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  2. Miura 59 degree Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. These guys are great - very responsive and shipped overnight from Singapore to me in Australia. http://www.torquegolf.com/
  4. Ok quick summary: - Bought the heads only after talking with the Torque guys over about a month about what I should go with to replace my Mizuno MP5’s - Took the heads to local pro for full fitting testing shafts against my Mizuno and older Miura baby blades - Ended up settling on DG S400 because I like the weight - nearly went with KBS C tapers but didn’t love the feel of the shaft on takeaway - Have now played 9 competition rounds since have won three times including a stableford round which I was happy with given I play off 2 - these irons are amazing, they have great feel and are soft with a solid thud at impact (Mizuno closer, Miura always been strong thud as opposed to soft like Mizuno and Fujimoto) - put in MCC grips - I carry 4-PW and when I received the heads I felt the 4 iron looked nearly too small but it is great easier to hit than the 6 irons of the Mizuno and Miura - scoring clubs 8-PW are mint - great design - love the top line - head is more squat than some others (reminds me on Titleist blades) heel to toe but that just seems to make framing the ball even better - distances are the same as my previous blades, you get out what you put in but dispersion is better than others (all 3 blades I am talking about have the same shafts, all S400) - they are more forgiving I notice from low strikes than the other two I have - all in all very very happy and am very inpressed with the feel and performance (the brilliant simple branding is a bonus too)
  5. Just got a set of these... amazing fully recommend https://www.fujimoto-golf.com/ft-1-mb
  6. Sounds fair enough to me - which do you think makes the best MPH4 equivalent?
  7. Where are they - I would love a 3 and a 4 iron in the MPH4 - but alas none for us lefties
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