZN Platinum to the Snell MTB and Taylormade Lethal. The performance on the course for me was very similar to the two balls I compared it too. The difference on distance of the tee was very negligible. Part of this is due to being able to hit three consistent shots off the tee in a row. I did find myself coming up short with irons into greens with the RZN Platinum. I don't know if it was because of the design of the ball or the swing change I was going through. The difference was never too drastic. I usually came up short on front fringe or front of green depending on the size of the green. The ball was extremely consistent on the course especially when it came to spin. The RZN Platinum seemed to do what ever I asked of it whether from a mid-iron to a wedge around the green. The Feel of the ball was excellent. I loved the feel off of my wedges and putter. I know feel of a ball on the putter is very subjective but the RZN Platinum was great for me. The feel from wedges helped me dial my short game in very quickly with the RZN Platinum. Course Score: 45 out of 50 Looks and Durability The looks of the golf ball were very clean. I liked the blue color of the numbers. It just seemed to give it a little extra for me. This will never be a reason why I buy or don't buy a golf ball but I was a fan of it. Durability is another issue. The durability was not great for me. One or two solid wedges for me shredded the ball. This was the same for the Lethals I was comparing the ball too. The cover of the MTB seemed to hold better then both of the other balls. Looks Score: 10 out of 15 Sound and Feel: Sound is crisp and solid. Feel is like butter off the irons when hit pure. The sound didn't seem any different from the other balls off the driver. I feel that has more to do with my driver then the balls. Feel I can't get over the feel of the ball. It just felt fantastic coming off a well-struck shot. It had “it” when it comes to feel. Whatever “it” is for me it had it. I felt like I knew from the moment I hit the ball I knew how it would react. To me that is the best feel a ball can have. Sound and Feel Score: 15 out of 15 Likelihood of Purchase Yes! Yes! Yes! And Yes! As I said in the intro I will be seeing if I can stock up on these while supplies last. It is disappointing to know that a ball I am such a fan may not have a chance to get even better. But I will be buying more of these. Likelihood of Purchase Score: 20 out of 20 I would tell those of you that are looking for a ball that is responsive into greens then this would be a ball for you. Once again I am bummed to know that this will be the only season for the ball. I will be looking to stock up and hopefully maybe get enough to get me through 3 seasons because I loved how this ball reacted off my wedges. Although I did seem to lose distance on the ball if I played it consistently I know I could easily adjust. Total Score: 90 out of 100 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Where to start? Dan Ushler Tinton Falls, NJ Hot summers that can be wet or dry Cold winters that make me want to never see snow again. I have been playing golf for around 22 years. My dad put a club in my hand when I was 7 and down the rabbit hole I went. My golfing life has gone down a new route. I just recently began working under a pro in my area running her junior clinics and camps for the summer. This has had a profound impact on my game over the last few months. It has made me much more aware of my swing and has turned me into a practice junkie. What I never used to find time to do (practice) I am now doing like I never have before. Handicap: 7.9 Swing Speed: 105mph Swing Tempo: Moderate to Quick Strengths of my game: 1.Driver 2. Mid and short irons 3. Putting Weakness of my game: 1. Long irons 2.Distance control 60 yards in 3. Mental game (blow up hole) Typical Ball flight: High Baby cut (Working to get my baby draw back) I am a slight tinker of the bag. I have a couple hybrids that I rotate depending on the course I play and the length of the course. Otherwise what I have in the bag stays there for the year. I was fit for my irons, wedges, driver, and putter. So what is in the bag? http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11012-danush-wiyb/?hl=danush Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. I will usually get a ball mark from the course I play. Most of the time now they aren't free so I buy. If the course has a yardage book I will get that as well and usually take an extra scorecard from a course if I am on a trip that way I have a clean one to remember the course and maybe not my score.
  7. 100-105 mph 7.9 hdcp Taylormade Lethal/ Callaway Chrome Soft Control is the most important aspect of a ball. I want to know that i will get consistent results from the ball provided i put the right swing on it. Spin around the green needs to be controllable to be able to hit a variety of shots.
  8. It has been depressing. Cant seem to get two days of sun and good weather in a row.
  9. It depends on what part of the day I am playing and if it is right after a meal. I will always bring water and a Gatorade. In the morning I will bring a banana and a protein bar. Afternoon rounds a protein bar, granola bar, or crackers. And if i am really hurting i will grab a hot dog at the turn. I usually try to go with protein and complex carbs to avoid any sudden drops in energy.
  10. I am still playing a Ping G25. Not as old as some of the other drivers mentioned here. I used to love my Titleist 905T and it was a fairway finder. I would like to see how the Most wanted drivers of the past few years stack up against each other. I think for me to take my G25 out of the bag right now I would want a smaller head and the right shaft combo that gave me a consistent fairway finder. I am afraid to cut down my shaft because I don' want to change the swing weight. But I definitely think i was more consistant back in the day when the drivers were shorter. Better center of the face contact with always means more distance.
  11. That is pretty awesome to see. Such a majestic animal.
  12. I use mine on the practice green for myself. I have also started using it with my junior golfers when teaching them putting to get the right stroke from the beginning. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Range balls can be bought in different percentages. Where I work we have Srixon that are 90% flight and we will tell you. If a range has room for full flight they may carry that or have 80% depending. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  14. I have two hybrids i rotate depending on the distance I need and a 3W. I will use them as a distance club or a scoring club. The key is finding the distance you are looking to fill and what club can you hit consistently to that distance. There are different variables that go into the hybrid or wood itself as well. You may not hit every hybrid or wood the same depending on shape or the shaft. Trial and error is the best way to find out. Unfortunately it is usually the most expensive and can take the most time.
  15. Dan, New Jersey, USA Ping G25, Aldila NV 65 Stiff 105MPH, carry 250-260 yards
  16. Welcome to the site and welcome to Jersey Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  17. Watching the Masters online. I saw Tom Watson using the Callaway Truvis pattern on his ball. This is the first time i have seen a Tour player using a ball with Truvis. Does anyone think other Callaway players will eventually try and make a switch to a ball with the Truvis pattern. Will Callaway put the pattern on other models?
  18. That sounds like a good starting spot with the swing byte. Wedges can be expensive and between trying to find the right shaft, bounce, and grind combination good luck. I can't afford trial and error but know I need to improve my short game. And don't know if my current set up is right. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  19. I can't wait to read about your visit to Bridgestone. I have read and watched many of the literature on grinds and bounce. My concerns are living in NJ that in the summer i can play one day on a firm course and the next day on a soft course. Sand always varies from hard and compact to light and fluffy. I also don't have a home course i play all the time. I play a variety of courses. So the only constant is my swing, but I am usually a creative player with my wedges and try to hit different shots. This is where my confusion comes from. Or maybe it is quite possible I am overthinking the whole process.
  20. How have you gone about choosing the grinds on your wedges? Have you been fitted? How did they determine the grind for you based on your fitting? Have you just done trial and error? When it comes to wedges they may be the most important clubs in your bag next to your putter for cutting strokes and lowering your handicap. So in looking to pick up another wedge set I am wondering how to go about picking grinds? Is it possible to figure this out without hitting the shots you would on the course?
  21. I hope you are walking around playing his theme song all day
  22. Big Stu their argument across the board is that it is not gambling (a game of chance) but a game of skill.
  23. I started using one when I play. I wish that course would have cards and yardage books that worked better with them. I still use it though because it keeps the card and book in my pocket together, safe from the elements, and from falling out.
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