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  1. Pretty sure Almigos covers are made by Winston Collection, but agree they're the bomb. They had some serape ones a while back with leather tops that were made for them by Seamus. I was trying to get a headcover made out of an old Pepsi pin flag for my brother but when told the price thought, "hell, I'll buy a sewing machine and do it myself" so I did. Showed some samples to my friends at my club and the director of golf and next thing I know I'm meeting with a brand and marketing guy and have a logo and website in development along with an idea for a cover that I'm currently working
  2. Been a member since February 2010 apparently, but was pretty active on a now extinct golf forum run by a con man in Las Vegas back in the day. I haven't been very active on here due to life getting in the way quite a bit, so I thought I'd reintroduce myself. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing when I was six years old, so that makes it 43 years now. What do you love about golf? I started playing with my Dad and brother and now my sons play with me. It's getting outside with family and/or friends an
  3. Marc - Charleston, SC 48 yrs old GHIN - 3.1 Current set - Mizuno MP33 3-PW w/Tour Floghted Rifle 6.5, TM Milled Grind 52, 56, TM Hi Toe 60 (all wedges PX 6.5) Would love to test and see how they compare to my well worn MP33s (and old Apexes that I have lying around somewhere.) Thanks for the chance to enter!
  4. 1. Marc - California 2. 2.8 3. 2016 TM M1 w/Oban Kyoshi Purple X 4. 115mph, 285 yards 5. Wesley Bryan Thanks!
  5. I've got some stichback grips like those only in smooth leather. Fantastic.
  6. That's EXACTLY what the $0.99 version of Golfshot does. If you want the GPS along with it, that's an extra $30.
  7. I had a tour r7 with a Diamana Blueboard 73X tipped .75" that I cracked the week before the US Open qualifier in 2007. I'm still looking for something that I can hit as far and as well as that thing and that sounds as muted as it did. Never once did it make a metallic sound...the rubber washers on the weights made it sound awesome. I've tried the Cobra Speed Pro D, the J33, and the FT-9 Tour and while a couple have been close, nothing has touched it...until I hit the FT Tour. If you were a fan of the original r7 check out the FT Tour. Looks like it from address and it's the best soundi
  8. Absolutely. FT 9 Tour Authentic = FT Tour. Only difference is purely cosmetic. The FT 9 Tour is just the half degree lofted, open/square faced version of the FT 9.
  9. Played with a former Cally rep yesterday. He was bagging an FT 9 Tour Authentic with the hosel which was the prototype for the FT Tour. Asked him the differences between his stick and the new FT Tour. Only differences are purely cosmetic...red vs. grey back slats and it says FT Tour instead of FT 9 Tour Authentic. Other than that, identical. I've been playing a FT 9 Tour Neutral with Diamana Whiteboard 83X tipped 1" for the past six months or so. It's a solid stick but the decent angle is terrible and I get zero roll on most courses. I tried the Cally rep's FT 9 TA w/Matrix HD6
  10. True, but they are more forgiving than straight blades to me. I'm not looking for Big Bertha type forgiveness, I'm just looking for a slightly bigger sweet spot. I've played them before, it's just been quite a while so I'm going to give them another shot. Workability is still important to me so they could be the best of both worlds for now...
  11. All three sets of my MP 33s have had the same set of tour flighted rifle 6.5s in them. I've moved them from set to set every time.
  12. It's in my signature. With the exception of the driver and wedges it's been the same thing for four or five years now. Got a new driver because my r7 cracked other wise it'd still be in the bag. I'll have to get some new wedges with the new grooves this year at some point but I'll stick with these for now...they're a couple years old.
  13. Before pay for play Mizuno was the #1 iron in golf for something like ten years straight. I'd venture to say that if the pros didn't get paid to play irons, a significant portion of them would go Mizzy. So Mizzy irons, wedges, and hybrids with a Callaway driver. I'd have to have someone cut some grooves in the putter face though. I hate seeing the ball skid like it does off of Tour Scotty's for me on Bermuda. On bent or poa they're good, but on anything with serious grain, they're terrible for me. Your experience might vary though.
  14. I'm playing an FT-9 Tour IMix right now with an Ion Whiteboard and it's fantastic. That being said the FT Tours are out now and they look incredible. Reminded me a lot of the 983E only blown up a little bit. Deep face, nice pear shape, long hosel. Can't wait to hit it although I'll probably wait until after my trip to Bandon Dunes in April.
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